The Best Shoes for Different Types of Travel

Published on June 13th, 2022

Most RVs and trailers have minimal closet space – which means you’ll need to carefully consider what you bring so it will fit! Shoes are one of those things where the wrong pair can make for a miserable trip, but they also take up a lot of room. So how do you make sure you bring the right pairs without wasting precious storage space? We’ve rounded up some of the best travel shoes for different types of RVing, so you’ll always know what to pack.

City Exploration

If your idea of a fantastic road trip is visiting new towns and cities, you’ll need a comfortable pair shoes to do your sightseeing. The great news is that there are tons of options for this type of travel. Cute flats, tennis shoes, sneakers, and street shoes are all excellent types of footwear for wandering city streets and popping into shops, museums, or restaurants. If you’re looking for some cute walking shoes for women, these are a great option. And depending on how casual your trip is a great pair of sneakers will do, or if you’re dressing up for several nice dinners or excursions, a pair of fancier dress shoes or heels could even be on your list.


Hiking and RVing go hand in hand. And there’s no shortage of great hiking boots and shoes for men and women. Find something that is comfortable and fits your hiking needs. Hiking boots like these are great if you need ankle support while hiking through the mountains. Hiking sandals are fantastic if you’ll be crossing streams or rivers on your explorations. And hiking shoes are a great middle option. Find a style that works for you and meets your hiking needs.

Wet Climates

If you’re going to be RVing in areas where it’s wet and rainy, a pair of waterproof shoes or boots is essential. Rv parks and campground especially can get muddy when it rains, so a pair of rubber rain boots can be a great option for footwear that can easily be washed off. If you have kids, these are extra helpful and easy to slip off before coming into the RV and tracking mud everywhere. These are a nice option for adults, and these are cute and fun options for kids.


Sightseeing is another fantastic reason to RV. You’re easily able to get to some of the cool and exciting places to explore. This usually means a lot of walking, so a great pair of sneakers is a must. Similar to what you would need for city exploring (you could wear the same shoes for both which makes it great for RVing when you don’t have a lot of closet space for extra footwear.) Again, sneakers, flats, walking shoes, or street shoes are all excellent choices, especially when you want the best shoes for standing all day. Just find something that’s comfortable so you can easily walk around and stand without the shoes rubbing or being uncomfortable.


There’s few things more relaxing than taking an RV to the beach. Whether you’re visiting the ocean or tucked away in a hidden lake, the right footwear for water play is important. Depending on where you’re going flip flops might be your best choice. If you’re going to be kayaking on a lake or tubing down a river, a sturdy pair of water shoes are helpful. These are a great choice with a thick bottom to protect your feet from sharp rocks while you explore nature.

Cold Weather

If you’re brave enough to camp in the winter (or it just happens to be chilly) you might need a whole different set of shoes. For those camping in fall or in a colder region, a nice cozy pair of men or women’s slippers can keep your toes toasty inside your trailer. And if you’re camping in the snow, a pair of outdoor snow boots can be a big help. Since snow boots are bulky and take up a lot of space, getting some ankle length boots that you can easily slip on while running out to empty the tanks can be a great way to stay dry and warm.

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The Best Shoes for Different Types of Travel

Most RVs and trailers have minimal closet space – which means you’ll need to carefully consider what you bring so…

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