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Mesquite Oasis RV Park

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Mesquite Oasis RV Park is one of the highest-rated RV parks near Midland. The campground is situated just outside of Odessa, which is a mere 23 miles from Midland. There are security cameras placed around Mesquite Oasis RV Park to provide a safe and secure environment for campers.

Why You’ll Love Mesquite Oasis RV Park

Mesquite Oasis RV Park is connected to the Odessa water system, so your water needs will be met without worries. In the rec room, you will find a gymnasium with free access to basketball, volleyball, and indoor tennis courts. Nearby, there are golf courses, several museums, and theaters.

What People Are Saying About Mesquite Oasis RV Park

“I am always proud to say where we stay at when asked. Mesquite Oasis is run by a thoughtful and caring family who have their residents’ best interest at heart. I have two kiddos that love the playground and wide-open spaces throughout the property. There is a very large playground, a gym, a walking tour ‘trail,’ dog park/run, laundry room, rec room, basketball/volleyball court, catch-and-release pond with ducks, and a fountain that has multicolored changing lights.” – Rosemarie, Facebook Review

“We have been here three days. Everyone is so nice, and it is clean. I really like it here and will be back.” – Mary, Facebook Review

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