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Big Sioux Recreation Area

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Big Sioux Recreation Area offers beautiful wooded campsites within a short drive of Sioux Falls and Brandon. The campsites are open from May to October. It is an ideal spot for hikers, anglers, and those looking to get a glimpse of South Dakota’s great outdoors.

Why You’ll Love Big Sioux Recreation Area

It is hard to realize how close the big city is when you’re camping at Big Sioux Recreation Area. This lovely park is filled with old growth trees and natural wonders, and you can go bird-watching, boating, fishing, hiking, or exploring through one of the nearby historical sites when you stay here. There may be minimal amenities at this park, but you won’t miss wireless internet and cable television thanks to the natural beauty.

What People Are Saying About Big Sioux Recreation Area

“My wife and I recently went on a hike here. We went on the trail called ” valley of the Giants” what a beautiful trail! I can only begin to imagine how old some of the trees are for how huge they are. I enjoyed how the trail followed the river and covered varying grades of terrain. We also came across a yank yank ( mini woodpecker ) on a branch high in a tree.” – Ryan, Google review

“This is a wonderful park, and the campsites look great and wooded as well. It is a perfect park for cycling (especially once the connection to the Sioux falls loop is finished).” – Jack, Google review

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