Top 10 RV Storage Facilities in Brewton, AL

Since Brewton is in Southern Alabama, its residents enjoy warm temperatures throughout the year. RV owners can store their vehicles without worrying about the effects of ice and snow. While most Brewton RV self-storage facilities offer outdoor parking, you can also find an indoor or covered space.

Brewton is not far from Mobile where storage companies are plentiful; you can also look for RV storage along Mobile Bay’s eastern shore. In nearby towns like Evergreen, Stapleton, and Enterprise, you can get good service at very professional and secure RV storage locations. Check out the Brewton, Alabama, RV storage rates at the top 10 facilities in the area.

1. Climate Control Storage

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For reliable outside RV storage near Brewton, try Climate Control Storage in Evergreen, Alabama. You can reach this small town by driving a few miles north from Brewton on U.S. Highway 31. This storage facility is a top-quality extension of Wolff Properties, Inc., and they offer extended access hours for your convenience.

Why You’ll Love Climate Control Storage

The units and parking spaces at this facility are monitored at all times to keep your belongings safe. With 20- by 40-foot pull-through spaces on the lot, you can park your large motorhome with ease. A 100-foot ceiling protects your vehicle from rain, hail, and damaging sun exposure.

Climate Control Storage Rates

$75 monthly for a 20- by 40-foot covered parking space

Climate Control Storage Information

Address: 101 Jackson Street, Evergreen, AL 36401
Phone: (877) 449-0987 or (251) 513-7384
Email: [email protected]

Climate Control Storage’s website

Office Hours:
Daily, 9 AM-6 PM

Access Hours:
Daily, 5 AM-11:59 PM

2. AAA Storage

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Both outdoor and indoor RV storage near Brewton, AL, can be found in Enterprise. Just travel east past Andalusia, and you’ll come to this small town that has three AAA Storage locations. A good variety of unit types and sizes ensures that you will find a spot for your RV.

Why You’ll Love AAA Storage

If you can’t get what you need at one AAA Storage location, then you can look for it at the other two. Each branch has a large number of units and parking spaces. Whether you want covered, uncovered, or fully enclosed RV storage, this company can provide it for a reasonable rate.

AAA Storage Rates

$26 a month for a 30-foot outdoor space
$37 a month for a 50-foot outdoor space

$53 a month for a 15- by 25-foot open-end space (power available)
$79 a month for a 15- by 37.5-foot open-end space (power available)
$105 a month for a 15- by 50-foot open-end space (power available)
$100 a month for a 15- by 35-foot space (with swing gate)
$137 a month for a 15- by 50-foot space (with swing gate)

$89 a month for a 15- by 25-foot space (with roll-up door)
$116 a month for a 15- by 37-foot space (with roll-up door)
$158 a month for a 15- by 50-foot space (with roll-up door)
$250 a month for a 15- by 50-foot space (with power and lights)
$350 a month for a 25- by 50-foot space (with power and lights)

AAA Storage Information

1232 Geneva Highway, Enterprise, AL 36330 (South Side)
1715 Rucker Boulevard, Enterprise, AL 36330 (East Side)
4021 Salem Road, Enterprise, AL 36330 (North Side)

(334) 308-1990 – South Side
(334) 308-1500 – East Side
(334) 347-3555 – North Side

[email protected] (Geneva Highway location)
[email protected] (Rucker Boulevard location)
[email protected] (Salem Road location)
AAA Storage’s website

Office Hours:
East Side
Daily, 8 AM-5 PM

North and South Sides
Mon.-Fri., 8 AM-5 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Access Hours: 24/7

3. S & B RV Storage

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Since 2006, this facility in Robertsdale near Brewton has been serving Southern Alabama’s RV owners with large, indoor units. Locals like to have a safe place to park their trailers in case a hurricane blows through the area. You can obtain access to your RV by keypad entry at any time during the day or night.

Why You’ll Love S & B Storage

Even the longest RVs will fit into the enclosed units at S & B Storage; the ceilings are high to make room for your camper. Once you close the automatic roll-up door, you can rest assured that your vehicle is protected by surveillance cameras. The entire facility is fenced-in and gated.

S & B Storage Rates

Contact the company for rates.

S & B Storage Information

Address: 22955 McAuliffe Drive, Robertsdale, AL 36567-3291
Phone: (251) 947-1685
Email: [email protected]
S & B Storage’s website

Access Hours: 24/7

4. A-1 Mini Storage

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For basic RV storage near Brewton, try A-1 Mini Storage in Stapleton, Alabama. The drive from Brewton to this small community is worthwhile because A-1 Mini Storage offers extra security. In addition to surveillance cameras, the complex has a manager who lives on-site and monitors the property consistently.

Why You’ll Love A-1 Mini Storage

The parking spaces at A-1 Mini Storage vary in size so that you can find one that meets your needs. The recreation areas in the vicinity of Stapleton invite you to do some traveling locally. In fact, you may wish to make your tour statewide so that you can see some of Alabama’s best attractions.

A-1 Mini Storage Rates

Contact the company for rates.

A-1 Mini Storage Information

Address: 56454 Highway 59, Stapleton, AL 36578
Phone: (251) 243-0218 or (251) 937-8374
A-1 Mini Storage’s website

Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-6 PM
Sat., 9 AM-Noon
Closed Sunday

Access Hours: 24/7

5. East Bay Mini Storage

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Alabama’s Eastern Shore is within driving distance of Brewton and has lots of indoor and outdoor RV storage. East Bay Mini Storage, a well-known business in the area, has been family owned and operated since 1979. Although they have storage facilities in several Baldwin County towns, the main location is in Daphne.

Why You’ll Love East Bay Mini Storage

This company has units for your RV that are as big as 20 by 50 feet. The grounds are fenced-in and equipped with security cameras to make sure that your property stays secure. When you’re ready to travel, you’ll have your choice of campgrounds in Alabama that provide comfortable sites.

East Bay Mini Storage Rates

Contact the company for rates.

East Bay Mini Storage Information

Address: 28250 U.S. Highway 98, Daphne, AL 36526
Phone: (251) 626-7776
East Bay Mini Storage’s website

Access Hours: 24/7

6. Safe Harbour Mini Storage

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In Spanish Fort, along the Alabama eastern shore, is this locally-owned storage facility where friendly service is the priority. You can reach it by heading southwest from Brewton. When you arrive, you can park your RV in one of the 60 spaces that are well-maintained and closely monitored.

Why You’ll Love Safe Harbour Mini Storage

Your RV storage cost in Brewton, AL, doesn’t have to break the bank. At Safe Harbour Mini Storage, you’ll get a reasonably-priced parking spot that you can back into easily. Although they’re uncovered, the spaces are wide enough to prevent your RV from getting dented by your neighboring renters.

Safe Harbour Mini Storage Rates

$30 a month for an outdoor space (uncovered)

Safe Harbour Mini Storage

Address: 31756 Buzbee Road, Spanish Fort, AL 36527
Phone: (251) 625-2590 or (251) 288-5139
Safe Harbour Mini Storage’s website

7. Countryman’s Marine & RV

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Covered RV storage in Brewton is not a problem at Countryman’s Marine & RV in Foley; you can even opt for a unit that is completely enclosed. You can also go for an uncovered parking spot on White Rock where you’ll have extra space. This well-kept storage facility is both clean and secure.

Why You’ll Love Countryman’s Marine & RV

Your choices are many at this high-quality facility. You may want a concrete pad that is enclosed on three sides or an inside bay with a roll-up door. Every unit except the open parking spaces has electricity available. You’ll also have access to wash bays and dump stations.

Countryman’s Marine & RV Rates

Contact the company for rates.

Countryman’s Marine & RV Information

Address: 15705 North Juniper Street, Foley, AL 36535
Phone: (251) 943-0330
Email: [email protected]
Countryman’s Marine & RV website

Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri., 8 AM-5 PM
Sat., 9AM-1 PM
Closed Sunday

8. County Road 64 Storage

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By driving to Daphne, you can get all that you need from an RV storage facility in Brewton, Alabama. At County Road 64 Storage, tell the manager what you want, and you’ll get great customer service and full-time security monitoring of your vehicle. Regardless of the type of space that you choose, you’ll enjoy dealing with the personable staff.

Why You’ll Love County Road 64 Storage

If you keep your RV in an enclosed unit at this facility, you can simply drive up to the door. Even in the middle of the night, you can check on your vehicle in a safe environment. The RVs that are stored outside on the gravel get the same level of security as the indoor units.

County Road 64 Storage Rates

$50 a month for a gravel space (uncovered)
$180 a month for a 12- by 30-foot indoor unit

County Road 64 Storage Information

Address: 10870 County Road 64, Daphne, AL 36526
Phone: (251) 625-6622
Email: [email protected]
County Road 64 Storage’s website

9. 59Storage LLC

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The town of Robertsdale to the southwest of Brewton has good storage facilities for recreational vehicles. This company offers both long-term and temporary rental spaces. For added security, 59Storage LLC uses night-vision cameras and limits access to the daylight hours.

Why You’ll Love 59Storage LLC

You can’t miss this spacious facility that sits behind a feed store on a busy road. At 59Storage in Central Baldwin County, the grounds are clean and secure with plenty of land. You’ll get friendly, helpful service and a very large parking space for your RV.

59Storage LLC Rates

$35 a month for a 20- by 75- by 20-foot outdoor space (uncovered)

59Storage LLC Information

Address: 21417 Annandale Drive, Robertsdale, AL 36567
Phone: (251) 947-3099
Email: [email protected]
59Storage LLC’s website

Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-5 PM
Sat., 9 AM-3 PM
Sun., 1-5 PM

Access Hours:
Mon.-Sat., 9 AM-5:30 PM
Sun., 1-5:30 PM

10. Climate Masters Self Storage

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Interstate 65 goes straight to Saraland just north of Mobile, and so you can get to Saraland from Brewton in a little over an hour. If you need RV storage, then look for it at Climate Masters Self Storage. This facility offers parking for campers that are up to 38-feet long.

Why You’ll Love Climate Masters Self Storage

With a fence, electronic gate, lights, and several video cameras, Climate Masters Self Storage is a safe place for your RV. The company gives discounts to seniors, students, and active military personnel. The outdoor vehicle-storage area features gravel spaces that provide lots of room for your motorhome.

Climate Masters Self Storage Rates

$55 a month for a 10- by 12-foot gravel space (uncovered)
$60 a month for a 12- by 38-foot gravel space (uncovered)

Climate Masters Self Storage Information

Address: 425 Saraland Boulevard South, Saraland, AL 36571
Phone: (251) 675-6150
Climate Masters Self Storage’s website

Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-5 PM
Sat., 9 AM-2 PM
Closed Sunday

Access Hours:
Daily, 6 AM-10 PM

Your personal preferences matter when you’re looking for RV storage. In Brewton, Alabama, and its surrounding towns, storage facilities offer everything from indoor, enclosed units to spacious gravel parking spots. Many storage companies expect you to have insurance on your vehicle, and some will help you to get a low premium.

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