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The prospect of going on vacation in an RV is an exciting one, and you can make the most of your vacation with a little bit of strategic planning. Making smart decisions about your destinations and choice of side trips makes it possible to enjoy seeing the country on a budget. After selecting your vacation spot, it’s easy to check out the deals that are available.

Conversion Van Rental for Vacation

Many times, vacations spots offer special discounts and coupons that can be printed from your computer. These discounts might apply to anything from food to various attractions. Looking for deals can make it possible for you to visit many places that otherwise might not fit into your budget. 

If everyone involved is to enjoy the trip, it’s essential that they have comfortable living arrangements. That is easy to provide when you rent a conversion van. These vehicles come in various sizes, so you’re bound to find one that will meet your requirements.

Conversion vans are excellent choices if you desire comfort and relaxed driving. Finding a conversion van rental is easy with RVshare. This site lists vehicles that various individuals have for rent, and it allows you to select a vacation vehicle that will fit both your budget and your style. 

RVshare is the place to go for conversion van hires in the USA. You can find luxury conversion van rentals that have numerous amenities. Depending on the style you choose, those amenities may include showers, TVs and DVD systems as well as kitchens and comfortable sleeping quarters. 

You might want to try a high-top conversion van rental. This type of van has a raised roof, which allows tall people to stand upright without hitting their heads. All conversion van rentals have specific requirements, such as the age of the driver, time of year when the vehicle is available, mileage charges and so forth.

Class B Conversion Van Rental

Driving through the countryside and visiting various locations is an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Naturally, it is important to have a camping vehicle that is comfortable and easy to park. Class B conversion van rentals fulfill those requirements.

These van rentals are excellent for anyone who wants to rent a camping vehicle that drives like a luxury one. A full-size cargo van that’s been outfitted with luxuries for camping and road trips can really enhance your trip. Here are some of the Class B vans you might encounter.

The 2011 Forest River Lexington 283GTS sleeps three and gets excellent mileage. Its features include air conditioning, a fridge/freezer, full bathroom, queen bed, TV with DVD player, a microwave and stove. It also has a sofa bed, 28 gallons of fresh water and a 14-foot awning. 

The 2013 Winnebago Era 170a sleeps two. It’s easy to drive, gets 19 miles per gallon and has a high-quality, leather interior. It has satellite navigation, Sirius XM and a backup camera, and is modified to allow all of its doors to remain open when you’re camping.

The number of people who can use any one conversion van depends on the size of the vehicle. There are even 9-passenger conversion van rentals. This makes it possible to choose an RV that will comfortably accommodate everyone in your party.

Full Size Conversion Van Rental

Conversion vans come in various sizes, and to add to the convenience of these RVs, you can travel in a conversion van rental one way. One-way rentals are great for people who are moving and want to leave the vehicle at their new destination. It is also well-suited for someone who wants to explore the country on wheels in one direction and, then, fly back home.

One of the largest Class B budget conversion van rentals you can find on RVshare is a 2017 Winnebago that sleeps five and rents for $50 per night. It has a minimum rental period of five nights and several other requirements. 

Larger conversion vans are listed in the Class C category. For example, a 2007 Winnebago Outlook 29B sleeps eight and has a fuel consumption of 10 miles per gallon. Rent is about $115 per night, plus a $1500 refundable deposit and other charges.

Many conversion van rentals are pet-friendly, and some have a required pet deposit. Renting a vehicle that is comfortable to drive with pleasant living arrangements is a definite plus. It allows everyone in your party to relax and enjoy the experience of camping out or traveling at leisure.

Conversion Van Rental Cost

When you’re looking for the right camping vehicle, there is always the question of how much is a conversion van rental going to cost. That will depend on the size and the amenities it contains. Some of the vehicles that could be available include a 2011 Forest River Lexington that sleeps three and rents for $200 per night and the 2013 Winnebago that sleeps three and rents for $150 per night.

In addition to the basic conversion van rental prices, a refundable deposit and insurance are usually added. In some cases, you can save money if you have the van covered by your own insurance. Other costs include things like charges for excess mileage, taxes and generator use. 

Excess mileage charges, per mile, are added when you drive over the allocated miles on your rental agreement. If you are planning on a long trip, it is always a good idea to inquire about unlimited miles. Some van owners have an unlimited mileage package where you pay a fee and are able to travel as many miles as you like.

To see the options that are available, just run an internet search for, “find a conversion van rental near me.” A budget conversion van rental allows you to enjoy a vacation at a reasonable cost. The savings can give you the opportunity to visit more places and stay on the road longer. 

RVshare offers vacationers the chance to enjoy a comfortable conversion van without having to shoulder the expenses involved in owning an RV. You’ll have a great time exploring the open road in a van conversion rental.