Which RV Would the Characters of Friends Stay In?

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Friends was one of the most watched and most popular sitcoms of the 90s and early 2000s. And even though it’s been almost 20 years since the series ended, it’s still one of the most loved TV shows today. But we realized that in all their adventures over 10 seasons, the group never took an epic RV trip. While they did road trip on their infamous Las Vegas adventure, it makes us wonder which type of RV the main characters from the show would choose if they had spent a weekend camping or RVing. So if the characters from Friends decided to leave New York for a few days and head out on an RV vacation, here’s what we think they would stay in.

Image from IMDB

Rachel + Ross = Class A

There’s plenty of room in a Class A, which is probably good for Rachel and Ross’ on-again-off-again relationship. There’s lots of space to host friends or spend time together, and also provides room to have their own area. You know, in case things happen when they were on a break! Ross would also like the planning and organizing involved in taking an RV trip with such a large rig. And Rachel would dig the amenities that typically come along with Class A’s. If you’re looking for something extra for your own road trip (or just need the extra space for someone you may or may not be together with) check out some Class A’s available for rent on RVshare.

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Monica + Chandler = Van Lifers

A van is great for those who love to explore and don’t want to be restricted by large RVs. Which is why we think Monica and Chandler would be an ideal couple for van life. Monica would make sure everything is perfectly organized and that the small space was optimized with everything they need. And while she could plan out every little detail of the trip, a van is small enough and easy to drive that they’d be able to hop in and go to any place that Chandler spontaneously feels like checking out last minute. Take a look at these great options if you want to try van life for yourself!

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Phoebe = Pop Up Camper

Out of everyone, we think Phoebe would totally be into the RV lifestyle. Her openness to new experiences and adventure would make camping in a pop up right up her alley. And with all the things that go along with RV life we’re sure she could find inspiration for a new song or two – maybe about a smelly raccoon or dealing with black tank issues? Either way, she’d be ready to go with her guitar around the campfire every night. If you’d like to try a hybrid between tent camping and RVing, a pop up camper like this one might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Joey = Owner Delivery

Joey heard that the rest of the group was getting RVs so booked the first one he found. Unfortunately for him it was a trailer, not a drivable rig – thankfully the owner offered delivery to their destination! This won’t happen to you though. RVshare makes it easy to search by drivable or towable RVs, and also by delivery options. Select the Destination Delivery button on the search page and you’ll only be shown RVs like this one and this one that can be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the campsite.

Even though the characters of Friends never took an RV trip, this summer is the perfect time to try one yourself. Ready to start your own adventure with your friends or family? Head over to RVshare.com to check out the great selection of RVs and trailers available for rent.