Top Campgrounds and RV Parks in Glacier National Park

From the wide open plains dotted with wildflowers and the Missouri River in the east to the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the west, Montana’s landscape features miles and miles of stunning scenery under one big, blue sky. It’s a dream come true for anyone with an RV rental in Montana who wants to experience the great outdoors.

Glacier National Park sits at the northern border of the United States and Canada and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is made up of 1 million acres in Montana, and just over the border in Canada, it continues on as Waterton Lakes National Park.

Called the Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park offers a huge variety of activities to keep you occupied. With over 700 miles of trails, hiking opportunities are endless.

If you’re looking to stay the night and immerse yourself in the wilderness, there are 13 campgrounds within Glacier National Park. The campgrounds in the park do not provide utility hookups, though, so if you’re looking for something with a little more in terms of amenities, you should check out one of the many lovely towns just outside of the national park.

Bowman Lake Campground

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For tent campers seeking tranquility amid nature's embrace, Bowman Lake offers an idyllic escape with its remote location and peaceful surroundings. The campground features potable water accessible through convenient water spigots, and amenities such as pit toilets and a day-use picnic area add to the camping experience. Bowman Lake's serene setting makes it an ideal destination for those yearning for peace and quiet. Additionally, the campground offers day hiking opportunities, allowing enthusiasts to explore the captivating wilderness of Glacier National Park. Fishermen, canoe enthusiasts, and kayakers will find joy in the pristine waters of Bowman Lake, completing the spectrum of outdoor experiences available in this secluded haven.

Why You’ll Love Bowman Lake Campground

Bowman Lake Campground, situated in the North Fork area of Glacier National Park, lies approximately 32.5 miles from the park's west entrance and 30 miles from the Canadian border. The journey to Bowman Lake unfolds along slow, dusty, and bumpy dirt roads, ensuring a tranquil retreat far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Notably, trailers are not allowed on these roads, preserving the campground's serene ambiance. Nestled close to the picturesque shore of Bowman Lake, the campsites are discreetly set within trees, providing both shade and a sense of privacy.

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Cut Bank Campground

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Located on the serene east side of Glacier National Park, Cut Bank Campground offers a tranquil escape not often found in larger park campgrounds. Accessible via a 5-mile dirt road off Highway 89, the campground's remote setting adds to its appeal. Nestled among trees, the campground provides shade and privacy, creating an ideal haven for tent campers seeking a peaceful retreat. Each campsite has a capacity limit of eight people and two vehicles, with space permitting. The allowance of up to two tents per site enhances the camping experience, allowing for a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Why You’ll Love Cut Bank Campground

Cut Bank is a primitive campground throughout the season, devoid of water facilities. Campers are advised to bring their own drinking water to ensure a comfortable stay. The campground's layout and the nature of the road make it less suitable for RVs, and therefore, RVs are not recommended. However, for those passionate about exploring the backcountry, Cut Bank serves as an excellent starting point, with trailheads conveniently located near the campground. Whether embarking on a day hike or an extended backcountry adventure, Cut Bank Campground caters to nature enthusiasts seeking a quieter and more immersive camping experience.

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Kintla Lake Campground

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Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Glacier National Park, Kintla Lake Campground stands as the park's most secluded frontcountry and car camping destination. Situated in the remote North Fork region, approximately 40 miles from the west entrance, reaching the campground involves traversing a rugged dirt road, with trailers not permitted. The isolation of this campground contributes to its serene ambiance, creating an ideal haven for tent campers seeking solitude amidst the tranquility of nature. Overlooking the scenic Kintla Lake, the campground offers an immersive experience with Glacier's unpredictable weather—characterized by warm days and cool nights during the summer. Even amidst daytime temperatures in the 80s and 90s, the nights can cool down to the 40s, emphasizing the importance of packing layers and rain gear for an enjoyable and comfortable visit.

Why You’ll Love Kintla Lake Campground

Kintla Lake, devoid of motorcraft, provides a serene setting for canoeing or kayaking, ensuring a quiet and peaceful water experience. Anglers can also find delight in fishing for trout in the lake's pristine waters. A mandatory boat inspection for Aquatic Invasive Species adds an extra layer of protection to the natural habitat, with the nearest inspection site located in Apgar. Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity of day hikes and extended backcountry trails, making Kintla Lake Campground an inviting base for those eager to explore Glacier National Park's diverse landscapes on foot.

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Logging Creek Campground

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Situated on the western side of Glacier National Park, south of Polebridge, Logging Creek Campground stands among the park's smaller and more intimate camping sites. Accessible via the Inside North Fork Road, a dusty and winding route, caution is recommended while traversing this road, and it is important to note that RVs and trailers are not allowed. The campground, offering seven primitive sites, operates in this basic status throughout the season, maintaining an authentic wilderness experience for campers. Campsite capacity is limited to eight individuals and two vehicles, allowing for a tranquil atmosphere with a maximum of two tents per site.

Why You’ll Love Logging Creek Campground

Logging Creek Campground, with its limited facilities, lacks potable water sources and dump station amenities. However, the trade-off is a small and secluded camping area, providing the perfect setting for those seeking solitude and a connection with nature. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity of the Logging Lake trailhead, offering an easy hike suitable for families. The trail's accessibility from the campground makes it an ideal option for a peaceful day excursion, allowing campers to enjoy the scenic beauty and tranquility of the surrounding wilderness.

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Quartz Creek Campground

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Quartz Creek Campground, while lacking water facilities, encourages visitors to bring their own drinking water for a comfortable stay. The restriction of RVs and trailers adds to the primitive ambiance, allowing campers to immerse themselves in the serene surroundings. The campground's remote location, combined with its minimal amenities, fosters an authentic backcountry experience, making it a haven for those desiring a genuine connection with the pristine natural beauty of Glacier National Park.

Why You’ll Love Quartz Creek Campground

In the North Fork area on the west side of Glacier National Park, Quartz Creek Campground stands as the park's smallest camping site and maintains its primitive status throughout the season. Accessible via the Inside North Fork Road, a challenging dirt road with numerous blind curves and limited pullouts, reaching Quartz Creek Campground requires caution. This intimate campground offers a true wilderness experience, making it an ideal destination for tent campers seeking seclusion and connection with nature.

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Rising Sun Campground

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Just west of St. Mary and perched along the shores of St. Mary Lake, Rising Sun Campground offers campers a picturesque setting where they can relish breathtaking sunrises with the majestic Red Eagle Mountain in the background. Serving as a convenient base camp, the campground positions itself midway to many enticing day hikes situated east of Logan Pass. Accommodating RVs and trailers up to 21 feet in length, Rising Sun Campground provides a diverse camping experience, featuring open sites that capture refreshing breezes throughout the day and others nestled among trees, catering to those seeking shade and privacy.

Why You’ll Love Rising Sun Campground

Adding to the camper's convenience, Rising Sun is in close proximity to a camp store, a laid-back restaurant, and token-operated showers. For outdoor enthusiasts, the campground serves as a gateway to Otokomi Lake trailhead, providing access to scenic hikes. Moreover, the campground's location near St. Mary Lake facilitates boat tours, and visitors can take advantage of free shuttle service. As the sun sets, campers can participate in engaging evening ranger programs, enhancing their experience in the heart of the spectacular Glacier National Park.

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Avalanche Campground

Avalanche Campground beckons both tent and RV campers to immerse themselves in the park's natural splendor. With a capacity to accommodate various camping preferences, the campground offers 50 sites suitable for vehicle lengths up to 26 feet, providing a comfortable and scenic retreat for visitors. As you set up camp, don't forget to pack your hiking boots and binoculars, as Avalanche Campground serves as a gateway to two captivating day hikes, promising not only breathtaking scenery but also opportunities to catch glimpses of the diverse birdlife and wildlife that call this area home.

Why You’ll Love Avalanche Campground

To secure your spot amid this natural haven, advanced reservations are a prerequisite for all campsites, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience as you explore the wonders of Glacier National Park. Whether you're seeking tranquility, adventure, or a combination of both, Avalanche Campground stands ready to offer a memorable escape within the captivating landscapes of this renowned national park.

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Fish Creek Campground

Located on Fish Creek along Lake McDold, this is another tiol Park Service campground located within Glacier tiol Park that offers incredible scenery. The campground is just a couple miles from the Apgar Visitor Center and Going-to-the-Sun Road in the western area of Glacier tiol Park, close to the town of West Glacier, Monta. It’s also close to the Apgar Mountains and Heaven’s Peak.

Why You’ll Love Fish Creek Campground

If you’re coming to Glacier tiol Park from Whitefish or West Glacier, this is an ideal place to stay to get the most out of your time in Glacier tiol Park. The scenery surrounding this campground, from creeks and lakes to nearby mountain peaks, is unbeatable. There are plenty of bike paths and picnic areas around the lake, and although the campground is in a popular area of the park, it’s quite calm and quiet. The hosts are constantly present and very friendly.

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Beargrass Lodging and RV Resort

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Beargrass Lodging & RV Resort has a simple philosophy - simple made perfect. With a focus on cleanliness and quality, this park is a great option if you are explore the Glacier National Park area and need a place to camp! ​

Why You’ll Love Beargrass Lodging and RV Resort

This family run campground is just 10 minutes away from the West Glacier National Park entrance. It's the perfect combination of location and amenities for your next adventure. The RV sites are equipped with full hock ups and the heated pool is a bonus on-site amenity waiting for you after a long day of exploring!

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West Glacier KOA KOA Logo

Only 2.5 miles from the western entrance to Glacier National Park, this is about as close as you can get to camping in the park while still having access to modern amenities. This KOA is just down the street from Lake Five and downtown West Glacier, where you can check out some local restaurants, shops, and tour offerings. The Flathead River, which is a popular destination for inner tubing in the summer, is also nearby. The tour companies in West Glacier can organize whitewater rafting and river floating trips for you and your family.

Why You’ll Love West Glacier KOA

If you love KOA campgrounds, this one is unbeatable, literally. The West Glacier KOA won the 2017 Campground of the Year award, making it the number one KOA in North America. The price may seem a little high, but visitors quickly realize the value they’re getting by staying here. Sites are level and well-shaded and include multiple hookups, beautiful landscaping, a patio area with seating areas and nice gas grills. There are two pools, one of which is adults-only, and a hot tub, as well as an on-site a restaurant that offers delicious and affordable meals. All considered this KOA is more of a resort than an RV park.

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Flathead Lake KOA

This park offers a one of a kind setting with the breathtaking panorama of the Mission Mountains rising behind the massive blue gem of Flathead Lake. Stay at the campground that has earned the highest ratings from both Trailer Life and Woodall's every year. Big rig friendly, with long, roomy pull-through sites. The facilities are top-notch, as you would expect in an award-winning campground. Challenge the family on the miniature golf course, play basketball or volleyball and swim in the heated pool, which is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Why You’ll Love Flathead Lake KOA

The park is centrally located in the Mission Valley, so day trips to Kalispell, Big Fork, Missoula and the National Bison Range are easy. Also located on the main route to Glacier National Park. Go on an adventure with area outfitters that offer fishing on the lake, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, or boat tours of Flathead Lake and Wild Horse Island. There are great museums of the local area and Native American culture. Each July there are Pow-wows nearby the campground, where you'll experience Native American culture first hand. The staff is dedicated to making your stay one you'll remember for a lifetime!

What People Are Saying About Flathead Lake KOA

“Very nice KOA. View looking out to the north of Flathead Lake is stunning.” - Mick Mayfield, Google Reviews

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Polson Motorcoach Resort

Polson offers exclusive Class A accommodations that are ideally suited to your big rig. Enjoy majestic views of Flathead Lake and the surrounding mountains at one of the best RV Resorts in America and #1 in Montana. They incorporate the highest standards for you to enjoy your stay at this Gateway to Glacier National Park.

Why You’ll Love Polson Motorcoach Resort

Professionally landscaped and maintained, every site is planned to maximize the surrounding views. Guests live in luxury while immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the resort and the splendor of the backdrop views of the lake and mountains. There are many local attractions for guests to explore as well, all within the surrounding area, including the National Bison Range, Kerr Dam, Polson Rodeo, Silver Fox Golf Course and many others!

What People Are Saying About Polson Motorcoach Resort

“We stayed at the Polson Motorcoach Resort for 10 days and thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing time there. The park is beautifully landscaped, the sites spaced nicely and level with a great view of the mountains and lake. The people in the park were very nice and personable giving it a relaxed feel. The amenities were good with nice bathrooms and the dog park was small but had grass!

“ - N and C Farrell

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Moose Creek RV Park and B&B

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You’ll find the quaint Moose Creek RV Park and B&B just outside of West Glacier, Montana. It’s on Highway 2 right next to Halfmoon Lake and Lake Five, surrounded by dense pine forests, making the grounds almost as scenic as Glacier National Park itself. The campground is 10 minutes from the center of West Glacier and 15 from the Apgar Visitor’s Center and park entrance. It’s also close to the Great Bear Wilderness and the middle fork of the Flathead River, so your options for outdoor activities are endless.

Why You’ll Love Moose Creek RV Park and B&B

Wake up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and home-cooked pies. There’s no place more small town Montana than this campground and bed and breakfast nestled just outside of Glacier National Park. Moose Creek RV Park and B&B feels like home, and the owners work hard to make sure that guests feel welcomed into the community. The scenic forests that surround the park are home to beautiful wildflowers and the chance to see wildlife native to Montana.

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St. Mary Campground

This tiol Park Service campground is within Glacier tiol Park. It is the largest campground on the east side of Glacier tiol Park, and it’s only a half a mile from the St. Mary’s visitor center, where you’ll find ranger programs, a shuttle service to take you around the park, and bus tours. It’s also conveniently located at the entrance to the park’s two most popular scenic byways: Logan Pass and Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Why You’ll Love St. Mary Campground

Of all the campgrounds located within Glacier tiol Park, this is one of the most convenient. While still experiencing life in the wilderness, you’ll be within walking distance from a visitor’s center that serves food and offers tours and shuttle service. You’ll find dozens of great hiking trails nearby and many of the park’s most popular sights. The town of St. Mary, just outside of the park entrance, and there you’ll find restaurants, shopping, and gas.

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Glacier Campground

Just off of Highway 2 outside of West Glacier, Monta, this campground is one of the closest to Glacier tiol Park without being inside the park. It’s just 5 minutes down the road from the Apgar Visitor Center entrance where you’ll find the park’s popular Lake McDold. Being outside the park, though, offers a wider range of amenities. Glacier Campground is right next door to several cafes and restaurants, the Great Northern Resort, and several tour companies. It’s also down the street from downtown West Glacier and the Glacier View Golf Club.

Why You’ll Love Glacier Campground

If you’re looking for a balance between ture and convenience, this is the place to stay. Sitting right at the gateway to Glacier tiol Park, Glacier Campground offers proximity with all the amenities of a regular campground. The grounds themselves are surrounded by Flathead tiol Forest, offering plenty of privacy for each individual site. The campground even has its own restaurant, the Sunflower Cafe. However, if you want to go into town, it’s just down the road. There you’ll find plenty of dining options as well as golf, horseback riding, helicopter tours, and more.

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Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park & Campground

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Situated in the heart of the Flathead Valley in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this campground is nearly as scenic as the destinations surrounding it. Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, is only 20 minutes away, and Glacier National Park is 30 minutes away. The campground is in Kalispell, Montana, a small town just south of Whitefish and west of Glacier National Park. The closest park entrance to this campground is through West Glacier.

Why You’ll Love Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park & Campground

This spot is ideal for families who want to explore Glacier National Park, Whitehead Mountain Resort, and Flathead Lake. The campground is conveniently located between the three. On top of that, it’s impeccably maintained and incredibly welcoming. At this small, family-run park, the owners put forth a personal effort to make the place feel comfortable and satisfied. They offer everything you could need in the park, and the grounds are charming and filled with ample greenspace and apple trees.

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Mountain Meadow RV Park

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You’ll find this picturesque campground in Hungry Horse, Montana, home to a number of charming cafes and restaurants as well as the Flathead River. The park is directly between the West Glacier entrance to Glacier National Park and Whitefish, just 15 minutes from both, making it the perfect place to rest for anyone who is visiting both destinations.

Why You’ll Love Mountain Meadow RV Park

This stunning campground is a true gem. If you’re looking to get in touch with the outdoors while still having access to everyday conveniences, Mountain Meadow RV Park is a great option. The grounds are surrounded by magnificent pines and perfectly maintained landscaping, leaving views of the Rocky Mountains off in the distance and Montana’s iconic big sky. The facilities, such as the laundry room and showers, are updated and perfectly clean, and the store is well-stocked.

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Apgar Campground

Located at the western entrance of Glacier National Park, within the park and along the shores of Lake McDonald, this is one of the park’s most scenic, convenient, and popular campgrounds. The Apgar visitor’s center, where you can buy basic necessities and also get park information, is right outside of the campground. Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park’s most famous and scenic road, starts just outside of Apgar as well.

Why You’ll Love Apgar Campground

There’s a reason that Apgar is beloved by visitors to Glacier National Park. It’s right on the shore’s of the park’s most popular recreational lake, Lake McDonald. The area offers beautiful walking trails, picnic areas, and boating. Despite being out in the wilderness, a lively community forms amongst the visitors to Apgar Campground each summer. This is a great family-friendly campground with areas for children to bike around and play.

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Eastside Glacier Park RV

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Eastside Glacier Park RV

Eastside Glacier Park RV campsite is nestled in the perfect location to enjoy the sights and sounds of Glacier National Park. But that doesn't mean you have to give up modern conveniences! This RV park has everything you could want while camping 5 miles from Glacier National Park and more!

Why You’ll Love Eastside Glacier Park RV

At Eastside Glacier Park RV campground, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds. You'll be surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes while still having all the amenities of an upscale modern vacation campground.

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Many Glacier Campground

This National Park Service campground is located inside of Glacier National Park on the park’s northeastern edge, making it perfect for visitors who are heading into the park from the east. The campground is just minutes from the gateway town of St. Mary and very close to the Canadian border. Nearby park destinations include Lake Sherburne, Going-to-the-Sun Mountain and the end of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, St. Mary Lake, and more. This is also a convenient location to camp if you’re headed up to Canada.

Why You’ll Love Many Glacier Campground

From your campsite at Many Glacier Campground, you have access to unparalleled views and hiking trails. This is a beautifully scenic area of the national park, and it’s also one that’s less frequented, making it a tranquil and serene atmosphere. They are currently building showers and a laundry facility, which would make this the campground with the most amenities in the park.

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Sunset RV Park

Located in Cut Bank, Montana, Sunset RV Park is situated between the Majestic Rocky Mountains and gentle rolling hills. This campground includes a walking trail to the river, newly remodeled shower rooms, bathrooms, office, and camp store. Boasting a short 45 minutes from Glacier National Park, Sunset RV park offers 32 large RV sites as well as tent sites.

Why You’ll Love Sunset RV Park

You will love Sunset RV Park for it's beautiful views of Big Sky Country and the area's active wildlife. This campground is a great basecamp for visiting Glacier National Park, being less than an hour from the eastern entrance.

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Sprague Creek Campground

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Nestled along the northeastern shore of Lake McDonald, just off the scenic Going-to-the-Sun Road, Sprague Creek welcomes campers to a small yet enchanting campground. Notably, the campground restricts towed units (vehicle plus unit) and RVs exceeding 21 feet, ensuring an intimate and tranquil camping experience. Amidst the sheltering embrace of trees, Sprague Creek Campground provides a refreshing escape with shaded spaces, offering respite from the warmth of summer. Some lucky campers occupying sites near the shore are treated to unobstructed views of the picturesque Lake McDonald, adding an extra layer of scenic delight to their stay.

Why You’ll Love Sprague Creek Campground

To secure a spot within this idyllic setting, reservations are a prerequisite for camping at Sprague Creek Campground, underscoring its popularity among visitors seeking a connection with nature. While reveling in the natural surroundings, campers can explore the amenities and activities available nearby, including the historic Lake McDonald Lodge located approximately a mile away. Here, a camp store, restaurant, gift shop, and various tour options, such as boat tours and horse rides, contribute to a well-rounded and enjoyable camping experience. For those eager to delve into the educational aspect of the park, evening programs led by rangers are conveniently hosted at nearby Apgar and Fish Creek Campgrounds.

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Two Medicine Campground

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As the camping season extends into late September, Two Medicine transforms into a haven for primitive camping, albeit without the convenience of running water or flush toilets. The campground caters to a diverse range of campers, including those with larger rigs, as 10 sites can accommodate RVs or truck and trailer combinations up to 35 feet in length. To secure a spot amidst this natural haven, advanced reservations are a prerequisite, underscoring the popularity of Two Medicine as a sought-after destination within Glacier National Park.

Why You’ll Love Two Medicine Campground

Situated roughly 13 miles from East Glacier, Two Medicine beckons campers with its serene ambiance and convenient access to various recreational activities. Within the campground, the majority of sites benefit from the shade provided by towering trees, fostering a pleasant atmosphere and affording campers a degree of privacy from their fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Embracing the natural beauty of the locale, Two Medicine also offers boat tours and Red Bus tours, providing campers with opportunities to explore the stunning surroundings in different ways. Enthusiastic hikers can embark on numerous day hiking adventures, with options ranging from scenic trails to the handicap-accessible path leading to the captivating Running Eagle Falls.

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San-Suz-Ed RV Park and Bed & Breakfast

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Located only two miles west of Glacier, Monta, these campsites are the perfect spot to experience the beauty of Glacier tiol Park. You’ll feel right at home with the sense of community at San-Suz-Ed RV Park. You can enjoy the nightly campfire, or fresh cinmon rolls and pies, and can feel free to ask for insight on the local attractions.

Why You’ll Love San-Suz-Ed RV Park and Bed & Breakfast

The big-rig friendly RV sites are surrounded by forest growth that provides shade and the enjoyment of the forest critters. You’ll be able to swap stories with your fellow campers at the nightly campfires, connect with ture, and grow closer to your family during your stay. And of course, you’ll also be able to explore all that the grand Glacier tiol Park has to offer!

What People Are Saying About San-Suz-Ed RV Park and Bed & Breakfast

“We had a good time last year. Everybody was very nice. Very clean.” – Sanne, Google reviews

“Very nice owner. Great services. Beautiful spot to camp.” – Wendy, Google reviews

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North American RV Park & Yurt Village Passport America Logo

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Nestled in the town of Coram, North American RV Park & Yurt Village is only about 30 miles from Kalispell. This RV park is big rig-friendly and can accommodate campers up to 60 feet in total length. Since the rates are so reasonable, you may decide to make this your long-term headquarters.

Why You’ll Love North American RV Park & Yurt Village

You’ll appreciate North American RV Park & Yurt Village because it is a clean, comfortable park surrounded by beautiful scenery. This RV park near Kalispell is a great base camp for exploring Glacier National Park. If you ever need to stock up on essentials, just head to the on-site convenience store.

What People Are Saying About North American RV Park & Yurt Village

“Loving it here! What a stunningly gorgeous area and the owners and staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Looking forward to our summer stay and if you’re looking to be in a great place to enjoy the surrounding beauty of Glacier National Park, look no further!” – Tina, Google Review

“A nice place to relax. It’s very close to Glacier National Park, the rates are great, and the restrooms are sparkling clean.” – Jorge, Google Review

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In Summary

Glacier National Park, and Montana as a whole, really are an RV camper’s dream destination. The scenery and incredible hiking trails make Glacier National Park a bucket list item, and with Yellowstone National Park just to the south, you could easily combine the two for the trip of a lifetime. If you’d prefer to head north, crossing over into Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park will also bring astounding scenery.

The area is covered in campgrounds and RV parks on all sides of Glacier National Park. Whether you want to go north, south, east, or west, there’s a campground that’s ideally located for your itinerary. You also have access to a great range of campgrounds, from resort-like RV parks to rustic but awe-inspiring campgrounds within the national park.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation in the Big Sky state.

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