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RVs can offer many advantages over a hotel, but a challenge that has been ubiquitous among many would-be RVers is the fact that sometimes, a standard RV just costs too much. Thankfully, there are smaller and more practical options out there for families who are more space (and budget) conscious.

Renting a camper is a great choice for travelers who require ease of movement, lower costs, and don’t mind a little less living space. They’re usually thought to be oversized vans, but actually come in various sizes and provide just what you need to get you through your travels. 

Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, they can be tall enough to stand in, come with a kitchen and bathroom, or just big enough to drive around, sleep, and store a few items. Usually, this option is reserved for people who are traveling in smaller numbers and who require the most nimble of campers.

Besides the obvious advantages of saving space and being easier to deal with, campers also offer some of the best gas mileage of any type of RV.

Campers For Rent By Owner

The advantages don’t just stop at the type of RV you’re renting, they also depend on you rent from as well. Traditionally, when renting RVs, potential customers would search for a company, usually a large corporation, and then try to navigate through a cluttered and dated website to finally find something suitable to use on their much anticipated vacation. 

However, what makes this so frustrating is that most of the time, the companies don’t list all the options they have available, because they’d rather you come in, so they can try to sell you something you don’t need. Or, they might have something listed as available, but when it comes time to check it out, it turns out that the particular RV in question might be waiting to come back and they just never updated their online inventory. Even worse, the vehicle you wanted to rent could be at one of their other properties and unavailable to you at all! Who has time for that kind of run around?

Furthermore, although claiming to have some discount, renting campers at larger corporations can end up costing you a lot more money in the long run! Many times, you’re expected to put a down payment, then actual rental cost (typically no less than about $200 per night), and you may even have to pay for things you won’t use or don’t want, just because it’s included in the rental fee.

At RVshare, those issues are nonexistent. Because we are a peer-to-peer marketplace, customers have the pleasure of dealing directly with RV owners themselves. All of what we have to offer is prominently listed on the site in real time because all owners want their offers on display at all times. When you click on an RV to view, it even has a calendar that shows you well in advance which dates the camper you want is available.

 If you have any questions, or would like to negotiate a specific day or amount of time you would like to rent a camper, you can easily get in contact with the owner and figure out what works for both of you. Best of all, since every camper has an individual owner, when you’re inquiring about one you’re interested in, you know you’ll be talking to an expert, as opposed to one guy who is expected to know every detail about every different RV at a corporate RV rental facility.

Perhaps what draws people to RVshare the most is the fact that the savings compared to renting from a large corporation are phenomenal!

How To Find The Best Deals On Camper Rentals

At RVshare, we have the lowest cost campers for rent in the industry! Typically, depending on what type of camper you want to rent, you can find suitable options for as little as just $10 a night!

If you did want to go with a larger option, of course, we do have an array of choices that you can get for huge bargains compared to any dealer or large corporation.

Finding the best value is pretty simple:

  • Just head over to the search bar on this page

  • Enter in where you’d like to pick up your camper

  • Enter the potential dates of your trip

  • Browse through hundreds of options and rent your dream RV!

You can filter your results to find the perfect camper as well. On the left side of the results page, there is a panel where you can customize what comes up on your search. Choose from a list of RV classes, the expected number of travelers, and even the year and length. Then, at top of the page, you can choose between viewing options from lowest prices to highest, or vice versa.

Wrap Up

Campers really do provide ample advantages over a standard size RV. From the cost of renting to the ease of travel and maneuverability, campers give families the chance to worry less about accommodations and focus on having fun!

Give RVshare a try and fall in love with its ease of use, real-time information, and the incredible savings you’ll find by renting peer-to-peer!