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Small RV rentals can be advantageous over larger RVs in a number of ways. Sometimes known as a compact RV, this type of vehicle offers all the comforts of a larger model on a smaller scale. Designed to accommodate up to three people, a compact RV is a great option for couples or small families who don't need a lot of space while traveling.

In considering whether a small RV is the right choice for your needs, keep in mind that a small RV can be classified as a Class B or C. Both of these options can be much easier to maneuver on the road than a full-size Class A motorhome. Small camper trailers for rent can also be more affordable and economical to operate than a larger RV, especially when it comes time to fill up at the pump.

Class B RV Rentals

From the exterior, a Class B RV appears much like an oversized van. These types of RVs are also sometimes known as camper vans. The inside of a Class B motorhome will feature a kitchen, bathroom, and living space. But, you should expect space to be limited. To save room, the shower and toilet are often combined into a single space, referred to as a wet bath.

In terms of a small RV rental cost, a class B RV is usually the least expensive to rent. Due to the smaller size, they're also usually much easier to drive and offer the best fuel economy. Parking isn't usually an issue due to the size of the Class B RV. However, storage space will often be limited.

Small RV Rental Prices

Prices for small RV rentals fluctuate based on size, availability, and season. Renting any size RV is typically going to cost more during peak season and when supply is low. During the slower seasons, bargains can be had as more models are available. Size can also affect the cost of an RV rental. Generally speaking, a smaller RV will cost less than a larger RV.

The cost to rent a Class C motorhome, also known as a mini motorhome, ranges, on average, between $70 and $150 per night based on location, season, size, and amenities. You should also expect to pay between 25 cents and 40 cents per mile, though when renting, ample miles are usually included. For a week-long journey up to 700 miles, anticipate a cost of between $800 and $2,000 to rent a Class C motorhome.

Small RV trailer rentals can be more affordable. For instance, a pop-up camping trailer will usually cost $100 or less per night, with a weekly rate of between $350 and $600.

Class C RV Rentals

Compared to a Class A motorhome, a Class C motorhome is much easier to maneuver. In fact, it can be comparable to driving a large pickup truck or a van rather than an RV. The size and features of a Class C RV can vary, but most models accommodate between four and eight people. This type of RV will usually include all of the same amenities as a larger RV, such as a stove, sink, refrigerator, and microwave, although appliances may be smaller in scale than what is included in a larger RV.

Constructed on a cabin chassis, a Class C RV can be easily identified by its over cab sleeping space. The aerodynamic design and smaller size of a Class C RV assists in maximizing fuel economy. It’s also possible to tow a separate vehicle with most class C RVs, which makes it possible to leave the RV parked while you explore the local area in your vehicle. Some Class C RVs also feature slide-outs, which can provide additional sleeping and living space.

Renting a Small RV

Small motorhome rentals can be an economical way to hit the open road without having to worry about reserving and paying for hotel rooms along the way. When planning to rent a small motor home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, RV rentals are typically picked up and returned at the same location. If you need a one-way rental, you will usually need to make special arrangements, and you will probably have to pay more for this privilege. When you pick up your RV rental, ensure it’s in good condition and clean. Also, verify that all appliances and equipment are in proper working order. Just like with a rental car, check for any dings, scratches, or other blemishes, and ensure that the owner is aware of their presence before you take their rig on the road. If possible, take pictures of any pre-existing damage. You can never be too prepared!

You should be prepared to complete a rental application as well as pay a deposit before picking up your RV rental. The amount of the deposit will vary, but expect to pay between $200 and $600. The full amount of the rental will likely be due when you pick up the rental.

Depending on the rental, you may be required to supply your own kitchen utensils, linens, and cleaning supplies. In some cases, these items may be included as an additional option that is available for an extra fee. The cost of a basic kitchen kit can run between $50 and $100. Additional equipment, such as a portable generator, bike rack, lawn chairs, etc., may also be available at a cost of between $5 and $50 per day.

You should also verify whether the RV you rent will be covered by your existing auto insurance. If not, you may need to purchase additional insurance. If you return the motorhome with an empty fuel tank, expect to pay a refueling cost, which may be more than the average price per gallon. You will also be expected to return the RV in good, clean condition. The waste system should also be emptied. If you fail to clean the motorhome, expect an additional cleaning fee of $150 or more.

Small RVs have Plenty of Advantages

If you want to rent a small motorhome, both a Class B and a Class C RVs offer numerous advantages. The biggest difference between the two is mostly in terms of size. Keep in mind that the larger an RV, the more you will pay in terms of rent as well as fuel. Class B RVs tend to be more economical due to their smaller size, while a Class C motorhome provides more space but will cost more to rent and operate.