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On your road trip from Wilmington on the southern border of Vermont to Newport on the state’s northern border with Canada, you can explore the history of New England by extending your journey to include the neighboring states of New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York. By expanding your road trip itinerary from Wilmington to Newport to run through these states, you discover essential battlegrounds, museums, restaurants, and other points of interest. Traveling among national historical parks and state parks allows you and your family to experience the history of an area that drove the engine of independence leading to the United States we know today. The stark contrast between the enormous cities of New England and preserved areas is a fantastic journey through time and space, telling an incredible story.

Wilmington to Newport Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip length: 3 hours
  • Mileage: 183 miles
  • Fun Fact: Vermont comes from the two French words mont and vert, which means "Green Mountain."

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Nearby National Parks

Saratoga National Historical Park

Visit Saratoga National Historical Park by traveling 51 miles west from Wilmington, VT. The importance of this battle cannot be exaggerated as it was the first time that a British army surrendered anywhere in the world. The results of the struggle brought recognition and help from other countries like France. Here, you can view the battlefield, take a driving tour through the park to view the beautiful countryside, climb to the top of the 155-foot Saratoga Monument, visit the Schuyler House, and see Victory Woods, the site of the British army’s final encampment before surrender. 

Adams National Historical Park

Located just 10 miles south of Boston’s city center, Adams National Historical Park is an essential visit on your road trip from Wilmington to Newport. Visit the historic homes, the pleasant woods, the streams, and the gardens that make up the park. You'll find the furnishings, plate settings, and practical clothing that make up a colonial-era farm within the homes. Being the home of two United States presidents and the birthplace of a national conscience, this farm fills in much of the mysteries that the Founding Fathers considered critical when establishing a country of free people. 

Lowell National Historical Park

The journey from the Adams National Historical Park to Lowell on your Wilmington to Newport RV road trip is more than a 40-mile physical move; it is a step across time from an agricultural society to the Industrial Revolution. In Lowell National Historical Park, you find the essence of a critical change in the country's social makeup. Visit the Boott Cotton Mill Museum to see the immense machines used to process cotton into fabric. In every building, a different process for an individual product demonstrates the immense industrial power that changed society. 

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park lies 229 miles northeast of Lowell National Historical Park. Whereas the historic parks earlier on this trip dealt with the country's development, this park represents the land as early explorers found it. From the rocky ocean beaches, to the natural ponds and lakes, to the six mountain peaks that reach over 1,000 feet, this park is filled with wildlife, fish, and incredible views. It is a wild place with granite domes, U-shaped valleys, and glacial erratics. Hiking trails and a system of carriage roads run throughout the park and provide easy access to the many lakes and streams for anglers. 

Nearby State Parks

Cherry Plain State Park  

After visiting Saratoga National Historical Park and Albany, spend a couple of days at Cherry Plain State Park to relax. The park is located 30 miles along your route from Albany to Boston and Adams National Historical Park. At Cherry Plain, you find a park surrounded by a conservation area where hiking and biking trails run for miles. Anglers find excellent fishing for bass and bullhead in the 35-acre Black River Pond, where access is made easy for boats, kayaks, and canoes via a boat ramp.

Pearl Hill State Park

Located within easy reach of Boston and Lowell, Pearl Hill State Park is the perfect spot to camp and visit Adams National Historical Park and Lowell National Historical Park. This 1,000-acre park is a quiet place where you and the family can spend the evening fishing, hiking, and swimming in the ponds and streams. Then, sit back and enjoy the night sky while crickets accompany the majestic journey of the stars. 

Coleman State Park

While driving the final 177-mile leg of your Wilmington to Newport road trip, you pass close to Coleman State Park. Located on the border between New Hampshire and Vermont, this park sits alongside Little Diamond Pond, which offers incredible trout fishing. ATV trails are available for those seeking an adventure of the four-wheel kind. Hikers find several tracks, including the northern terminus of the Androscoggin Trail.

Along the Way

The Stillwater Blockhouse

After you visit Saratoga National Historical Park, stop in Stillwater, NY, to see the Stillwater Blockhouse. A blockhouse is a small fortification built to protect five or six soldiers while keeping watch on the surrounding area. This blockhouse was built in 1777 after the Battle of Saratoga to maintain a secure location along the Hudson River near Albany. You find a peaceful place to stop for a picnic with amazing views of the Hudson and the surrounding hills at this location.

Boston Marathon Survivor Memorial

Boston has long been a touchstone for Americans. On April 15, 2013, it was once again when domestic terrorists bombed the finish line for the Boston Marathon. After you visit Adams National Historical Park, do not forget to visit 671 Boylston Street to pay your respects for those who died, those who rescued survivors in the chaos, and those who were determined to go on despite injuries, refusing to kneel to terrorism.

New England Quilt Museum

After visiting Lowell National Historical Park, stop at the New England Quilt Museum. The museum houses an impressive display of quilts, many of them handmade from the colonial period, and some were brought over the Atlantic to provide comfort in strange places. Lessons are provided by qualified staffers on how to build a quilt design and stitch it all together. 

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Albany, New York

When you cross the 25 miles between Saratoga National Historical Park and Albany, you discover an understanding of how close the United States came to losing the American Revolutionary War. It is appropriate to celebrate that great victory in Albany by visiting some of the points of interest that the battle made possible. Museums such as the New York State Museum; the USS Slater, a WWII destroyer; Historic Cherry Hill; the Albany Heritage Visitor Center; and the Albany Institute of History and Art tell the story of New York. While you are in the town, take the time to clean your tanks at one of the local dump stations. To stay a night or two and see the sights, register at one of the many campgrounds in the area.

Boston, Massachusetts

After visiting Adams National Historical Park, travel 10 miles north to visit Boston. While you are here, take advantage of its dump stations to clean your waste tanks and replenish your water supply. Before you take off north to visit Lowell, take in some of the incredible gift shops that you find here. To increase your choices of gifts for family and friends, stop by the Black Ink, the North End Gift Shoppe, and Olives and Grace. Take your time between visits to see the points of interest along the way. If you need more time, stay a night at one of the campgrounds in the area. 

Portland, Manie

The Portland area saw a tumultuous beginning, with much of the early settlements repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. Despite its troubles, by 1786, the town became one of the principal trade and shipping centers along the Atlantic coastline. Its importance brought in restaurants of various cuisines, which is still evident in the community today. To find some great meals, try the Honey Paw for some Asian food, the Solo Italiano for excellent Italian cuisine, and Eventide Oyster Company for superb seafood. While you are here, take advantage of the dump stations and the numerous campgrounds that Maine offers.

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