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Castaway RV Park

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Located just west of Odessa, Castaway RV Park is an easy walk to a hardware store, grocery store, and other retail establishments. This small, family-operated campground offers plenty of shade in the summer and has rows of trees that block the wind in the winter. Beautiful country scenery abounds at this RV park.

Why You’ll Love Castaway RV Park

If you are looking for an RV park to stay at while you are working in the oil industry, then this may be the perfect quiet place for you. While you will not find many amenities, you can be assured that you’ll have quiet neighbors. This park is kept in great condition.

What People Are Saying About Castaway RV Park

“I’ve been there since the beginning of October. Everyone has rules to abide by and the people have been nothing but nice. It’s a small and quiet place. They honestly are looking out for their place and the people that stay because I’ve had to change my gas bottles late at night, not exactly a quiet task, but she came out to see what the noise was. I’d rather have someone being watchful over my place than just take my money. I’d recommend people to call them and stay there.” John, Google Reviews

“I stayed at Castaway for three years while working in Odessa, TX, with ZERO problems. It was a quiet park, which was close to everything I needed. I would recommend the park to anyone I know.” Wolfmother, Google Reviews

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