Luxury Camping in Nebraska

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If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then luxury RV parks in Nebraska may be just what you’re looking for. Nebraska’s Great Plains are anything but easy. Outside of the cities, you can explore some of Nebraska’s most beautiful natural destinations, like Scotts Bluff and Chimney Rock National Historic Site. But there’s so much more to do in Nebraska, like refueling (tubing on rivers), fishing at Lake McConaughy, hiking at Platte River State Park, or kayaking on the Niobrara River. For those looking for a unique and beautiful getaway, luxury RV campgrounds in Nebraska are a great option.

The sun rises over grassy hills with trees. A river meanders across the landscape.

Luxury RV Parks in Nebraska

The Victorian Acres RV Park

Victorian Acres RV Park in Nebraska is a beautiful campground where you can enjoy the natural scenery. There’s plenty of room for kids and dogs to run around, and there’s a dedicated playground. The large sites have full hookups and even laundry facilities, so guests won’t have to venture far from their sites or drive into town just to use some basic amenities. Come see the award-winning features of this park near Omaha.

Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins Nebraska

For those wondering where to find luxury RV camping in Nebraska, look no further than the Prairie Oasis Campground. Located in Henderson, NE, it is a great place to rest and to relax after a long day of travel. Friendly service, clean facilities, and plenty of recreational opportunities await you at Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins. With amenities like fishing in the small lake or free use of paddle boats on the water, there are many different activities for all ages. There is also an open recreation hall where groups can meet with seating for over 50 people and a coffeemaker, creating the perfect place to relax at any time of day.

Fishberry Campground & RV Park Nebraska

Fishberry Campground in Valentine is the perfect place to get back in touch with nature. All facilities are well-maintained, and there is a great choice of campsites, many of which are suitable for motorhomes. The outdoor seating areas offer wide views and a picnic pavilion that has been around since 1950. 

Walnut Creek Campground Nebraska

Walnut Creek Campground in Papillion is one of the few luxury RV campgrounds that has a “pack in, pack out” facility. This means that all trash and recyclables are packed out by the visitors themselves. The cleanliness is second to none, and the sites are beautiful too. Walnut Creek offers many amenities, including its own lake for fishing or swimming, large picnic areas, pet-friendly areas such as an off-leash dog park, and bike paths that can be used year-round since Nebraska weather is not too hot. There are also handicap-accessible amenities, such as a dock that is perfect for fishing, so you do not have to walk over uneven ground while carrying heavy gear to make your next catch.

Country View Campground Nebraska

When it comes to luxury campgrounds in Nebraska, Country View Campground in Ogallala is the perfect place for a getaway with family and friends. This luxury campground is consistently rated with five stars in reviews, making it one of the top five campgrounds in Nebraska. With many amenities like cable television and Wi-Fi, this site also accepts pets. For kids, there’s a state-of-the-art playground and a heated outdoor pool to cool off in after long days of exploring. 

Where to Luxury Camp in Nebraska

Nebraska has always been a destination for those looking to work the land, but this is not all that you’ll find in Nebraska. These days, Omaha and Lincoln are bustling metropolises with world-class culture waiting at every corner of their city limits. Nebraska also offers more rural lifestyles in places like Norfolk or Fairbury, where visitors can enjoy nature’s beauty without having to get too far from home. 

The Nebraska landscape is filled with natural wonders. One of the more notable sites in this area is Chimney Rock, a 480-feet-tall rock spire that was once noted as an important landmark for pioneers heading westward long ago. The Sandhills region of Nebraska also offers visitors scenic views and abundant lifeforms, like dunes that reach 300 feet high, along with grasslands and shallow lakes; the Sandhills area covers one-quarter of the state. If you’re looking for lush forests, expansive grasslands and prairie plants, and limestone bluffs overlooking riverbanks, Nebraska is paradise.

Luxury RV Camping in Nebraska

When you’re on the road, it’s important to stop and visit some of Nebraska’s small communities that are off the beaten path. The charm is genuine here – there won’t be any malls with chain stores or restaurants like everywhere else. 

While luxury RV sites in Nebraska are known for their amenities, there are still some things you should bring along on your trip. When packing for your camping trip, remember to bring lawn chairs and comfortable pillows for lounging around the campsite or campfire. An awning or a patio umbrella can provide protection from the sun and rain. Also, bring food that will hold up in hot weather because not every site has refrigerators. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about luxury camping.

Visiting a luxury RV park is a way to go beyond your typical camping trip. These sites have beautiful amenities, some of which include tennis and basketball courts, spas and fitness centers, golf courses, upscale bathrooms, and much more. Expect fun events and comfortable accommodations that make your vacation feel luxurious and special. Rent a beautifully maintained, peer-owned RV from RVshare and enjoy one of these exclusive resorts.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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