The 10 Best Off-Road RVs for Real Adventure!

Last updated on May 18th, 2021 at 01:00 pm. Originally published on March 20th, 2020
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RVers are natural born adventurers. But how much can you upgrade your outdoor exploration game by traveling in an off-road RV?

Off-road RVs are the next level of outdoor adventure goodness. They can help you access those rugged, far-out campsites and wilderness boondocking areas for campers who want to get well and truly off the grid.

In this post, we’re going to walk you through why and how offroad RVs and motorhomes can help transform your travel experience, as well as listing some of the very best off-road RVs available on the market. These tough campers are just waiting to help you make your next vacation into a true adventure — so climb on board and learn everything you need to know about these outdoor beasts!

Off-Road RVs

Before we dive into our list, let’s take an overview. What are offroad RVs? What makes them different from their non-offroad cousins?

Off-road RVs are motorhomes and travel trailers that have been fitted with updated, rugged adaptations to ensure they’re road ready in even the toughest conditions. For example, they may come with raised axels, off-road tires, and reinforced bodies to protect them on rocky, narrow dirt roads.

Off-road RVs may also have high-quality insulation and onboard heating options to ensure they’re livable in even extreme weather conditions. In short, they’re the perfect option for a camper who’s serious about getting out there… or someone who’s preparing for the end of the world. 😉

Affordable Off-Road RVs

You may wonder if, with all these fancy upgrades, offroad RVs are affordable for the average camper. After all, even normal RVs are quite expensive, often costing tens of thousands of dollars even on the more modest end of the spectrum.

And to be sure, offroad RVs aren’t cheap. But that doesn’t make them completely out of reach, either!

While we’ll go into more specifics about available pricing information in the list below, suffice to say that many offroad RVs are priced at a similar level to luxurious motorhome — for instance, you can find models available for about $150,000. It’s certainly not pocket change, of course… but when you’re talking about a vehicle that’s also a mobile home that can take on just about anything you throw at it, it might be a worthy investment. Think about it like an emergency bunker on wheels!

Off-Road RVs for Sale

Many people DIY their own offroad RVs, mounting sophisticated housing options to existing tough truck chassis or upgrading vans.

But there are also a wide variety of offroad RVs available prefabricated on the market. Here are some of the best we’ve come across.

1. Global X Vehicles Adventure Trucks

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Global X Vehicles, or GVX, is a manufacturer that’s devoted to making offroad and adventure-ready vehicles in a wide range of shapes, footprints and sizes. It was all started by one man who was on the search for his own roadworthy vehicle to travel around the world in… which he did, back in 2006.

Since then, his idea has grown and expanded into a full range of rugged vehicles, including luxurious motorhomes (some of which we’ll get to later on in this list) as well as relatively pared-down Adventure Trucks, which are even more lightweight and agile. Starting at a price point of $198,000, they’re on the affordable end for offroad RVs… and they’re pretty darn tricked out, too. They’re perfect for the adventurer who’s looking to get seriously off the grid as quickly and affordably as possible!

2. UNICAT Terracross

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UNICAT deals exclusively with expedition vehicles, and its Terracross looks truly ready to take on the zombie apocalypse. With its extra durable construction, burglarproof windows, comfortable bedding and thoughtful storage areas, the UNICAT Terracross really could take you across the country — and then some.

We also really appreciate that UNICAT gives its customers the opportunity to customize their vehicles as far as finishing touches like upholstery, countertops, and flooring are concerned. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have both utilitarian function and style, and with this vehicle, you definitely get both! Contact the manufacturer directly for pricing.

3. Tiger Adventure Vehicles Bengal

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Tiger Adventure Vehicles’ truck-mounted model, the Bengal, is a great option for campers looking for a getaway vehicle that’s small, stylish, and fleet of foot. It’s built into a Ford, Chevrolet, or Ram one-ton 4×4 truck chassis (you get to choose!), and constructed of lightweight but durable aluminum on top of the truck bed.

Along with choosing which make of truck you’re getting, you also get full executive decision-making over options like gas or diesel, the size of the truck cab, and more. Once you’ve got the base situated, the open floor plan offroad RV is built, offering a surprising amount of living space for such a small motorhome. Offroad-friendly upgrades include all-terrain tires, upgraded suspension systems, brush guards, and halogen off-road lighting. Exact pricing will depend on the choices you make, but all Tiger Adventure vehicles are hand-crafted in Columbia, South Carolina, though nationwide delivery is available.

4. Global X Vehicles Turtle

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Another of our favorite Global X Vehicles models is the Turtle, which includes super-durable construction choices such as armored windows and genuine cowhide upholstery. At only 13’3″ in total length, the Turtle is ready to take off no matter where your destination is, and keep you safe and sound the whole while. (If that doesn’t sound like quite enough space, the Turtle XL is available, measuring in at 14’3″.)

The Turtle’s rugged all-terrain tires, closed-cell foam insulation, and acrylic dual pane windows make it ready to take on just about any challenge you can find on the road system, and it’s also got a surprising amount of storage thanks to its squared off rear body. As far as the motor goes, you’ll choose from a Ford F550, Dodge RAM 5500, or Fuso FG chassis. Base prices start at $280,000.

5. EarthRoamer LTS

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EarthRoamer is another manufacturer who deals exclusively with rugged, offroad ready vehicles. Based in Donaco, Colorado, this company is committed to crafting all-season, off-grid vehicles that combine luxury with flexibility and get-up-and-go.

The company offers a wide range of vehicles, including its most ambitious which was developed in 2017 and is built into a whopping F750 chassis. But probably our favorite of its models is the EarthRoamer LTS, one of the original developments of the company (and a limited edition item, since it’s been phased out and replaced with a different model — which means if you want to own one of these, you’re probably going to have to buy used!).

The LTS is built into a ford F550 chassis in either crew cab or super cab size, and includes a 6.7L turbo diesel V8 engine. The coach itself features sandwich fiberglass construction similar to the kind used in yacht and aircraft construction, which leads to a lightweight, aerodynamic, and reliable build.

These rigs started at about $490,000 new, but since they’re discontinued, you may be able to find one more affordably used. In order to get a lead on finding one for sale, head to EarthRoamer’s Pre-Roamed section (get it?) or email [email protected]

6. Global X Vehicles Pangea

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Yet another GXV, the Pangea is a larger option for those who want to raise the roof… or just walk around without stooping, if you’re tall. Measuring in at 17 feet in length and 96″ width, the Pangea features similar closed-cell insulation between sandwich fiberglass walls, as well as the rugged all-terrain tires and other thoughtful touches you’ve come to expect of Global X Vehicles.

One thing we especially like about the GXV Pangea is the fact that you can access the cab from the cabin, which means you won’t have to go outside to get on the road. If you’re camped somewhere extremely cold (or if it’s an actual apocalypse situation), chances are you aren’t going to want to have to go outside to get going in the morning!

Base pricing for the GXV Pangea starts at $650,000 — certainly not the most affordable option on the list, but definitely a very luxurious way to get offgrid.

7. EarthRoamer HD

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Many offroad motorhomes ask customers to sacrifice space, and sometimes luxury, in favor of ruggedness and safety measures. But the EarthRoamer HD is different: it’s a 35-foot motorhome with a whopping 115-gallon diesel fuel tank, 250 gallon fresh water tank, 125 black water holding tank, and 2100 watts of solar power built right in. In other words, it’ll get you where you’re going safely and keep you there just about as long as you could possibly want.

Along with its ability to get you into the deep wilderness and off the grid almost indefinitely, the HD EarthRoamer also has the kind of luxurious upgrades to make you feel like you never left home. Featuring marble countertops, radiant floor heating, a washer/dryer and other plush amenities, the EarthRoamer HD’s base price is significant at $1,700,000 before additional options.

That said, if you can afford that kind of luxury… this is definitely the vehicle to ride you through the end of the world and back. You won’t even know what the chaos is like outside of your cozy bubble!

8. Global X Vehicles Safari Extreme

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You’ve probably noticed we’ve got a lot of Global X Vehicles models on this list. But that’s because the company offers a wide range of models that all feature the reliable construction you need (but with a variety of floorplans to keep you appeased no matter your camping style). In short, we’re talking them up because they deserve it!

The GXV Safari Extreme is just that: extreme. Coming in at lengths between 15 and 16 feet and allowing cab-to-cabin access depending on the truck chassis chosen, this vehicle will get you into and out of any situation you can imagine safely, efficiently and comfortably. Its specially-built Armor Vision windows help insulate the cabin from both temperature and noise, and dual steel locking points mean you can rest assured you’ll be safe and secure. The onboard kitchen is fully equipped with burners, a fridge, and custom cabinetry, so you can keep crafting your favorite gourmet meals no matter where your offroad adventure takes you.

9. EarthCruiser OMEGA

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EarthCruiser is another company concerned exclusively with rugged off-road vehicles, and they have a wide range of them available. However, one of their more impressive models is the EarthCruiser OMEGA, otherwise known as “The Last Diesel.”

Basically, EarthCruiser got its hands on several of the last Fuso diesel chassis in the U.S., and decided to turn them into an exclusive line of rugged adventure trucks. The OMEGA features cabin-to-cab access, a custom gray painted cab and matching gel coat house, with black wheels to boot. It’s stylish, comfortable, and has a lot more storage than you might expect, and with a base price starting at $265,000, it’s relatively affordable as far as off road RVs are concerned. Contact EarthCruiser directly for your chance to own one of these special trucks.

10. EarthCruiser FX

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Finally, we’ll end this list of overland vehicles with another version from EarthCruiser, the FX. This unique camper has everything you need for any type of adventure, whether it’s just a quick weekend getaway or full-timing in the Alaskan bush. (Seriously.)

The EarthCruiser FX is built into a Fuso EC 4×4 chassis, featuring a 6L V8 gasoline engine. The house is made of fiberglass and outfitted with thoughtful amenities that make for easier day-to-day living, like pocket drawers, cab-to-cabin access and a mind toward ergonomics. There’s even a washroom with a pull-out toilet located right in the entryway so you can stash your wet gear immediately upon returning from your adventures. EarthCruiser really has put a lot of time and thought into their designs. Reach out to the manufacturer directly for pricing.

Benefits of Off-Road & All Terrain RVs

We hope this post has shown you the vast potential of offroad RVs and how they can help you experience life in the great outdoors no matter what that means to you. These rigs are perfect for campers who want to take on serious outdoor expeditions, or who are looking to get off the grid and stay there for long periods of time (or even forever).

That said, the barrier to entry for experiencing these types of vehicles can be steep; even the most affordable are generally above the $100,000 mark. Fortunately, renting an offroad RV is possible — and on the peer-to-peer market at RVshare, you can find a wide range of “nontraditional” RVs including both offroad rigs and other types like sleeper vans or pop-up campers. In fact, renting a variety of different RV types is a great way to get a better understanding of the type of vehicle that will suit your needs if you’re in the market — so check out the RV rental listings available in your area today!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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