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When looking for luxury camping opportunities in Nevada, most people would probably head straight to the famous Las Vegas Strip. The Strip is an excellent location to get a taste of living in luxury, but there are also plenty of other opportunities to experience the same comfort all over the state of Nevada through luxury camping. Because Nevada is located in the Basin and Range Province, which is mostly desert and smaller mountains, the temperature can be alternately scorching and freezing, but the area provides plenty of opportunities that allow you to have fun without being bothered by the extreme temperatures.

A paved road marks a path through large red rock formations in a desert landscape.

Luxury RV Parks in Nevada

New Frontier RV Park

New Frontier RV Park, located in Winnemucca, is the perfect luxury RV park in Nevada for those who want a taste of the Wild West. Nevada is known for its red rocky mountains, but even if you don’t feel like hiking, New Frontier allows for plenty of ways to relax and unwind through a bird paradise, ghost towns, and absorbing the Basque culture. Events happen at this location every month, so it’s worth checking back often to see what’s on offer when looking for luxury campgrounds in Nevada.

Nevada Treasure RV Resort

Nevada Treasure RV Resort qualifies as a luxury campground in Nevada after being rated as the state’s finest. Also known as “The Jewel in the Desert,” the resort’s facilities include a two-level pool, family bowling, and electrical connections up to 50 amps for your RV. If you’re wondering where to find luxury RV camping in Nevada, check out this Pahrump resort; it’s important to mention that you can get the best deal with Nevada Treasure RV Resort when you sign up for rallies. Special guests who do so can participate in activities such as barbecue parties, wine tastings, tours through the infamous Death Valley, car racing events, and much more.

Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages

Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages is a great option when looking for luxury RV campgrounds. The amenities and scenic views are first-class, and the location of this resort is unbeatable for those who want to see fabulous Las Vegas, eat at 5-star restaurants, attend karaoke nights, try out ATV tag in the mountains, and more. If you are wondering where to find luxury RV camping in Nevada, Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages will provide you with a waffle and egg breakfast, catered dinners, new activities every month, and nearby golf clubs and ranches to visit. Although the Las Vegas Strip is a 55-minute drive from this resort, you can just stay at the luxury campground and play poker with fellow guests.

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort should be your chosen location for luxury camping in Nevada if you’re wanting to stay close to the famous Las Vegas Strip. If you love classic ’50s mob movies and culture, you’ll absolutely fall for this resort’s amazing Casablanca theme. The Las Vegas Strip is a wonderful destination, but if things get too wild or loud, you can easily relax at Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort while still being nearby when you’re ready to hit the craps table once more. They offer laundry facilities, a fitness center, a fully-stocked convenience store, and free showers. Take a tour of Sin City, spend some time at a nightclub, and then relax in the RV.

Welcome Station RV Park

Located in Wells, Welcome Station RV Park is the best introduction to the state of Nevada. Although most of the state provides a scenic red desert, you can get a taste of green at Welcome Station with its old-growth willow trees and a year-round running stream. This luxury RV park in Nevada boasts hot showers, picturesque picnic opportunities, clean bathrooms, and huge trees for shade alongside the barbecue area and fire pit. 

Iron Horse RV Resort

Iron Horse RV Resort, located in Elko, NV, is the luxury campground to choose for those looking for mature grass and landscaping in the middle of the Ruby Mountains. Historical tours and ghost towns are this resort’s strong points, so history buffs will adore Iron Horse the most. However, Coal Mine Canyon and Maggie Creek provide a great experience and adventure for those who wish to take the scenic route. Fishing opportunities in Elko are the best in the state, so for those wanting to catch fish from the shoreline or a boat, this resort has you covered.

Where to Luxury Camp in Nevada

Although many people visit Nevada to experience the extremely hot climate, plenty would be surprised to hear that there are several locations that feature a scenic grassy oasis. Because of these differing sceneries, you can experience a variety of outdoor activities, including some that you’ve never tried before. Experience the glitz of Las Vegas, the history of Boulder City, or live like a cowboy in the Wild West.

Luxury RV Camping in Nevada

The heat of Nevada may surprise some visitors the first time, so be prepared with plenty of things to combat dehydration like water and electrolyte drinks. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about luxury camping.

Visiting a luxury RV park is a way to go beyond your typical camping trip. These sites have beautiful amenities, some of which include tennis and basketball courts, spas and fitness centers, golf courses, upscale bathrooms, and much more. Expect fun events and comfortable accommodations that make your vacation feel luxurious and special. Rent a beautifully maintained, peer-owned RV from RVshare and enjoy one of these exclusive resorts.

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