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2015 Forest River Salem-Cruise Lite Instant Book

2015 Forest River Salem-Cruise Lite

115.7 miles from Laredo, TXTravel Trailer / Sleeps 8
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2019 Coachmen\ Freelander Instant Book

2019 Coachmen\ Freelander

115.2 miles from Laredo, TXClass C Motor Home / Sleeps 6
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2015 Coachman Chaparral

2015 Coachman Chaparral

94.3 miles from Laredo, TXFifth Wheel / Sleeps 4
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2015 Coachmen / Mirada Instant Book

2015 Coachmen / Mirada

111.9 miles from Laredo, TXClass A Motor Home / Sleeps 8
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2003 Wanderer Rv trailer

2003 Wanderer Rv trailer

4.2 miles from Laredo, TXTravel Trailer / Sleeps 2
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2006 Keystone  Zeppelin

2006 Keystone Zeppelin

5.3 miles from Laredo, TXTravel Trailer / Sleeps 6
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2005 Mobile suites Sunnybrook

2005 Mobile suites Sunnybrook

14.3 miles from Laredo, TXFifth Wheel / Sleeps 6
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2017 Elthreg 260

2017 Elthreg 260

45.8 miles from Laredo, TXFifth Wheel / Sleeps 5
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2017 Elkrige  E260

2017 Elkrige E260

45.8 miles from Laredo, TXFifth Wheel / Sleeps 5
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2014 Crossroads  Longhorn

2014 Crossroads Longhorn

78.0 miles from Laredo, TXFifth Wheel / Sleeps 8
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2019 Heartland Torque T31 Instant Book

2019 Heartland Torque T31

119.0 miles from Laredo, TXTravel Trailer / Sleeps 6
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2017 Coachman Leprechaun Instant Book

2017 Coachman Leprechaun

119.2 miles from Laredo, TXClass C Motor Home / Sleeps 6
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2017 Shadow Cruiser  33bdh

2017 Shadow Cruiser 33bdh

91.7 miles from Laredo, TXTravel Trailer / Sleeps 8
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Motorhome, Camper and RV Rentals Laredo, TX

Laredo, Texas

Situated on the north bank of the Rio Grande in South Texas, Laredo city is composed of eight recreational centers, thirty-four developed parks, twenty two undeveloped parks or under construction, five baseball fields, and four plazas where tourist will enjoy visiting. This city is a part of Laredo-Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan Area that consists of few hills and flat green fields. With an estimated population of 600,000, Laredo's economy mostly depends on the international trade with Mexico. Tourist will also appreciate Laredo's architectural designs from Spanish Colonial down to the Modern American version evident with the style of the buildings around. There are also various activities and events that visitor can participate into. Furthermore, Laredo is considered as an ideal venue for bargain buys of any kind.
To give further orientation regarding the featured places and events that takes place in this city, we are sharing with your our list of most sought after tourist destinations, and places to stay in an RV rental to Laredo, TX.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Republic of Rio Grande Museum

The Museum of the Republic of the Rio Grande is where you will find information about the short lived story of Rio Grande's brief independence during the 19th century. Spain, France, Mexico, the United States, the Confederate States, the independent Republic of Texas, and the Republic of the Rio Grande are the seven nations that once claimed Laredo. This museum exhibits Rio Grande's national artifacts, and three preserved rooms which replicates that period when independence took place briefly. Make sure to stop by in your RV rental Laredo TX and check out one of the most important museums in the state.

Imaginarium of South Texas

In 1990, the Laredo Children's Museum opened thru the efforts of the owner. It was later renamed to "Imaginarium of South Texas". The name Imaginarium is based on the activities that involve a lot of creativity and imagination by kids and kids alike. Being an interactive museum, Imaginarium offers one of a kind experience to all its visitors thru its exhibits which include Magnetic Wonder Wall, Shadow Room, Light Play, Union Pacific Train Station, Critter Corner, and many more. This museum is located near the Mall del Norte in Laredo, Texas.

TAMIU Planetarium

Found within Texas A&M University in Laredo, TAMIU Planetarium features state of the art equipment, highlighting the wide coverage of the outer space. TAMIU was originally named as "Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium" but was eventually changed into its current name. Advanced gadgets such as telescope, Digistar 3 projectors, and more are used as the instrument to further analyze astronomy. It has an eighty-seven sitting capacity, which affords a big group to watch their featured video using a real time 3D graphics. The TAMIU Planetarium is more than worthy of a visit when you rent RV Laredo TX!

Campgrounds and State / National Parks

Lake Casa Blanca International State Park

Located in Laredo's man-made reservoir, Lake Casa Blanca International State Park offers its guests various facilities needed for a motorhome rental in Laredo, TX. Persons with disability can access this RV campground and their spacious area can be used for tent building. Parts of their recreational facilities are the playground, recreational hall and the lake itself. You will definitely enjoy your stay here when you find your RV for rent Laredo Texas!

Falcon Park

An hour and a half away from Laredo, Falcon State Park is a great option for an RV rental to Laredo, Texas, especially if you want to explore its surrounding areas. Facilities and amenities include water activities at Falcon Lake, playground, recreational hall, boat ramp, restrooms and showers, and fire rings. Falcon Park is open all year round for your motorhome rental Laredo TX!


Washington's Birthday Celebrationa

In commemoration of the birthday of the very first president of the United States of America, Laredo, Texas, holds its annual Washington Birthday Celebration. This month-long event involves parades, a carnival, an air show, fireworks, live concerts, and a city-wide prom where Laredo's elites dress up formally. Tourists will also have fun watching the Colonial Pageant, which features 13 girls from Laredo who represents the original 13 colonies. In addition, one of the widely known eating contests, the Jalapeno Festival is also being celebrated during the month long celebration of George Washington's birthday.


Jamboozie is a colorful event celebrated within the month long Washington Birthday Celebration. It takes place late in January. Locals wear colorful outfits using beads, masks and flamboyant clothing for the celebration. Visitors can watch entertainment activities during this celebration such as local and regional band performances.
The city of Laredo has so much to offer to all its visitors and citizens as well. Its modernized and historical places add up to the beauty of this city. For those who have not had any glimpse of the exquisiteness of Laredo, this will be your perfect chance to discover its rich and magnificent culture. Check out an RV for rental to Laredo, Texas at RVshare and be one of the thousands who think Laredo is a cool place to visit.
So what are you waiting for? Rent an RV to Laredo, TX and enjoy the ride!
Safe travels from all of us here at RVshare!