How to Stay Fit on the Road with the Adventure Allens

RV Owners

Before we dive into how to stay fit on the road, let’s define the word fitness. According to the American Council of Exercise Fitness can be measured in 5 different areas. 

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The Five Categories of Fitness

Cardio-Respiratory Endurance: how long the heart and respiratory system can sustain constant output. Muscular Strength: the amount of force produced from the muscles to create movement. Muscular Endurance: the muscles’ ability to sustain output of an exercise over time. Flexibility: measured in the range of motion of the body parts. Balance and Coordination: the ability to maintain balance and coordination while still or in motion. 

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Tips to Maintain Fitness on the Road

To maintain fitness on the road, you must first have to have a fitness goal. A fitness goal may be to maintain your physical performance or lose 10 lbs in 2 months. Or you may want to increase strength or increase cardiorespiratory output. You can pursue to have more muscular endurance, become more flexible, or have more balance. You need to have what are called SMART goals. Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relatable, and Timely.

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Getting in the Fitness Mindset

Being able to live tiny and travel is such a liberating experience. It can also be easy to neglect your self-care routine traveling from one destination to the next. It is imperative that you exercise discipline by staying on top of consistently exercising, even while being on the road. A lot of time gets lost in this lifestyle when driving from one destination to the next. It’s always good to take a break from driving long distances, hop out of the rig, and get a good full-body stretch in. 

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Fitness Equipment for Your RV

While embarking on your fitness journey on the road, there is certain equipment that will help attain the goal a lot easier. The first item I recommend is a yoga mat to keep you separated from the ground while having a nice soft mat to exercise on. The second item I recommend is resistance bands, they are lightweight and versatile. The third item is the booty band, this allows you to get more lower body engagement while doing basic calisthenics exercises. The fourth item is an ab roller, it allows you to engage your core more than a traditional core exercise would. The final item is push bars, these are used to keep your wrist straight allowing you to use your entire arm to push your body off the ground without bend your wrist. 

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Healthy Eating Tips

There’s an old saying that “abs are made in the kitchen”. That is still true to this day. You cannot outwork a bad diet. Food is fuel, and if you aren’t putting the proper fuel in your body, then don’t be surprised if you don’t reach your goal in time. Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. By simply avoiding processed foods and eating more whole fruits and vegetables, you are already putting yourself in a better position for optimizing your health.

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Our Favorite Exercises

We’ve had the best results from doing calisthenics base exercises while traveling on the road. Calisthenics is a great way to incorporate fitness into your life. There is minimal equipment needed because it is all bodyweight-based exercises. As well as not being too overwhelming because you’re only using your body as resistance. A combination of resistance bands and calisthenics can give you all the progressions and variations needed to have a balanced and interesting workout regimen. Being able to do a full-body circuit workout allows you to exercise all of the major muscles in your body without taking extended breaks, while at the same time putting your heart through cardiorespiratory endurance training as if you were running.

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Work Out with Us!

Want to get in the fitness but don’t know where to start? Join us every day on the weekend 12 PM EST/ 9 AM PST for our Wellness Weekend. We host a free live stream on Instagram Friday- Monday. We do a full-body workout routine on Fridays followed by full-body stretch routines Saturday and Sunday. We finish it off with another full-body workout on Monday called #MakeItHappyMonday so you can start your Monday off with some good energy.

We also offer 1 on 1  personal training customized to your goals as well as fitness programs for sale “Big booty lifestyle” & “ Full body base camp”. All of our workouts that are live streamed can be found on our Instagram page at @AdventureAllens and @MusclesOnTheMove on Instagram. 

We sell workout shirts on our website and we also sell shirts in person if you see us. Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day and safe travels! See you this weekend.