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Renting an RV for 8: Easier than it Looks!

An RV adventure is an experience unlike any other. The freedom of the open road, the opportunities to explore new locations, and the joy of sharing it all with your road mates–all while traveling with the comforts of home. It’s no surprise that thousands of people pack up their belongings and hit the road each year. But you don’t have to spend your savings to enjoy the RV life. RV rentals let you get a taste of adventure without the commitment of owning an RV.

You’ve probably heard of RV rentals before. RV rental services have been around for a while. Traditionally, you would rent from a dealer or a third party service that has a collection of RVs for rent. Fortunately, the age of the internet has brought us another option: peer to peer rentals.

Peer to Peer RV Rentals

Peer to peer websites have changed the way people travel, shop, and even live! Thanks to the likes of AirBnB, Uber, and similar peer to peer platforms, you can now rent an RV straight from its owner and say goodbye to fee-ridden rental services. Peer to peer rentals work like this:

  • You plug in your location and travel dates to see a list of nearby, available RVs.

  • You choose the RV that best suits your budget and needs. Peer to peer websites typically have much larger selections than traditional rental services. You’ll find what you need whether you’re looking for a pop-up camper or an RV rental for 8 people.

  • The owner reviews your information to make sure you’re a good candidate before accepting your request.

  • When it’s time to go, you meet with the owner personally, who will give you a walkthrough of the rig and hand over the keys.

  • While you’re on the road, you have 24/7 roadside assistance, and the owner has liability insurance through the company - you can both rest easy.

  • When you return the RV, the owner will inspect it for damage or mileage overages. You’ll get your security deposit back when everything checks out.

Pretty simple, right? Aside from getting to work with the owner directly, you’ll also reap the benefits of savings. Peer to peer rentals are often less expensive than rental services because there are no hidden fees. Just make sure you check the mileage limits and any other rules the owner listed before you rent.

From Big to Small; We Have it All

Our inventory is just as diverse as RVs themselves. We’ve seen motorhomes, vintage rigs, even conversion buses for rent! If you’re looking for an 8 passenger RV rental, you’ll surely find one here. There are several options for RVs with enough space for eight:

  • Class A motorhomes – motorized RVs that range from 26-40 feet or more. Often they have a queen bedroom in the back and convertible sleeping areas up front.

  • Large Class C motorhomes – another motorized RV that sits on a truck chassis. They’re a little easier to drive than Class A’s, but still have enough room to sleep eight people. Look for rigs close to 30 feet.

  • Travel trailers – towable RVs that have extra space because you don’t need an area for driving. Travel trailers hitch at the end of your truck, so they can be tricky to tow if you don’t have experience.

  • Fifth wheels – towable RVs that hitch right over the axle of your truck. This gives them a bit more stability and keeps them from swaying. They’re also multi-level, which makes the sleeping areas feel more separate and private. Fifth wheels are a great choice for RV rentals that sleep 8.

  • Toy haulers – Another towable RV that has a separate “garage” in the back for bringing along ATVs or other toys. Many toy haulers have convertible garage space, so you can use the garage as a bedroom if you’re not bringing outdoor vehicles.

8 Person RVs – Layouts

Eight person RV rentals have to be large, which gives manufacturers a lot of space to play around with floor plans. If you search for RVs that are 30-40 feet, you’ll likely see some interesting layouts. These may include:

  • Two bedroom floorplans, often with a queen bedroom in the rear and a bunk bedroom off the living area.

  • Loft floorplans, which have a loft sleeping area separate from the main bedroom.

  • Garage areas that convert into an extra bedroom. They’re perfect if you’re traveling with kids who want their own space!

  • Layouts that have two entry/exit doors - another way to give everyone privacy.

  • Custom floor plans that feature rows of bunks in the back or living area. Usually, these are bus conversions that bands rent out when they’re on tour.

8 Person RV Rentals - Features

Aside from layouts, larger and newer RVs also have some impressive features. RV technology has come a long way since the iconic (and at the time, innovative) Volkswagen Westfalia campers from the 1950s. these days, RVs have a wide array of features to make traveling more comfortable:

  • Most RVs have at least one slideout – a section that pushes out when you’re parked to add extra space. Some large RVs have three or four slides!

  • Convertible sleeping space that’s not only versatile; it’s also just plain cool. Dinettes and sofas that turn into beds are commonplace. Nowadays, you’ll also see convertible entertainment centers, bunk beds, over cab beds, and even beds that drop down from the ceiling!

  • Eight passenger RV rentals also tend to have luxurious extra features, like outdoor kitchens and entertainment centers. These are great for tailgating or having a scary movie night while sitting around a campfire.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re traveling with family or friends, 8 berth RV hires give everyone the space they need to feel comfortable. Newer models have features that create even more usable space, inside and out. Whether you’re looking for a towable or motorized RV, it’s a good idea to search for RVs that are 30 feet or more in length. Lastly, look for floor plans that make good use of the extra square footage. Your companions will thank you for having their own private space, and you’ll all sleep a lot more soundly!

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