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Midessa Oil Patch RV Park

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Midessa Oil Patch RV Park is a trailer park near Midland, Texas, that fosters a family-oriented environment. Located in the oil-rich environment of the Permian Basin, the park is situated in and around working oilrigs. Midessa Oil Patch RV Park is a must-visit for those who are interested in the history of oil in the U.S.

Why You’ll Love Midessa Oil Patch RV Park

Midessa Oil Patch RV Park provides every amenity you can imagine. The park is unique in that it operates alongside working oil rigs. There are large sites and expansive recreational areas, and it is close to sights such as the replica of Stonehenge.

What People Are Saying About Midessa Oil Patch RV Park

“The owners keep this park in remarkably good shape, focusing on watering the grass in the playgrounds and enclosed pet park, which my little dog and I loved. I’d stay here again. The owners provide bottled water due to the ‘high’ (how high is high) nitrate level in the water– a nice accommodation. The rates are more than fair. God bless the owners, who live on-site. And their pride of ownership is evident. And there are plenty of trees, offering some relief from the sun.” – Jim, Yelp Review

“Stopped for the night in our 32-foot motorhome towing a car. The staff at the front desk is very pleasant. They gave us a case of water when we checked in because of the nitrates in the water. The park is well maintained with a grassy, fenced play area and dog run. There are shade trees at each side.” – Donna, Yelp Review

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