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What would you do if you won the lottery? Many RVers are quick to answer that they would purchase a better motorhome or travel trailer—possibly even a luxury RV. That said, not many campers know what RV brand they might consider. Whether you’re simply daydreaming or are actually looking to upgrade your motorhome, we’re here to help you out!

There are a number of fantastic luxury RV brands out there, including Newmar, Airstream and Thor. These are some of our favorites, encompassing motorhome makers, campervans, and trailer companies. 

Top Luxury Motorhome Brands

First, let’s talk about luxury motorhomes. Many campers out there would choose a motorhome if money played no part in their decision-making, and most luxury RV brands are in the business of making motorhomes. Therefore, we had a tough time narrowing our options to the top luxury motorhome manufacturers.


While Newmar doesn’t list all of its RVs as “luxury” units, we think everything they have to offer is top-of-the-line. That said, those that they do list as “luxury” really shine. They are incredibly well-thought-out, and every single detail is just perfect. 

Of the Newmar luxury RVs, the “King Aire” is the most luxurious. This Class A motorhome features tasteful, modern decor, heated seating and floors, stainless steel appliances (including an enormous fridge), a bedroom fireplace, and more. 

Newell Coach

Newell Coach is another wonderful luxury RV manufacturer. This company builds custom motorcoaches that are sure to please even the most discerning of RVers, and also offers some brand new pre-built inventory for those who want their motorhome more quickly. 

Some of the options offered by Newell Coach include top-of-the-line entertainment systems, floor plans to suit every need, and appliances such as garbage disposals, induction cooktops, full-sized ovens, washers and dryers, and dishwashers. 


A smaller family-run business, Tiffin takes their time with each customer and motorhome, ensuring they only put out the best of the best. Still, the company manages to offer luxury at a slightly lower price than the other options listed, something many RVers appreciate.

Add-on features available from Tiffin include things like collision avoidance, in-dash navigation, a central vacuum cleaner, fireplaces, a two-door fridge, mattress upgrades, and more. 

Marchi Mobile

Marchi Mobile creates a seriously odd-looking motorhome. That said, the “eleMMent Palazzo Superior” is also the most luxurious motorhome on our list. 

This RV looks something like a spaceship and offers better stability and insulation than any other RV we’ve ever seen. With the push of a button, an automatic lift system raises up out of the body of the rig, creating a walled-in rooftop deck that is perfect for gathering with friends.

Campers can set different temperature zones throughout the rig, and little upgrades such as a wine cabinet, ice maker, and king-size bed ensure the user lives in comfort even in the middle of nowhere. 

Top Luxury Campervans

Full-size luxury van rentals can offer many of the same conveniences a motorhome or travel trailer does, with the added convenience of supreme drivability. Even a novice driver can navigate a luxury van down a narrow dirt road without too much trouble.


Thor is known for making excellent motorhomes, so it’s no surprise that they make top-of-the-line campervans as well. The brand’s Class B motorhomes include a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all in the small confines of an easily driveable campervan. 

Outside Van Approach

Outside Van specializes in converting Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans into campervans, with an eye towards getting way off the grid!

Large wheels with all-terrain tires on a 4×4 chassis mean these can be taken many places that a larger rig simply couldn’t go. A cabin divider allows campers to create rooms inside the van for more privacy. The van also has two sleeping platforms, a toilet, and a shower. 

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago is another brand known for its stellar motorhomes, so of course, it also makes some great campervans!

The Revel is also built on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and has 4WD to allow drivers more adventure possibilities. It has one double bed, which can be moved to store more stuff when the van is in transit. A wet bath means travelers don’t have to give up their shower while on the road. 

Top Luxury Trailer Brands

Of course, there’s no reason a travel trailer or fifth wheel can’t be luxurious too, and there are some luxury trailer brands on the market. In fact, some of the luxury trailers out there are really amazing, and we would definitely consider choosing one of these over a motorhome in certain situations. 

Here are our top luxury trailer picks. 


Perhaps the most well-known travel trailer company in the world, Airstream makes incredibly high-quality products that many people classify as luxury trailers. We do have to agree that the quality and comfort offered by an Airstream put it a step ahead of most, earning it the top mention on our luxury trailer list. 

One of the features you’ll find in Airstream trailers is what they call Smart Control Technology. This allows you to control the lights, awning, A/C, and heater from a distance. 

Other great features include stainless steel appliances, a heated shower floor and towel bar, handcrafted cabinetry, power blinds, and high-quality furnishings. 


A whole line of interesting-looking RVs, the Bowlus travel trailers are sure to catch your eye. These trailers are shiny like an Airstream, but with an unusual shape that we just love. 

Currently, Bowlus offers three trailer models. Some of the features found in these models include a Pet-Flex system that monitors temperatures when you leave pets in the trailer and includes slide-out pet bowls, a HEPA air filter with UVC, an incredible built-in water filtration system, GPS tracking, a smart brake controller, and more. 

Living Vehicle

Want the ability to go completely off-grid and do some eco-friendly camping? If so, the Living Vehicle trailer is the perfect option for you. This trailer was designed by a couple with the intention of creating a self-supporting sustainable mobile living space. 

This beautiful trailer includes everything you need to live off-grid, including a full solar setup, a 100-gallon freshwater tank, and a tankless water heater. There are also options to add more solar panels, onboard water filtering sterilization, and more. 


Finally, there is SpaceCraft. This company makes custom trailers that are absolutely incredible. The trailers are enormous, with some as long as 57 feet! Those bigger rigs require users to tow them with a semi.

Options in these trailers include king-size beds, huge refrigerators, washer and dryer units, multiple bedrooms, and more. Best of all, these trailers offer an incredible amount of space, something most RVers truly value.

What Makes an RV ‘Luxury’?

First, what is it that makes a rig a luxury RV? Honestly, there is no official definition for this term, meaning a luxury RV is whatever you want it to be.

That said, most people can agree that high-end RV brands offer products that are built better than the average rig, meaning it is very solid and will last for many years. Additionally, luxury RVs tend to use higher quality upholstery, flooring, furniture, and so on. This leads to a more comfortable, more durable space that feels…well, luxurious. 

The Features of a Luxury RV

Some of the features of a luxury RV might include:

  • High-quality flooring
  • Solid wood cabinets
  • Quality countertops 
  • High-end appliances
  • Extra plush upholstery
  • Solid wood furniture
  • High-quality mattresses
  • Special suspension features for a smoother ride
  • Self-leveling jacks
  • …etc.

Basically, anything that can be put in an RV to make travel life easier can be found in a luxury RV, but not every luxury RV will include all of those things. 

The Benefits of Luxury Motorhomes

Why would one need such a luxurious RV? Well, to be honest, nobody needs one of these rigs. That said, there are definitely benefits to having a more luxurious camping setup. 

These benefits include the following:

Better Build 

Generally speaking, higher-end RVs are built better. This means the materials used to build these rigs are stronger and less likely to break or become damaged. It also means more care was likely taken during the building process, leading to a stronger, sturdier construction that will last longer than a typical RV might. 

Higher Quality Furnishings

Luxury RVs also use higher-quality furnishings. The couches, beds, chairs, and other furniture items will likely outlast the furniture in a run-of-the-mill RV. Additionally, this furniture is likely to be more comfortable.

Luxurious Amenities

The amenities in luxury RVs can be absolutely out of this world. Heated floors, full-size bathtubs, intercom systems, marble countertops, and recessed ceilings are just a few of the amazing amenities you might find in one of these luxury rigs. These awesome features allow you to camp in style. 

More Comfortable Ride

Lastly, luxury RVs tend to offer a more comfortable ride than other motorhomes. Collision avoidance systems help keep you safe, high-end navigation systems make it easy to know where to go, and more comfortable seating means fewer backaches. 

The World of Luxury RV Rentals

Of course, if you’d like to experience a luxury RV without shelling out the money to purchase one, you can always rent! RVshare has plenty of luxury RVs and vans for rent, meaning you can choose the perfect RV for you and your situation. 

Why Rent a Luxury RV?

Not sure why you’d want to rent a luxury RV? There are actually a number of reasons to go this route. For one thing, renting a luxury RV allows you to experience what one of these rigs is actually like without dropping big bucks.

If you’re considering buying a luxury RV, this allows you to know exactly what you’re getting into before you sign up. And even if you don’t plan to buy a luxury RV for yourself, renting allows you to travel in one when you may not get the chance otherwise. 

Besides all of that, renting a luxury RV means you can travel in style. If you’re headed out on a very special trip, choosing to rent a luxury rig will allow you to rest easy knowing your trip will be as comfortable as possible. 

Finding the Best Luxury RV Rental for Your Needs

If you’ve decided you would like to rent a luxury RV but aren’t sure which one might be best for you, try to narrow your options down by asking yourself some questions. 

Do you prefer to drive the RV yourself? If so, a motorhome is probably for you. If you want something that is easy to drive and can fit into smaller spaces, a luxury travel van could be an even better pick. Meanwhile, those who wish to have the RV delivered might be better served by a luxury trailer of some sort. 

Are there specific amenities and features you’d like to have? If so, keep those in mind as you shop for a luxury RV rental. You’ll also want to look at floor plans and make sure you choose one that suits your party. 

Luxury RVs FAQs

Still have questions about luxury RVs? Not to worry, we’re here with the answers you seek. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions along with answers. 

How much is a luxury RV?

The answer to this question depends a lot on what you think qualifies as a luxury RV. For reference, some of the smallest Airstream trailers on the market sell for around $50K. Meanwhile, Marching Mobile sells a motorhome that costs around $3 million. We recommend letting your budget set the limits when it comes to choosing the right luxury RV for you. 

Who makes the best luxury motorhome?

Because everyone looks for different things when shopping for a motorhome, it is impossible for us to answer this question, really. You’re likely to be very happy purchasing from any one of the luxury motorhomes listed above, so take a look at the options put out by those brands and narrow your options from there. 

What is a top-of-the-line RV?

There is not one single “top-of-the-line” RV out there. Different people will have different opinions about which RV is the best of the best. Therefore, we recommend taking a look at the luxury RV brands listed above, taking a look at what they have to offer, and deciding which RV best suits your needs and wants. 

Conclusion: The Luxury RV Lifestyle

A luxury RV with plenty of room for multiple people is a thing of beauty for anyone looking to maximize every available moment of travel time and travel in total comfort. 

Of course, the reality is that most of us aren’t going to buy a fancy RV if we only need to use it occasionally or for one special event. The cost and responsibility associated with financing, storing, and maintaining such a luxurious and large vehicle is simply beyond the scope of what most of us are capable of.

The good news is that buying a luxury RV isn’t the only way to enjoy the prestige and fun of riding around in one. Whether you’re an individual planning a special occasion or you’re tasked with putting together a big event, a flashy and comfortable luxury RV rental is a perfect choice. You’ll definitely save money and cut down on hassles by renting an RV for your upcoming event.

Ready to try out the luxury RV life? Find thousands of luxury RV rentals near you with!