Fishing in Utah

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With its red-rock arches and snow-capped mountains, Utah is a camper’s dream. As you pack up the RV to visit this spectacular state, don’t forget your fishing gear because tucked between the mountains and cliffs, you’ll find a variety of rivers and reservoirs with excellent angling opportunities. From the majestic Lake Powell in the south to the tree-lined Bear Lake in the north, every corner of Utah is packed with good fishing spots. Before you go fishing in Utah, make sure to check the state regulations; everyone over the age of 12 needs a license, and certain locations have additional rules.

A deep blue lake skirts unique orange rock formations under a deep blue sky.

Fishing Spots in Utah

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is known for its stunning red-rock scenery and enormous size. It’s also a great place for fishing Utah for smallmouth, largemouth, and striped bass, and locals also like to fish for catfish. You’ll have the best luck if you rent a boat and head to the Colorado, San Juan, and Dirty Devil river inlets. On the Utah side, Bullfrog Marina in the town of Bullfrog is a convenient access point. As long as you have a Utah or Arizona fishing license, you can fish on both sides of the state line.

Green River

Load up your rods and waders, and head up to Flaming Gorge for some of the best fly-fishing in the state as it’s a hot spot for trout and kokanee salmon. Book a site at Cedar Springs Campground near the town of Dutch John, and you’ll be minutes from the Green River and Flaming Gorge Dam. Just below the dam, a local fishery stocks the river with enormous brown trout. Boats with motors are not allowed, but you can wade or bring a tube, and there are plenty of hiking trails along the shore, so it’s easy to access a quiet fishing hole. If you’re planning to fish on the Utah and Wyoming sides of the river, and you’re not a Utah resident, you must buy licenses in both states.

Fish Lake

The aptly named Fish Lake, which is located near Fremont and Burrville, is known for its year-round lake trout, splake, and rainbow trout fishing. Tucked high on the Fish Lake Hightop Plateau, it’s also a great spot for fishing camping in Utah. Stay at Mackinaw Campground, and you can walk right down to the water from your site. While it’s possible to fish from the shore, a boat will allow you to jig the deepwater lake trout habitats. This high-elevation lake freezes in the winter, so it’s a popular spot for ice fishing.

Bear Lake

Located in Northern Utah, Bear Lake spans the Utah-Idaho border. Fish from the shore near your campsite at Bear Lake State Park, or rent a boat at one of the local marinas in Laketown. If you’re trolling or jigging from a boat, it’s possible to catch enormous cutthroat trout and lake trout that weigh up to 30 pounds. If the lake freezes over in the winter, it’s a popular spot for ice fishing. You can fish on the Utah and Idaho sides of the lake as long as you have a fishing license from either state.

Logan River

If you’re looking for a quiet spot for river fishing, head up to the town of Logan to fly-fish the Logan River. With 30 miles of easily accessible blue-ribbon trout stream, it’s one of the best spots for fishing Utah. From Bridger Campground, head northeast on Highway 89. The road parallels the river, and you’ll find plenty of access points. Closer to Logan, there are three dams, each stocked with rainbow trout during the summer.

Where to Fish in Utah

Some of the best fishing in Utah is located along the borders of the state. If you’re near Idaho, check out Bear Lake and the Logan River. For a more remote, isolated experience, head to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area or Lake Powell in the south. If you’re wondering where to fish in Utah’s central regions, head to Fish Lake, Pineview Reservoir near Ogden, or Strawberry Reservoir east of Provo.

Camping and Fishing in Utah

Utah’s climate changes dramatically as you travel from north to south. In the lower elevations near St. George, you can fish year-round. In the north, snowmelt can make rivers inaccessible for most of May. It’s a good idea to check in with the local DNR office to find out about conditions before you go fishing camping in Utah. If you’re thinking of ice fishing in Fish Lake or Bear Lake, check the ice thickness, and make sure to wear plenty of layers. 

Since Utah offers excellent bait fishing, trolling, and fly-fishing, it’s a good idea to pack all your rods and waders. You never know when a local angler will clue you into some secret good fishing spots. Make sure to stock your tackle box with caddisflies for trout fishing in the northern parts of the state. 

If you’re fishing by boat or in a remote location, like the Green River, always keep a cooler on hand to keep your catch fresh. When you’re prepared for long days on the water, you can enjoy Utah’s exceptional scenery without running back to camp. Before you head out on your fishing Utah trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about fishing.

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