Breaks Interstate Park RV & Campground Guide


Nestled amid the Appalachian Mountains, Breaks Interstate Park is a breathtaking testament to the natural beauty of Southeast Kentucky and Southwest Virginia. Surrounded by stunning mountainous terrain, this park has been a beloved destination for visitors for decades. The weather in the park varies depending on the season, with the average low in winter hovering in the mid-20s and the average high in summer reaching the 80s. This park has something for all outdoor enthusiasts from a relaxing day on Laurel Lake to a thrilling zipline adventure over Russell Fork River Gorge. Nearby Cities: • Haysi, VA • Bristol, VA • Clintwood, VA • Vansant, VA

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Spring 38 F - 73 F
Summer 58 F - 82 F
Fall 34 F - 76 F
Winter 23 F - 46 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Breaks Interstate Park

Breaks Campground • Water hookup: Yes • Electrical hookup: Yes • Sewer hookup: Yes • Wi-Fi: Yes • Pet-friendly: Yes • Max RV length: Contact the campground to reserve a site to accommodate your RV • Other amenities: Camp store and dump station

Cranesnest Campground

Cranesnest Campgound at the John W. Flannagan Dam & Reservoir Area is near a large lake, tucked in the green Cumberland Mountains of southwest Virginia. The dam, which was built for flood control for the Cranesnest and Pound Rivers, results in a beautiful lake about 1,400 feet above sea level. 

  • Water hookup: no

  • Electrical hookup: yes

  • Sewer hookup: no

  • Wi-Fi: no

  • Pet friendly: yes

  • Other amenities: showers, playground, boat launch, horseshoe pits

Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure

This campground is close to the state park, but also has plenty to do just on its own grounds! From archery tag to ATV trips, you can choose from several adventures to do on-site, or you can set up your base camp here and head to the park or other nearby activities during the day. 

  • Water hookup: yes

  • Electrical hookup: yes

  • Sewer hookup: yes

  • Wi-Fi: yes

  • Pet friendly: yes

  • Other amenities: showers, laundry, archery tag, ATV obstacle course

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What to Do at
Breaks Interstate Park

Visitors can participate in many outdoor activities at Breaks Interstate Park that range from birding to rock climbing. Explore the park's various trails and uncover magnificent geological wonders, such as sandstone arches, massive boulders, and deep gorges. You can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing through the many waterways and rivers that run through the park. If you want to relax, sitting around the campfire or fishing in the park provides a picturesque respite from the hectic world around you.

Inside Breaks Interstate Park

There are lots of things to do at Breaks Interstate Park. From water fun to other outdoor activities, here are some of the things you might want to try:

Hiking: There are more than 25 miles of hiking trails in the park, for all different levels of difficulty. While many trails are a mile or less long, interconnected trails allow those who want a longer trek to make the journey. 

Biking: There is a stack loop trail system that offers almost 12 miles of riding from moderate to difficult. If you aren’t bringing a mountain bike on your trip, you can rent both mountain bikes and e-bikes at the park. 

Horseback riding: There are pony rides available for children 3 and up, and horseback riding is available to guests 8 and up. Choose from either a half-hour or an hour ride.  

Geocaching: Take part in a 21st century treasure hunt and try to find a geocache! There are more than 60 geocaches hidden in and around the park, and GPS devices and maps with the coordinates are available at the Visitor’s Center. 

Boating: Pedal boats, hydro bikes, and canoes are available for rental on Laurel Lake.  

Fishing: Laurel Lake, Beaver Pond, and the Russell Fork River all offer excellent fishing. Try catching bluegill, bass, or rainbow trout. 

Ziplining: The Canyon Rim Zipline spans the rim of the Russell Fork River Gorge, across 2,000 feet of line with three different stops. 

Whitewater rafting: Rafting is available on the Russell Fork River. Every Saturday and Sunday in October, water is released from the John Flannagan Dam and Reservoir, creating world-class rapids. 


Laurel Lake is full of trout, making it a prime location for fly fishing. Trout fishing is allowed all year-round, and visitors must have a valid fishing license in Virginia to participate. The lake also offers opportunities for other types of fishing, such as bass, bluegill, and catfish. Beaver Pond and Russell Fork River are different fishing spots in the park that you can explore for a change of scenery. Please note that Breaks Interstate Park has strict fishing regulations, including catch-and-release policies, limits on the number of fish seen, and prohibitions against certain types of bait.


There are over 60 hidden geocaches in Breaks Interstate Park, including traditional, multi-caches, and earth caches. The geocaches might be cleverly concealed in tree hollows, beneath rocks, or even tucked away inside birdhouses. When you successfully locate a geocache, take a moment to sign the logbook and carefully return the cache to its hiding place.

Nature Watching Nature Watching

Take a tour to the Virginia Elk Restoration Zone, where majestic elk roam freely. Numerous viewing areas also allow visitors to catch a glimpse of deer, turkeys, and hawks. Visitors can explore the park's natural beauty through its extensive trail system. The system includes the captivating Canyon Rim Trail and scenic Lakeview Overlook, which are favorites among bird-watchers.


There are good spots in the park, like the Backcountry area, where you can see the night sky without light pollution. Canyon Rim Trail, with its stunning views of Breaks Canyon, provides an equally captivating backdrop for stargazing. You can also explore the Lakeview Overlook, where you can see Lake Cumberland and the mountains around it below the Milky Way and other constellations.

Flora and Fauna

The park has mammals like deer, elk, black bears, raccoons, and squirrels. Birds such as warblers, vireos, hawks, and owls live here also. In addition, you may spot snakes, turtles, frogs, and salamanders. The park's plant life includes oak, hickory, maple, and pine trees, along with shrubs like rhododendron, laurel, and azalea, complemented by wildflowers such as trillium, bloodroot, and violet.


Some popular trails include the 12.2-mile Breaks Interstate Loop and 12.5-mile Desert View Drive. Breaks Interstate Loop has excellent views of Breaks Canyon, but it is more complicated to navigate. The 8.4-mile Russell Fork River and Laurel Branch Loop Trail has some demanding sections but primarily moderate terrain. For a more relaxed experience, the 2.2-mile Tower Tunnel Trail leads hikers through a rock tunnel with views of the Breaks Canyon.


Glide serenely across Laurel Lake aboard pedal boats, ideal for leisurely exploration amid breathtaking scenery. Paddle along the river to embrace the solitude of the woods or venture downstream for an exhilarating encounter with rapids. Boat rentals and equipment are available at the seasonal boat dock, which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Multiple designated swimming areas along Laurel Lake's shoreline provide a safe and enjoyable experience with lifeguards on duty in some locations. The park has a seasonal swimming pool open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Enjoy over 300 climbing routes available for every level of climber. The park's courses range from easy to extremely difficult and may require a combination of strength, agility, and strategy to conquer. Some of the most popular routes include the Cave Route and Dihedrals.


Bike on 12 miles of moderate to rugged trails, testing your skills and limits. Some trails open for biking are Flatwoods Loop Trail, Mountain Home Trail, and Fern Hollow Trail.

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How to Get to
Breaks Interstate Park

From Harman Junction, drive northwest on State Route 609 for about 9.2 miles to continue onto VA-80. Drive for 0.7 miles and turn right onto State Route 702. Take this road for a few minutes to reach the Breaks Interstate Park parking lot on your left.

Entering Breaks Interstate Park

Breaks Interstate Park Per Vehicle : $3.0

Breaks Interstate Park Annual Pass : $35.0

Frequently Asked Questions About Breaks Interstate Park

What is the best time of year to visit Breaks Interstate Park?

The best time to visit the park is during the spring or fall when the weather is mild. You will encounter blooming wildflowers, lush greenery, and comfortably cool temperatures. This is also a great time for hiking and rock climbing.

What kind of wildlife can be found in Breaks Interstate Park?

Wildlife includes diverse species, such as deer, elk, black bears, and raccoons. You can also find squirrels, turkeys, warblers, vireos, hawks, owls, snakes, turtles, frogs, and salamanders.

Are there designated RV camping spots in Breaks Interstate Park?

The park offers 138 designated RV camping spots. Among the spots, 75 have full hookups for a comfortable camping experience.

Do you have to reserve a camping spot at Breaks Interstate Park and what is the cost?

It is recommended to reserve a camping spot in advance. Rates range from $20 per night for primitive sites to $150 for lodges. An annual camping pass for $75 offers unlimited access to all park campgrounds throughout the year.

Are pets allowed at Breaks Interstate Park?

Pets are allowed in most parts of the park. Keep your pet on a leash to maintain a safe environment for all.