RV Features that Renters are Looking For in their Rental

RV Owners

Thinking of putting your RV up on the peer-to-peer rental market? It’s a great decision — you’ll earn money back on your investment and get to meet like-minded, adventurous campers along the way!

Of course, if you don’t have the largest or most luxurious rig in the world, you might be a little worried about your prospects. But relax: There’s a renter out there for every type, shape, and size of vehicle!

That said, there are certain amenities that many travelers have on their RV rental bucket list, like flat-screen TV sets and outdoor grills. If your rig features these extras, you might have better luck finding renters more frequently than you would otherwise. (But once again, don’t worry: many of these are totally optional and there are easy, inexpensive ways to upgrade your interior space even if it’s small!)

Best RV Features

So, does your rig measure up?

Here’s what savvy renters might be told to look for when renting an RV.

1. Slide-outs

If you’ve got a Class A diesel pusher up for rent, chances are your renters are hoping to find a capacious rig for a big family (or just a luxurious getaway for a couple). Slide-outs go a long way toward making a small space feel much more liveable!

Of course, slide-outs can also create mechanical problems and leaks… so if your rig doesn’t have any, you can play up the fact that it’s one less thing to worry about on the road.

2. Spacious and functional RV bathrooms

No matter what other amenities your RV features, it sure is nice to have a nice place to go when you’ve gotta, well, go.

Renters love seeing RVs with separate showers and toilets as opposed to cramped wet/dry cabinets — although if you’re renting a Class B or a sleeper van, having a shower at all definitely counts as top-notch on amenities!

If you’ve got a larger Class A or Class C rig, though, the nicer the bathroom, the better. Some rigs even come with bathtubs! You can also make any RV bathroom nicer simply by adding some well-thought-out decorative touches, like a matching towel set, a cozy bathmat, or decorative plants. (Artificial is just fine!)

3. Inclusive RV kitchens with lots of storage

Sure, a camper can get by with a mini fridge and a microwave… but if your RV kitchen’s got a stove range, oven, and lots of cabinet space, all the better. After all, creating gourmet meals from scratch — instead of eating gas station junk food — is one of the most attractive parts of this style of travel!

Of course, upgrading your RV kitchen is a large and expensive project. So if your galley could use some love, consider sprucing it up with something more affordable, like an Instant Pot, which will give your renters tons of cooking capacity they’d otherwise be lacking. And no matter what, make sure you have a working coffee maker on board!

Luxury RV Features

Some renters just want a little bit extra. Here are a few RV luxuries that may be on their list.

4. Flat-screen TVs

In this day and age, having high-tech televisions is almost a must. But fortunately, the ubiquity of this technology means it’s more affordable than ever. For instance, this 24-inch 2014 Samsung UN24H4000 24-Inch 720p LED TV is less than $150, and the perfect size for an RV bedroom.

And don’t worry: mounting a TV (or anything else) on your rig’s interior walls isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here’s how.

5. Outdoor entertainment setups

Many newer RV models now come with outdoor entertainment and cooking setups, complete with TVs, mini-fridges, sinks, and sometimes even electrical stove tops. It makes spending time outside that much more convenient and fun.

Of course, if your rig doesn’t include these luxurious gadgets, you can always add a quick fix like a portable grill, large cooler, a quality outdoor floor tarp, and folding outdoor furniture. Simply stow them in the under-carriage storage, and presto: Instant outdoor entertainment system included!

6. On-board laundry facilities

No one wants to spend precious vacation hours sweating in a laundromat somewhere.

That’s why RV washers and dryers are one of the best luxury features a rental rig can have. The ability to wash clothes means renters don’t have to worry about packing their entire wardrobe… or turning their vacation into laundromat tourism.

Psst — if you’re thinking of adding a washer and dryer to your RV, check out our guide to buying one here.

RV Safety Features

Obviously, no matter how luxurious or simple your RV is, one of the most important qualities it can have is safety and roadworthiness. Always ensure you’ve checked your RV’s fluids, tire pressure, and all other systems before you rent it out to any traveler. Even with the best insurance in the business, nobody wants to deal with the fallout of an accident… to say nothing of the fact that people could be hurt (and vacations could be ruined)!

Always check your user manual or guide to ensure that you’ve performed all the necessary checks and preventative maintenance on your rig before you rent it out.

RV Options and Features

Aside from the fancy add-ons listed above, there are some other RV features many campers are eager to see listed on a rental ad.

For instance, if your RV gets particularly great gas mileage, go ahead and advertise it! After all, some of the largest, most amenity-packed rigs get as little as 6 miles to the gallon, which can make for a seriously pricey trip. That’s a major selling point for your less-tricked-out rig, for sure.

Campers are also eager to rent unique vehicles that aren’t easily found on commercial rental fleets, such as VW sleeper vans, converted school buses, and other once-in-a-lifetime camping opportunities. It’s not always about having the biggest and fanciest rig — after all, in this industry, it’s all about the experience.

So no matter what kind of camper you have, good luck in your newfound rental business. We know you’ll find it rewarding… and we aren’t just talking about the money!

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