Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Twin Falls, Idaho

As its name might suggest, Twin Falls, Idaho is home to some of the country’s most breathtaking waterfalls. The Twin Falls are a picturesque place to spend a romantic or family bonding getaway in a rental RV. The area also hosts the Shoshone falls, equal in majesty and splendor to the Twin Falls. With plenty to do in the city as well, staying in RV parks in the Twin Falls, ID area is a great idea. Here are 10 of the top RV parks and campgrounds there.

Inspire Communities The Flamingo

Enjoy the quiet and beauty of a rural community that rises above the rest. Surrounded by nature. Residents enjoy a serene environment with beautiful mountain views and numerous onsite amenities, including snow removal and a clubhouse. They offer savings on special order homes with unique floorplans and more.

Why You’ll Love Inspire Communities The Flamingo

Discover a welcoming, well-established community just minutes away from boating, fishing, restaurants, schools, and more. For fans of hiking, biking, camping, and motorcycling this is the perfect location.

What People Are Saying About Inspire Communities The Flamingo

“Quiet, well kept mobile home park that offers long term RV stays.” -Jared, Google Review

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Anderson Camp

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Few campgrounds in Twin Falls, Idaho can boast that they have a 100-foot waterslide. Anderson Camp can. Whether you want to relax in their geothermal pools or watch your children have a blast flying down the waterslide, Anderson has something to offer everyone.

Why You’ll Love Anderson Camp

It bears repeating: They have a 100-foot waterslide! Besides that, you’ll like this park because of the large space it provides for fun sports activities that you can share with your family. They also offer free internet and an 18-hole mini golf course. You and your children will never have a dull moment here.

What People Are Saying About Anderson Camp

“Great place to overnight between Boise and Salt Lake City. The heated pool has a waterslide which the grandkids really enjoy although, after about 100 times down it, I think they tired of it. Stay at the back of the park where the sites are a little bigger and more level.” – William, Google Review

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“Nice place, clean, lots of grass. Just of the highway, some traffic noise but not bad at all. Good place to stay to see Shoshone falls. About 25% look like full-time residences. Good place for kids and dogs.” – Kevin, Google Review

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Twin Falls/Jerome KOA Holiday KOA Logo

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Some of the best RV camping in Twin Falls, Idaho can be done at the Twin Falls/Jerome KOA Holiday campground. It’s close to the Shoshone Falls, so your family can easily watch thrilling base jumpers risk their lives to catch some air. It’s also situated close to the interstate, so you can quickly hop on and off to make your adventuring all the easier.

Why You’ll Love Twin Falls/Jerome KOA Holiday

With plenty to offer at the campground, your family might find it difficult to leave and explore all of what Twin Falls has to offer. They also have a cafe available for those days where you just don’t feel cooking. There’s also an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast every morning. With hiking trails and a pool to enjoy, your family is sure to have plenty to do here.

What People Are Saying About Twin Falls/Jerome KOA Holiday

“Nice comfortable place to stay. Its close to the highway and has all the amenities that you would need. Staff was nice and accommodating.” – Colin, Google Review

“Oscar and Kim make you feel welcome from the moment that you pull in. After check-in, they even guide you to your site! Class!” – Mike, Google Review

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Oregon Trail Campground

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The Oregon Trail Campground is perfectly located near some of the most breathtaking sights in Idaho. It rests only 10 minutes away from such inspiring locations as the Magic Valley, Ske River and Shoshone Falls. For a family that loves the outdoors, this campground is the perfect place to rest between adventures.

Why You’ll Love Oregon Trail Campground

This campground is conveniently located close to a few key places where families who love outdoor activities can have some real fun. The park itself offers a large variety of camping experiences too, depending on how much you want to rough it. They also offer Wi-Fi service, so you don’t have to be completely cut off from the world if you don’t want to be.

What People Are Saying About Oregon Trail Campground

“Mark, owner, stayed open an extra 15 minutes to make sure we could stay after a long drive. He graciously awaited our arrival and directed us persolly to our spot. Friendly, nice and outgoing with relief that we could filly stop.” -Bart, Google Review

“Very military friendly and owner is a great man (or mager). We were PCSing with our crazy 4 dogs and he allowed us to stay 2 nights instead of 1.” -Danielle, Google Review

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Rock Creek RV Park

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For families who want to be a bit closer to civilized life, the Twin Falls, Idaho campground of Rock Creek is perfect for you. This RV park in Twin Falls is only five minutes away from grocery stores, restaurants, and shops. You can have your fun camping and still be able to run to the store whenever you need something.

Why You’ll Love Rock Creek RV Park

Twin Falls campsites often have to balance being too far into the wild with being close enough to the city. Rock Creek maintains this balance perfectly. You’re within easy distance of some of the best sightseeing areas in Idaho, but you’re also close to civilization, so you can easily mix the two lifestyles together and have the best of both worlds. They also have two pavilion sites that you can rent for birthdays and celebrations.

What People Are Saying About Rock Creek RV Park

“This was an older park but it was well maintained. The park is a great gem. Lots of well-paved walking trails. It’s a nice quiet site. Close enough to the city for trips in to see family but far enough out that feels like you’re able to enjoy ture” -Laura, Google Review ,

“We stayed here in our fifth wheel while on a road trip and it is a beautiful location with lots of grass, trees and a large stream. The grounds are nicely maintained. Our kids loved riding their bikes and playing on the playground.” -Holly, Google Review

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Twin Falls 93 RV Park ARVC Logo

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This newly opened park is fresh and raring to go! It features super sites that have a great deal of room, so guests don’t feel as though they’re camping on top of one another. This RV park is located just off Highway 93, so you can easily travel to your desired locations without much fuss.

Why You’ll Love Twin Falls 93 RV Park

This Twin Falls, Idaho campground is one of the newer offerings so you can enjoy a fresh site with an enthusiastic team. They offer huge sites, so you can stretch out and enjoy an intimate camping experience with just your family. In addition, they also offer Wi-Fi and streaming services, so your family can still cuddle together at night to watch Netflix. They also have cameras installed throughout the park to assuage any security concerns you might have.

What People Are Saying About Twin Falls 93 RV Park

“One of the biggest things that stood out for us, that really put them ahead of other parks we’d stayed at, is the Wi-Fi. Unlike nearly all parks we’ve stayed at, they really, truly have Wi-Fi. They advertise super Wi-Fi that you can actually stream, and they weren’t kidding! Bathroom, shower and laundry all very clean, everything is working order. Friendly employees that go the extra mile to make sure their guests enjoy not only their park, but also the surrounding area. Great place!” – Karen, Google Review

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“My wife and I stayed at the 93 rv park the Wi-Fi is great very clean restrooms and showers very friendly staff Janell went above and beyond on info for things to do in the area she was helpful and very knowledgeable. We would stay here again.” – Jordan, Google Review

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Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs & RV Park

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Other Twin Falls campgrounds can’t claim to have special mineral water for their campers; the RV park at Nat-Soo-Pah can. The name means magic mineral water, and guests can follow in the footsteps of the native Shoshone residents who used to bathe in these waters. Here, your family can have fun camping and perhaps indulge in a bit of self-healing, too!

Why You’ll Love Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs & RV Park

If you prefer a spacious and quiet campground, you should consider Nat-Soo-Pah. There’s plenty of room for your RV, and with an emphasis on their magical mineral water, you can spend hours luxuriating in the healthy water. This campground is close to a number of parks, so you can easily pop on over to explore the many nature trails that the parks have to offer.

What People Are Saying About Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs & RV Park

“The kids love the warm stream, its less than 2 ft wide and just for wading& playing. The campground is kept clean and has friendly& helpful staff.” – Megan, Google Review

“Very quiet and peaceful. Several choices in camping spots.” – Venessa, Google Review

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Murtaugh Lake Park

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For families who want to be close to both a town and a beautiful park, Murtaugh Lake Park is an excellent choice. It’s close to The Cove, a Twin Falls County waterfront park. It’s also in the wild country enough that lucky families can see native species in their natural habitats.

Why You’ll Love Murtaugh Lake Park

Why You’ll Love Murtaugh Lake Park Five minutes away from this campground is a town where you can easily procure groceries, enjoy local restaurants and shop at local stores. All of that is located just a mere five minutes away from the park. Murtaugh Lake Park also has a boat launch, so you can rent a boat and enjoy the lake.

What People Are Saying About Murtaugh Lake Park

“This park is on a small lake SE of Twin Falls along Hwy 30…The sites are gravel/dirt. The sites are okay width but short enough that we had to unhook our 20-foot trailer and park the truck sideways…site 21 has a nice lake view. There were lots of birds on the lake including cormorants, western grebes, pied-bill grebes, seagulls, terns, loons and assorted ducks. There is also a large roost of red wing blackbirds nearby. Great fun to watch!” – SJP, Campendium

“Pretty sites with a shelter, table and fire ring. Most of them are on the water, some of them have their own docks.” – Kate, talesfromthescenicroute

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Schipper Campground

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Another great campground that is off the beaten track is Schipper Campground. Located beside Birch Creek, the area is tranquil and offers a wonderful stepping-off point for day-hikes and mountain climbing. If you love the outdoors, this is an excellent campground for you.

Why You’ll Love Schipper Campground

If you love rock climbing or are thinking about starting the hobby, this campground will be an excellent base camp for you. It’s close to some beginner and intermediate hills and mountains to test your strength. It’s also situated in the heart of nature, so you can sit outside of your trailer and watch the passing animals.

What People Are Saying About Schipper Campground

“One of my favorite places to camp!” – Panga, Google Review

“Great memories, beautiful.” – Ashley, Google Review

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Bear Gulch Campground

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An excellent place for wildlife and bird watching can be found at the Bear Gulch Campground. It also has limited space, so the area is intimate and offers isolation for those who want to feel as though they’re the only ones camping in that park. It’s also a great place for horse owners since the park has a corral.

Why You’ll Love Bear Gulch Campground

This campground is perfect for those who prefer the rougher side of camping. With little to separate them from the wild, the campers here can enjoy watching wildlife in its native environments. Those who love fishing will appreciate that there are spots nearby that offer excellent places to catch a few fish.

What People Are Saying About Bear Gulch Campground

“Got married here, this place is amazing! We had about 40 people camping here with 5 RV’S. You can boat into the cove and park; we had a canoe and a kayak that made it really fun too.” – Casey, Google Review

“One of my favorite places for a quick stop or a full weekend.” – Brad, Google Review

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Porcupine Springs Campground

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If hiking is your passion or you just enjoy taking nature walks, Porcupine Springs campground is the place for you. It offers a large variety of trails for walking and driving off-road vehicles. Load up your favorite all-terrain vehicle and have a blast exploring the nature trails.

Why You’ll Love Porcupine Springs Campground

This campground is just right for RVers who intend to spend their vacation outside. With tons of trails to explore in various ways–walking, off-roading, mountain biking–there’s enough to do to entertain everyon

What People Are Saying About Porcupine Springs Campground

“Beautiful place to camp. Well maintained. Lots of mature trees and flowers are everywhere.” – Cindy, Google Review

“Best mountains in southern Idaho.” – D, Google Review

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In Summary

To figure out just where you want to stay during your RV trip in Idaho, it makes sense to consider the needs of your family first. If you want something that’s fun for the kids, you may want to consider KOA or Anderson. For a more romantic evening, perhaps a campground that offers visually stunning areas but is within close reach of local restaurants is the right choice. For those who want a rugged camping experience, then the campgrounds best for that are those which are remote and isolated. Twin Falls offers an adventure no matter what kind of vacation you like best.

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Yes. The majority of campgrounds we selected in this blog allow pets.