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If you're thinking about renting out your travel trailer or motor home, you can search "RV rental consignment near me" to find local RV dealers. They will help you rent out your RV while you're not using it. If you want to sell your RV or trailer, there are consignment RV dealers who can help with that too. Renting your RV when it's not in use is a great option for making money instead of paying for storage costs. 

RV Dealerships

An RV trader will have the contacts you need to help you rent out your RV to people who want to spend a few nights on the road. People who want to rent a travel trailer often visit local dealers to find vehicles that fit their needs. 

When you place your RV with a local dealer, you don't have to worry about finding renters who are interested in traveling in your RV. The dealer will already have marketing and processes in place to rent out your vehicle to his or her customers. 

How to Rent My RV Out to Others

You'll have to make sure your RV is in very good condition. The money you receive for the rental is directly related to the condition and amenities of the RV. You'll get more money for a clean vehicle that can sleep more than a few people. 

Once you have done some deep cleaning on the RV, make sure that it's in good working order. The generator might need to be tuned up or replaced. If you have a vehicle with an engine rather than a travel trailer, it's essential that the oil is changed. The filters and fan belts should be changed too. 

All fluids need to be checked and leveled off until they are full. The tires and lights on the exterior are important checks that should be done as well. If you don't want to do all this yourself, bring it to an auto shop that has experience with RV maintenance and tune-ups. 

When you bring the RV to the dealer you've chosen, have your maintenance records on hand. Take the time to go over the pricing structure, competitors' used RV prices and other fees before you sign the RV over to the dealer for sale or rental. If it's for a rental, make sure you are clear in your expectations for rental prices and other restrictions. 

RV Rental Consignment Cost

To rent your RV through a dealer, there are costs associated. The dealer will list your RV on their website, and this puts your vehicle in front of many potential renters who could take advantage of your offering. 

The consignment cost will depend on the daily rental amount that you decide to charge renters. The dealer will take a certain percentage, so this should be kept in mind when figuring out rental charges and how much you need to make. You can always change them as you see fit, and you might want to raise the prices during peak times like holidays, festivals or other peak tourism opportunities. 

Benefits of Consignments Through RV Dealerships

Expands Your Choices
When you work with a dealer, you're getting access to all their customers and advertising. Your RV will be listed on their website and is part of the marketing the dealer will do for their own inventory. 

Selling or Renting
If you want to sell your RV, that dealer is motivated and has the resources to sell or rent your vehicle quickly. A private sale or rental can take weeks to come to fruition. 

Inquiries and Showing the RV
The dealer will handle all inquiries and answer questions intelligently about your RV. When a customer shows interest, the dealer will be the one to show the RV too. Potential customers can find professional dealers easily when searching online for "RV dealers near me."

Consignment Considerations With an RV Trader

Each dealership has consignment terms and extra services they offer to get you to leave your RV with them for rent or sale. When placing your vehicle with the dealer, make sure you understand the fees involved including the cancellation, set up fees and commission. 

This is where research is key for checking RV dealerships. RV owner rental programs have set terms and agreements that you'll have to adhere to when preparing for camper sales or rentals through the RV store. While you might want $100 a day for your rental, you'll have to add the dealer's percentage on top of that fee to obtain the final price you want. 

Choosing Local RV Dealers

When choosing a dealership, you'll want to think about the local amenities that tourists will want to visit in your area. If you don't have anything local, you might want to choose a dealer that is closer to the attractions that visitors will flock to during the tourist season. 

When you leave your RV with a consignment dealer, you're getting the benefit of rental costs while your RV isn't being used by you. Normally, you'd have to pay to have it winterized and stored, and your vehicle could grow dusty from disuse and cost you money. Instead, when you rent the RV to others, you're allowing them to experience everything you love about the RV life while being paid for it. 

Renting Out Your Travel Trailer

For a different take on an RV consignment, you may wish to consider a peer-to-peer service online like RVshare. You're in charge of the decisions you make about renting out your RV to others, and the fees you pay are easily predictable and often less than working with used RV dealers. RVshare can be the future of RV consignment services and a convenient way for tourists to find campers for rent by owner.