Memaloose State Park RV & Campground Guide


Memaloose State Park is located in northern Oregon near cities like Hood River and Cascade Locks. Known for its wide-open spaces and fairly mild temperatures year-round, the park is one of the most popular destinations in the entire Columbia River Gorge. Visitors come from all over to experience the laid-back and gorgeous environment within the area. Whether it's just a day visit or a camping experience, guests will love the amazing view of the nearby Columbia River, the exceptionally clear skies and all the unique plants and animals that call this place home.

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Spring 43-62.3 F
Summer 54.6-79.3 F
Fall 45.6-65 F
Winter 36.3-48 F
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Nearby Cities
Hood River, OR
Cascade Locks, OR
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Memaloose State Park

Renting an RV offers a fun and convenient way to visit Memaloose State Park. Getting there will be supremely easy and much less of a hassle compared to a cramped car ride. If you're lucky enough to be taking an RV along for the ride on your vacation, check out some of these RV campgrounds as potential stopping points when it's time to park for the night.

Memaloose State Park Campgrounds

If you just can't get enough of the adventure at Memaloose State Park, you can camp out at any of the 43 RV campsites located throughout the park. You'll get access to plenty of amenities ranging from an on-site dump station and hot showers and restrooms to an amphitheater for park events, a children's playground, and much more. Pets are also welcomed to join in on the fun as long as they're kept on a leash and under control. Rates start at $30 per night.

• Water hookup: Yes

• Electrical hookup: Yes

• Sewer hookup: Yes

• Wi-Fi: No

• Pet-friendly: Yes

• Other amenities: Hot showers, dump station, and amphitheater

Dufur City Park

At this city park, you'll be near hiking trails and other attractions (the museum is particularly nice). Additionally, campers have access to free Wi-Fi services, a pool, sports fields, a horseshoe pit, picnic equipment, restrooms and showers, and much more. Pets are also welcome if kept on leash. Rates start at $35 per night.

• Water hookup: Yes

• Electrical hookup: Yes

• Sewer hookup: Yes

• Wi-Fi: Yes

• Pet-friendly: Yes

• Other amenities: Pool, sports fields and horseshoe pit

Harvest RV Park

Harvest RV Park features plenty of character and many great features for campers to enjoy. While $55 per night may seem a bit steep, it comes with full hookups as standard on the impressively large pads and includes other amenities like free Wi-Fi and an extremely open area between each spot that lets you really stretch out during your stay. Discounts are also offered to various groups like seniors and AAA members. Additionally, part of the appeal of the park is its location insofar as it's far enough from the highway to cut down on noise with only a short distance from a fantastic hill overlooking the entire town.

• Water hookup: Yes

• Electrical hookup: Yes

• Sewer hookup: Yes

• Wi-Fi: Yes

• Pet-friendly: Yes

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What to Do at
Memaloose State Park

Inside Memaloose State Park

Hiking is, of course, a must in any park, and Memaloose features the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. Birdwatching is a hobby many choose to indulge in given the clear skies throughout the park as is trainspotting given the active railroad running alongside the park's border. At night, many people enjoy laying out on the soft grass and enjoying the cool breeze while they gaze up at the starry sky since light pollution is almost nonexistent throughout most of the park. It's also worth exploring some of the monuments and information available about the cultural history of the area and the way the Columbia River Gorge area played into the Indigenous people's burial customs.

Outside Memaloose State Park

There's a wealth of things you can get up to while you're visiting the cities and towns near the park. In particular, there's an array of options in Hood River. Here's a short list of some of the restaurants, shops and places of interest you can find nearby.


Bette's Place Restaurant

This delicious local diner has been in operation since 1975. Stop by for some good hospitality and great food. Perfect for a full meal or just a quick bite, you'll have your choice of delicious dishes ranging from eggs Benedict and crab omelets to French toast and any of the fantastic freshly baked pastries you can pre-order to go before you get there.

Type: American Diner

Location: 416 Oak Street, Hood River, OR 97031

Riverside Restaurant

As the name would suggest, this nice dining establishment is situated right beside the scenic Columbia River. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you'll have your pick of great meals all day long. Fried calamari, juicy beef burgers, chicken Alfredo, mushroom aglio e olio, and much more are all delicious as are the amazing cheesecakes available for dessert.

Type: Italian, American

Location: 1108 E. Marina Way, Best Western Plus Hood River Inn, Hood River, OR 97031


Oak Grove Store

This fun, little antique shop in Hood River is notable for its expansive and varied inventory as well as the great hospitality. It's the perfect place to stop in for some new furniture, home decor or just a few trinkets here and there to grab for souvenirs of your trip. The store will occasionally hold auctions to sell off its stock as well, those being some of the busiest and most exciting days to come by if you're lucky enough to catch wind of it before it happens.

Location: 2120 Country Club Road, Hood River, OR 97031


This is a combination bookstore and "bad" art gallery. The former portion of the business sells a variety of new and used books to customers while the latter specializes in the display and sale of kitschy, gaudy, gross and all-around substandard art. Needless to say, it's a unique experience for all involved and far too entertaining to pass up if you're in the area.

Location: 202-A Cascade Avenue, Hood River, OR 97031


Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum

This museum is a learning experience, unlike most others. It contains one of the largest collections of both planes and automobiles of days gone by with most of them still having the ability to function. Come and explore the hundreds of vehicles on display, learn about their backstory and usage, and even see them in action on certain days to get a full understanding of their place in history.

Location: 1600 Air Museum Road, Hood River, OR 97031

The Gorge White House

This working farm and tourist attraction in Hood River was built in 1908. It’s family-owned and operated, and the people here produce plenty of fresh food and designer pear wines and hard ciders for guests to enjoy and even buy. The house itself is also gorgeous to look at as there are many flowers grown on the property that people are more than welcome to come and admire.

Location: 2265 Highway 35, Hood River, OR 97031

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How to Get to
Memaloose State Park

To get to Memaloose State Park, you'll most likely want to approach from Hood River as it's the closest city to the park. Starting from the center of town, find your way onto US-30, and head east for around half a mile before turning left onto 2nd Street. Pretty shortly after that, you'll want to get off on the right-side ramp leading to I-84 East headed towards The Dalles. Follow that for around nine miles, after which you'll see the park and its signage start to come into view.

Entering Memaloose State Park

I-84 East offers a straight line right into Memaloose State Park. As you approach, you'll see the gate and reception in front of you. There does not appear to be any sort of entry fee at this time. The park stays open to day visitors from sunrise to sunset.

Memaloose State Park Per vehicle : $0.0

Memaloose State Park is an exceptional destination for an RV trip with tons to offer guests. RVshare couldn't recommend this park enough for those looking for a scenic getaway in Oregon. If you do head to this riverside park, why not send some pictures to show off your experiences to other RVers? Email RVshare at [email protected], or tag our rental marketplace on your next social media post. You might even see your pictures in one of RVshare’s upcoming blogs if you do.