Meet the Owner Series: The Jones Family

At RVshare, our goal is to make RV travel a reality for everyone. Through transactional rental, we empower owners to become entrepreneurs, and renters to find adventure on the open road. Building a connection between RV owners and renters goes beyond a simple service – it is the foundation for memories made that will last a lifetime.

Today our spotlight is The Jones Family from Missouri!

Husband and wife

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a wife and mother of 7 wonderful children, 10 grandchildren. We bought our first RV 8/18 to use for ourselves with plans to rent it out to cover our payment. Our first rental went out 2 days after we purchased it. We were so successful we purchased our second RV 4/19. We have 22 5 Star reviews. We treat each renter like family. We have several repeat renters and many of our renters have come from a referral from a friend

Why did you decide to rent out your RV?

Originally to cover our payment and make a little money for us to travel with.

How many RVs do you rent out today?

Travel trailer

Travel trailer with slide outs extended

What is your favorite RV and why?

Jayco, because they are built strong with good craftsmanship. We have had no issues with ours.

Why did you choose to use RVshare?

My son’s friend was an RVShare owner and he said he was success his first year.

What advice would you give to new RV owners?

Go above and beyond for your renters and treat them like family. Yes, this is a business for us but we can still treat each renter like family and they will come back time after time as ours does.

What’s the biggest mistake you see first-time renters make?

When you are explaining all the aspects of the RV they are not paying attention because they think they know how to “camp”.

What has been your favorite RV trip and why?

NASCAR race in Kentucky and Kansas. We loved meeting other NASCAR fans.

What is your dream RV vacation?

Taking 6-8 weeks and seeing the USA from coast to coast. 

Thanks for sharing, Donna!

Family photo with about 20 people of all ages

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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