5 Travel Trailers with Large Bathrooms – See them all now!

Last updated on May 20th, 2021 at 08:46 am. Originally published on July 11th, 2020

Let’s face it – two of the biggest perks of traveling in an RV or travel trailer are being able to sleep in your own bed, and having a decent bathroom when you need one. Anyone who has roughed it with just access to a sub-par bathroom (or none at all!) knows that access to roomy, luxurious facilities is not something to be taken for granted.

Travel Trailer with Large Bathrooms

If you appreciate camping in comfort, you may want to look into a travel trailer with large bathrooms. There’s something to be said for having some elbow room in the shower, and a spot for your toiletries while you get ready. Tiny water closets may be acceptable on airplanes, but when you’re traveling for several days, or even full-time, you may want some more space. Here are a few travel trailers with large bathrooms you may want to consider.

1.) Jayco Flight Bungalow 40FBTS 2019

Travel trailers that are designed for extended stays or full-time living are naturally going to have roomier bathrooms, and the Jayco Flight Bungalow is no exception. Jayco promises this trailer will serve as your “home away from home.” The travel trailer has a front-bath floorplan with a sizeable shower, a dual vanity with plenty of counter space, and a wardrobe and cabinets for lots of storage. It also features an entertainment center with a fireplace in the main living area, and a kitchen with a residential fridge, 3-burner cooktop stove, microwave, and counter space for prepping meals.


  • Sleeps 4
  • Dry Weight: 11,090 lb
  • Overall Length: 40 feet, 2 inches
  • 3 slideouts
  • Fresh Water Tank (gallons): 38
  • Black Water Tank (gallons): 39
  • Grey Water Tank (gallons): 32.5

Price: MSRP $53,849

2.) Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26RBWS

This roomy bathroom is at the back of the trailer, and features a spacious shower, sink, and storage for linens and other items. The kitchen features a pantry, fridge, microwave, and the living area has a comfortable sofa or optional theatre seating.


  • Sleeps 6
  • Dry Weight: 56,158 lb
  • Overall Length: 29 feet, 9 inches
  • 2 slideouts
  • Fresh Water Tank (gallons): 60
  • Black Water Tank (gallons): 45
  • Grey Water Tank (gallons): 90

3.) Dutchman Aerolite 2133RB

Aerolites are, as their name implies, lightweight…but they still manage to squeeze in a lot of storage. The bathroom also has plenty of space, with a corner walk-in shower, a sink with lots of counter space, and extra storage for linens and other items. There is also an outdoor kitchen with a fridge and 2-burner cooktop.


  • Sleeps 4
  • Dry Weight: 5,410 lb
  • Overall Length: 25 feet, 8 inches
  • 1 slideout
  • Fresh Water Tank (gallons): 50
  • Black Water Tank (gallons): 28
  • Grey Water Tank (gallons): 67

Price: MSRP $43,358

4.) Volante VL3851FL By Crossroads

This fifth wheel travel trailer has a large bathroom in the back, with a generously sized sink, a wardrobe and linen cabinet for storage, and a large shower. The front of the travel trailer has an entertainment area with theatre seating, two sofas, and a pop-up TV, and the kitchen has a pantry and hutch, an island, a dinette, and a microwave and 2-burner cooktop stove.


  • Sleeps 6
  • Dry Weight: 12,946 lb
  • Overall Length: 41 feet, 11 inches
  • 5 slideouts
  • Fresh Water Tank (gallons): 64
  • Black Water Tank (gallons): 76
  • Grey Water Tank (gallons): 76

Price: MSRP $78,756

5.) Milestone 389TB by Heartland

Another fifth wheel trailer, the Milestone has two bathrooms including a generously sized master bathroom. The bathroom includes a vanity with plenty of counter space and this is a travel trailer with a full-sized shower and bathtub. The master bedroom features a king-sized bed and the kitchen features a dual sink and 3-burner cooktop.


  • Sleeps 6
  • Dry Weight: 12,665 lb
  • Overall Length: 42 feet, 1 inch
  • 4 slideouts
  • Fresh Water Tank (gallons): 50
  • Black Water Tank (gallons): 80
  • Grey Water Tank (gallons): 120

Motorhomes with large bathrooms

There are lots of great options for motorhomes with large bathrooms as well. Generally speaking, when you look for motorhomes designed for extended stays, or for full-time living, they’re going to feature larger bathrooms. The Winnebago Horizon 42Q is made by one of the premier motorhome manufacturers in the world, and features two bathrooms including a master bathroom with a generously sized shower. The Thor Motorcoach Aria comes from another stellar motorhome maker and is a luxurious motorcoach with a full-height shower with glass doors, and a skylight.

Campers with big bathrooms

Campers with big bathrooms are useful not only for people who intend to live life on the road, but also for tall people who appreciate an RV with a full-size bathtub and shower. They are also more accommodating for people who have disabilities that require extra space to maneuver. There are plenty of reasons you may find a more generously-sized bathroom is a necessity for you and your family.

RVs with big & large bathrooms

If you do decide to select an RV with a big bathroom, you may want to decorate it to reflect your own personal style. Check out these 15 glamorous RV bathrooms for ideas on how to spruce up your own space. You may not decide to completely retile a shower, or add wood trims and finishes to your own bathroom, but you may find some smaller details you want to copy such as fancy curtains, a specialty sink, or cute hand towels to put the finishing touch on your bathroom.

If you want to try out an RV with a large bathroom before you consider purchasing one of your own, be sure to check RVshare. You can rent one of the above RVs or travel trailers with a big bathroom, try it out for a week or so to see if you like it, and then you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on the type of motorhome or trailer you want to purchase.

With a little research, you can be sure to find an RV or camper with a large bathroom that will suit you and your travel needs!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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