5 Travel Trends for Spring and Summer

Travel Inspiration

As the weather warms, people are turning their thoughts to traveling for spring and summer. And while most of us would likely camp even if it weren’t trendy, there are some travel trends emerging for these seasons. We’ll take a look at some popular travel trends during these warmer months and see how people are getting out on the road. Here are the five top travel trends:

Spring and Summer Getaways

This spring, huge numbers of adventurers will take to the seas, skies, and roads to celebrate the thawing of a long, cold winter. The solar eclipse on April 8 is going to be a huge reason many people travel this spring. Families will also take advantage of a week off school to travel during spring break. Summer will see people heading to parks, music festivals, and oceanside campgrounds for fun in the sun.

a young child with eclipse glasses on

1. Eclipse Travel

Eclipse travel will be one of the biggest travel trends this spring! The total solar eclipse on April 8 can be seen across several states in the South and East Coast. Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Vermont, and Maine are all along the path of totality. Many people plan to rent RVs and camp to witness the event. Several areas along the eclipse route will have events for the entire family in the days before and during the eclipse. RVshare has an eclipse guide to help you plan your trip for this amazing astronomical event.

2. Communing with nature

Our RVshare 2024 trend report shows that many of the top destinations where travelers are headed this year are outdoor sites like national parks. The Grand Canyon tops the list of national parks that travelers hope to visit this year – in fact, it tops the list of all destinations. Zion National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Garner State Park are also popular destinations.

3. Festival fun

Several other top trendy travel picks this year revolve around festivals, which makes perfect sense. RVing at a festival is a great way to be on-site for all the big events but still be able to shower and have a quiet place to take a nap. Black Rock City, Nevada is the #2 destination on our trend report, and Burners can tell you that’s where Burning Man takes place each year around Labor Day. Fortunately for RV renters, there are many owners who prep their rigs just to be rented out for the festival. Many owners also offer delivery and setup for an extra fee, so you can arrive and head straight to the exhibits.

The Gorge Amphitheater in Quincy, Washington is a new popular destination this spring and summer. The amphitheater hosts several music festivals and other concerts throughout the year. RVers can camp on-site at the Gorge Campground, so they’re close to the action.

4. Rest & relax

One of the interesting travel trends for 2024 is that travelers are veering away from the bucket list trips they craved in the past few years, and are looking forward to unwinding. 48% of the travelers in our survey said they are looking for peace and quiet on their vacations, and 57% of travelers are looking forward to spending time with family.

While popular attractions like Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Las Vegas are still on our list of top destinations, many travelers are looking to avoid crowds and tourist attractions this year.

5. Hit the beach

Heading to lakes, oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water becomes more popular as the temperatures climb as well. Vacationers will hit up some of the nation’s most beautiful beaches, or they may head to lakes and waterfalls closer to home. Regardless, waterfront camping is going to be a popular choice for people looking for gorgeous scenery and a chance to cool off.

As you consider these travel trends while doing your spring and summer planning, RVshare is ready to help. You’ll find thousands of RVs available for rent, in many sizes, makes, and models. You’ll find pet-friendly RVs, and family-friendly RVs as well as smaller options if you’re traveling solo.

Happy planning!