RV Tow Bars – How To Select The Best One For Your RV


Most people who RV in a motorhome will likely want to tow a small car behind them. Such a car is wonderful for saving on gas if you do a lot of driving around town, and makes trips to the grocery store and other day-to-day errands much easier to handle.

That said, getting your little car (or “toad”) set up to be towed behind your motorhome before hitting the road the first time can be a bit of a hassle. 

There are two common ways to tow a car behind a motorhome. One way is to use a dolly and tow with two wheels on the ground. However, the option that’s considered more convenient by many RVers is referred to as “flat towing”. This method requires a car that is equipped for flat towing—not all cars are—as well as a good tow bar, among other things. 

Today we are going to focus on finding that good quality tow bar. If you’re in the process of shopping for this important piece of equipment, have we ever got the article for you!

What to Look For in RV Tow Bars

Wondering what you should be looking for in a tow bar? There are several things that can factor into the decision-making process, and those who have towed cars before may have some pretty firm opinions on these things. That said, there are only a few key things that you should be focused on:

Towed Vehicle Weight Rating

Obviously, you’ll need an RV tow bar that can handle the weight of the vehicle you’ll be towing. Therefore, you will want to keep an eye on the towed vehicle weight rating of the bar you plan to purchase, and compare it to the weight of your vehicle. 

Weight of the Bar

Of course, you may also want to consider the weight of the RV car tow bar itself. After all, you will have to lift the bar, and having one that is too heavy to lift is going to prove pretty difficult to work with. 

Bar Material

Always consider the material a tow bar for an RV is made from. Generally speaking, steel and aluminum bars are going to be the toughest on the market, meaning these are the tow bars that will last for years to come. 

Cables, Wires, and/or Cable Protection

Some tow bars for RVs come equipped with the cables and wires needed to tow your car safely. Others require that you purchase such items separately. Consider whether it’s important to you that the cables and wires are included, and whichever way you go, make sure the tow bar includes cable protection that will keep your cables from being damaged en route. 

Non-Binding Latch

Finally, a feature that many RVers look for is a “non-binding latch”. Currently, this is only available on Roadmaster tow bars, meaning shopping for this feature narrows your options quite a bit. That said, this option is well worth seeking out, as it allows the user to unhitch their vehicle no matter what sort of incline they may be parked on—something no other brand of tow bar allows. 

Finding the Best RV Tow Bar for You

Even with all the information provided above, sometimes it’s easiest to have someone take the legwork out of the shopping experience and give you some names to look for. Below is a collection of the very best car tow bars for RVs that are currently available for purchase. Choose one of these and you’re sure to be a happy camper.

Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain

Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain, in our opinion, is the best tow bar on the market. It is made of a wonderful, heavy-duty aluminum and can tow a hefty 8,000 lbs. The tow bar weighs only 35 lbs and all cables and wires are included. The Roadmaster non-binding Freedom Latch does come standard on this model as well. 

Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 All-Terrain

Another great option that also includes that amazing Freedom Latch, the Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 All-Terrain is the ideal tow bar for those who need to tow a heavier vehicle. It is made of steel and can tow an astounding 10,000 lbs. At 42 lbs itself, the bar is a bit heavier than others, but this is to be expected from such a tough piece of equipment. No cables or wires are included, but there are protectors for the cables. 

Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain

For those on a budget, the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain may be a good option. This tow bar for an RV only carries up to 6,000 lbs, but that is plenty for most small cars. Also made of steel, this bar weighs in at 38 lbs and also includes the coveted Freedom Latch. Cables and wires are not included, but cable protectors are.

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