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Conversion vans are a segment of RVs that are perfect for users who are looking for a compact, maneuverable, all-in-one experience. Despite their various advantages, conversion vans remain something of a niche choice in the RVing community, perhaps due to a lack of marketing behind conversion van series, the widespread availability of suitable alternatives, or a lack of knowledge about conversion vans, generally. In fact, many RVers are unfamiliar with conversion vans and their differences to other vehicles with a similar design.

So, what is a conversion van?

Conversion vans are — like Class B motorhomes — constructed on a van chassis, and thus resemble large cargo vans. Though they are quite small (with most ranging from between 15-25 feet in length), conversion vans have a high interior ceiling designed to expand the living space and make it feel more like a full-size RV than a standard van.

Despite their similar outward appearance, however, conversion vans are not Class B motorhomes. The closest approximation of their respective roles is that conversion vans represent a luxury transportation van that has had its interior modified to flexibly serve as an RV, whereas Class B motorhomes represent an RV that has been modified to be more maneuverable than its larger cousins. Basically, conversion vans are versatile vehicles that prioritize ease-of-transport alongside the ability to function as an RV. As such, conversion vans can be used in day-to-day life as a regular transport-focused vehicle, and can also effectively serve as a camper for overnight stays on a road trip (the furniture, chairs, etc. fold away or fold open as necessary to provide sleeping berths and other expanded functionality for overnight stays).

Do bear in mind that while a conversion van is much easier to drive, more maneuverable, and more versatile than most other RV types, it does not come equipped with certain facilities and amenities that some RVers might expect. For example, many conversion vans do not come equipped with full kitchen or toilet/shower facilities.

Where to Rent a Conversion Van Near Me

You have two primary options for renting a conversion van: 1) a traditional rental dealership with a local outlet, or 2) a peer-to-peer RV rental platform, like RVshare. We highly encourage potential renters to use a peer-to-peer platform like RVshare instead of the traditional dealership model, for a number of reasons.

RVshare is an online platform that connects prospective renters directly with RV owners. Conversion van owners are empowered to list their vehicle for rent on the platform, and prospective renters are equipped with the tools necessary to browse listings, filter them according to various specifications, and compare. Because prospective renters have access to so much information at their fingertips, owners must compete on price and extras in order to compete on the marketplace. As such, rental rates tend to be much lower on the RVshare platform when compared to rates at a traditional local dealership. The market of available conversion vans is also much larger than whatever few conversion vans a local dealership outlet has in their fleet. Renters with particular tastes regarding amenities, price, age of the vehicle, etc. are much more likely to find a conversion van on the RVshare platform that suits their preferences.

What are Conversion Van Rental Prices

Daily rental rates for conversion vans vary substantially depending on the size, age, amenities and equipment profile, and model of the van, in combination with market demand. With that in mind, however, rental rates for conversion vans typically range anywhere from $50 to $150 per night. Pricing may also be subject to significant fluctuations depending on the owner and their particular expectations at time of rental.

Luxury Conversion Van Rentals

As a general rule, conversion vans tend to be luxury-outfitted when compared to standard transport vans, but can be limited in the RV context. Many conversion vans feature beautiful wood-paneled interiors and high quality leather seats, for example, but lack important facilities for camping like a toilet/shower. On the other hand, conversion vans usually come equipped with entertainment systems, flatscreen televisions, and foldout furniture.

Luxury conversion vans (with additional amenities and facilities) may be available on the rental market, but are almost certainly custom-modified by the owner and thus are likely to be rented out at a premium rental rate.

Looking for a Conversion Van Rental With Unlimited Miles

On the RVshare marketplace, owners are free to modify their listing to charge fees for “excess” mileage driven. For example, you might be given 200 free miles on the road trip, and any miles in excess of the free amount will be charged at $.50 per mile. This kind of excess mileage fee can stretch your budget on a long trip (or a trip with unexpected detours).

To avoid the hassle and expense of limited miles with fees, look for conversion van listings with unlimited miles. Unlimited miles means you will not be charged any additional fees for miles driven. Many owners are competing on the RVshare marketplace by offering incentives like unlimited miles to draw in prospective renters, so don’t worry — you’re very likely to find a conversion van listing which provides unlimited miles.

Rent a Conversion Van for a Week

If you’re planning on renting out a conversion van for a week or longer, take some time to negotiate with the owner for a lower rental rate. Some owners will provide a lower weekly rental rate at the outset (it will be described in the listing information), but others may be persuaded to lower the rental rate after a bit of conversation. Longer rental periods benefit owners because it reduces the administrative burden of having to find another renter so soon after your rental.

Use that knowledge to your advantage when negotiating!