Creating Family Memories: Our RVshare + Hipcamp Experience

Renting an RV

There is nothing like waking up to the sounds of nature. To the light of the sun as it raises through the trees, to the birds chirping, or the flow of a nearby stream. I didn’t grow up in a camping family so it wasn’t until my late twenties when my husband and I converted a bus to travel the country that I discovered what that feeling was like. What it felt like to drive down a dirt road with the windows down, and the wind flowing through the lush green scenery all around you. Or what it was like to have a little home with you in the middle of the forest. I fell in love with being one with the outdoors, and since I’ve been on a mission to share it with the world. 

We can all benefit from slowing down, going offline, and outside. As someone who has come to deeply cherish these moments, and believes that quality time with our loved ones is invaluable I’ve longed to find a way to share my new world and its magic with my family. So, let me tell you about our latest, greatest adventure; introducing my parents to RV camping with RVshare x Hipcamp!

We wanted this new adventure to be easy for our guests, after-all they were complete newbies and we know how intimidating it can be to venture into the RV and camping world. So, we opted for an RV rental from RVshare that could do delivery. We picked a secluded and private campground through Hipcamp and The Rocky Mountain National Park as our destination. What followed were days of pure bliss, joy, and connection.

Choosing the Perfect RV for Our Family from RVshare

Picking the right RV for our family was one of the most important steps. After all, we know what it’s like to live in one and understand how a layout and amenities can break or make your experience. Picking the right RV comes down to understanding the difference between your  “Must haves”, and your “Nice to haves”.  The RV selection process comes down to a series of key questions, the answers narrow down your search and lead you to your best match. Navigating the vast inventory of different RV classes, styles, and types is less intimidating when you understand what you want.

The Booking Process: Drive, Tow or Delivery?

Our first big question was whether we would get a drivable or pull-behind RV. There are big pros and cons to each. A driveable RV like a campervan or a Class C offers the freedom of the open road but comprises some key amenities like a spacious bathroom. But first, you have to decide, do you feel comfortable driving an RV? In our case, our guests didn’t feel comfortable driving an RV without previous experience. Driving an RV is an intimidating process but luckily it’s not the only option!  That’s how we arrived in the tow behind category and how we quickly realized that delivery would be the best option for our group. Delivery eliminates the nerves of driving any sort of RV and in our case having to rent a car that could tow a trailer. Making the RV rental experience not much different than checking in to a hotel. 

Tips for a Successful RV Delivery Experience: Before booking an RV for delivery make sure you pay attention to the range of miles the owner covers with this service. You’ll want to make sure your destination is within those miles to avoid additional fees or complications.

woman sitting outside travel trailer in her phone

Layout and Amenities?

Next up was deciding what RV set-up would be the best for our group. Knowing my parents were newbies to the RV experience we knew from the start that a comfortable space was key. A full bathroom and a fixed bed were on our priority list so we started searching under those markers. Some sort of dining space was also important to ensure we could share dinners. The best way to make sure you get what you want and need from the layout and amenities of an RV is to envision how you are going to use the space. Will you be cooking and spending time in the RV? Or is it more of a headquarters for sleep and adventures? Once we understood our preferences we started our booking search and landed on a travel trailer. To ensure this was a good fit we messaged the owner with our remaining questions. Upon chatting more with the owners we knew the travel trailer was our best match so we went ahead and booked our RV rental! 

Tip: Don’t hesitate to reach out to the owners of your top choices with additional questions! They are the best resource for you. They know their RV the best and they can guide you through any doubts.

Booking a Campground – with Hipcamp!

Quickly after selecting Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park for our destination, we realized we found ourselves in a pickle. With a highly trafficked international airport and a popular national park, we realized our options would be limited. Campgrounds in the area are booked not days but months if not years in advance. We were looking to introduce my parents to camping not crowded and overpriced campgrounds. Our solution was a campsite from Hipcamp

Hipcamp connects you to camping sites on private land. It offers unique campsites and outdoor experiences that make it easy to find the perfect campground. We wanted a mix of nature, seclusion, and comfort in the form of hook-ups and we found exactly that! It was the perfect way to blend both worlds.  To find the best site we filtered through RV sites, the location, and the dates. We made sure to reach out to our top three sites with further questions on what we could expect and read all the reviews. The process was easy and so much more affordable.

family outside RVs camping

We spent $70 a night on a private site for two RVs that were secluded and immersed in nature. Comparative campgrounds in the area had a price tag of $80 a night per RV. Additionally, the site had a great location, only 40 minutes away from the National Park, out of the city but nearby a variety of options for adventures and dining.  

Unlike a crowded and pricey RV park, our HipCamp site offered a serene and private place for us to set camp, share the space and connect while not having to worry about things like power for the RV. As first timers you simply don’t understand how much water/energy you need and use daily. Having the hook-ups available was the perfect peace of mind allowing them to just focus on enjoying their experience. We had some 90-degree days, and being plugged in meant they could run the AC!

Rent, Relax and Roam

Once we had the RV rental and HipCamp booked all we had to do was share the address with our RV owner, coordinate drop-off time and get ready for the adventure! Delivery day was smooth and easy, the owners set up the RV for us and did all the heavy lifting including hooking up to power and water, extending the slide-outs, stabilizing the RV, and walking us through the controls. We got to enjoy the RV without any of the hard work. Since we opted for delivery we also didn’t have to worry about emptying the grey and black water tank. We just had to make sure we didn’t overfill the tanks (since we didn’t have a dump station on site) which was easy to monitor through the control panels. 

woman standing at RV door looking at chickens

About Our Trip

With the RV settled in our campsite, all that was left was to enjoy our trip!  We spent our days split between hanging on the campsite and going on adventures. Having our own space made it easy to get comfortable and make the most of our time at camp. We played board games, cooked meals together, and shared stories around the campfire. One of the fun perks of our site was having some fun neighbors… chickens! We had a blast watching them roam around and having them visit the camp. Surrounded by trees, wildlife, and a little stream it was easy to disconnect and enjoy our time together. 

Adventuring in the area was easy and so much fun. We got to visit Rocky Mountain National Park for multiple days, driving through the park and going on small hikes. With nearby forests and Thompson Canyon just minutes from our site, we had a variety of outdoor activities at our fingertips. We spent lots of our time outdoors, watching wildlife and creating lifelong memories. What made it even sweeter was ending the adventures back in camp, with everything we needed tucked between the trees. 

picture collage, mountains, wildlife and campfire

We can’t wait to do it again!

Our first camping experience as a family was nothing short of extraordinary. It brought us closer together, created cherished memories, and opened up a whole new world of adventure. From the excitement of getting the RV delivered to the joy of exploring a stunning National Park, every moment was filled with laughter and discovery. We learned the importance of selecting the right RV for your group, finding the perfect campsite, and embracing life outdoors. This unique version of a family vacation allowed us to disconnect from our daily routines and reconnect with nature and each other. The convenience, comfort, and flexibility of having an RV rental delivered surpassed our expectations. We couldn’t recommend this option more for all first-timers looking to try RVing! 

My family loved their RVshare rental and Hipcamp experience so much, we are already planning our next one! Hope our experience inspires YOU to get started planning your RV adventures. When you are ready, head to RVshare and Hipcamp to discover a new and powerful way to vacation with your family. 

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Happy travels!