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Chehaw Park

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Chehaw Park is not only an RV campground but also a local zoo; it was first developed as “Chehaw State Park” in 1937. The property is more than 800 acres of beautiful land near the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee creeks. See animals, moss-covered cypress swamps, and a wiregrass habitat.

Why You’ll Love Chehaw Park

While you’re camping, enjoy connecting with animals, nature, and conservation activities at Chehaw. Zoo animals live in their natural habitats, and the zoo hosts many activities throughout the year.

What People Are Saying About Chehaw Park

“Great place for RVs, dogs, hiking, zoo, ultimate frisbee, primitive camping, fishing, mountain biking, RC racing, BMX course, and more. Great prices. Although, there is no swimming anywhere. Very clean and safe.” – David, Google Review

“We love visiting Chehaw. Great bike trails. We always enjoyed camping too! Zoo is informative. There’s so much to do. Overall Chehaw is not too big or too small. We are now members.” – Roger, Google Review,

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