Roadtrip with RVshare Enterprise to El Paso

The main road traveled on an Enterprise to El Paso RV road trip is Interstate 10 West (I-10 W). However, most RV vacationers have a hard time sticking to the road due to opportunities to explore sites along the way. Several national and state parks are easily reached, and the amenities offered in every city along the route encourage plenty of stops. The drive includes sections of three states, one of them the largest in the contiguous United States. You will travel from rich farm country through exotic bayous and over deserts and mountain passes. The stops along the way will take you through several time periods spanning thousands of years. 

Enterprise to El Paso Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip length: 21 hours 14 minutes
  • Mileage: 1,374 miles
  • Fun fact: While Enterprise holds the smallest St. Patrick’s Day Parade with one leprechaun dancing through the street, El Paso hosts the oldest Hispanic festival in the Southwest—the Festival of Flowers—with 20,000 to 30,000 attending each year.

Nearby National Parks

Big Bend National Park

The national parks you find along the route of your Enterprise to El Paso road trip come late in the journey. Big Bend National Park sits on the southeastern edge of Texas along a wide bend of the Rio Grande River. Visitors to this park find wide-open spaces, mountainous terrain, and a rushing river dashing through gorges carved for thousands of years. Here, you can run whitewater in a raft, or fish, swim, kayak, and canoe beneath towering cliffs. Hiking trails through mountainous terrain draw visitors from across the country for their impressive views and outright challenges.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Another national park located in east Texas near the end of your road trip is Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The park is one of the more isolated in the national park system, and communities are few and far between, so an RV that can carry water and food is the best method of transportation to the park. Because the park is one of the youngest in the nation, there are remnants of farms, ranches, mining concerns, and houses in the park. The draw to this park is the mountains, the unusual wildlife, and the crystal blue sky that lights up at night in a display that amazes stargazers. 

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Located just 25 miles north of Guadalupe Mountains National Park is Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The caverns are among the most famous in the world and see 410,000 visitors each year. These caverns are lit to provide a color display that's second to none. With over 120 caves already discovered, it appears that spelunking opportunities are on the rise. A visit to this park is a worthy addition to your road trip itinerary from Enterprise to El Paso.

White Sands National Park

About 90 miles north of El Paso lies White Sands National Park, a fantastic site that requires a visit simply for its "wow" factor. The park is home to 275 square miles of white gypsum dunes—the world's largest concentration of these dunes. Though the park appears to be devoid of wildlife, visitors often report seeing roadrunners, coyotes, and bobcats on the range.

Nearby State Parks

Bogue Chitto State Park

Bogue Chitto State Park in Louisiana is about 360 miles into your road trip from Enterprise to El Paso. The 1,786-acre park includes a mixed topography of high hills and low swampland. Located near the I-10 W corridor, this park is the perfect spot to pull in with your RV for a night’s respite from the road. Enjoy a night or two of soft breezes blowing through tall cypress and Spanish Moss. During the day, many activities are available for a traveler in need of relaxation, including hiking and biking trails, as well as a slow-moving river in which you can float in a tube, swim, kayak, canoe, or boat. The fishing is reported to be excellent in the river and nearby streams.

Sea Rim State Park

About 550 miles along your route, you cross the Louisiana/Texas border along I-10 W and come across the city of Port Arthur where Sea Rim State Park is a welcome RV camping site. The 4,141-acre park features 5 miles of beach along the Gulf of Mexico. This is the last sighting you will enjoy of the Gulf before you venture inland, so stop and enjoy the breeze and the seemingly endless horizon.

Balmorhea State Park 

Just 190 miles from the end of your trip lies Balmorhea State Park. Located close to I-10 W, this park is situated perfectly as an anchor point for you to veer either south to see Big Bend National Park or north to visit the Guadalupe Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns, and White Sands National Parks. Balmorhea State Park is a green spot in the middle of a desert with excellent views of the surrounding mountains. A natural spring feeds a swimming pool where you can snorkel the heat of the day away before relaxing in a warm evening breeze.

Along the Way

The Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum

While you are in Baton Rouge, stop by the Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum. At this museum, you take a step back in time to witness the lives of 18th- and 19th-century rural Louisianans. Discover the diverse cultures that coexisted in this environment where self-subsistence was a priority. The museum includes 32 historic buildings spread over 25 acres divided into examples of four different regions of the state. 

San Antonio Mission National Historical Park

About 820 miles into your Enterprise to El Paso road trip, you reach San Antonio. The city was founded by Spanish missionaries who constructed four missions to service the Spanish and Native American population in central Texas. Each is a part of the San Antonio Mission National Historical Park and is still operating for the benefit of the surrounding community. Take the time to visit these impressive structures to learn about their essential contributions to Texas’ culture.

Surreal Art Sculpture Garden

Finish your road trip from Enterprise to El Paso with a flourish by visiting the Surreal Art Sculpture Garden created by sculptor Ho Barron. Your journey along I-10 W highlighted many past mysteries, from geological formations to human efforts to improve the land. When you visit this site, you are punctuating your trip with an interpretive view of the present. 

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

One of the main cities you pass through along the I-10 W corridor on your road trip from Enterprise to El Paso is Baton Rouge, LA. The city offers some of the most romantic settings in the South, with tall cypress or oaks covered in Spanish moss. The restaurants and shops reflect the scenery with their colorful decor. Baton Rouge is one of the most-visited cities along I-10 W by RVs, creating a need for multiple dump stations, which the city fulfills. Stop here to enjoy one of the campgrounds around the town to ensure a great time.

Houston, Texas

Houston, TX, is known as one of the most diverse cities in the nation, and it shows in the fantastic array of restaurants, shops, and sights throughout the city. The city’s willingness to embrace different tastes, cultures, and personalities draws visitors by the millions. The resulting RV traffic brings with it businesses that provide dump stations almost everywhere. Along with those, the city encourages the use of the campgrounds that surround it. 

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a city with an eclectic mix of cultures buoyed by a solid foundation of community enlightenment. It is one of the few places where the fundamental teachings of hope, tranquility, and peace sprang into motion to create a community that is at once beautiful in a modern sense and incredibly strong in a historical sense. Many buildings, street monuments, and historical references bring visitors to this city to look at the past and imagine the future. The RV traffic is growing each year as are the dump stations and the campgrounds that welcome them to the city.

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