City of Rocks State Park RV & Campground Guide

New Mexico

Located in the Chihuahuan Desert in southwestern New Mexico near the state's Bootheel, City of Rocks State Park features unique rock formations carved over millions of years through the forces of erosion. About 35 million years ago, a volcanic eruption deposited the bedrock from which the rocks would eventually form. Over time, the bedrock eroded into the shapes visitors can see today. The state of New Mexico established City of Rocks State Park in 1953, and you can enjoy activities such as camping, hiking, and bird-watching, as well as stargazing through the telescope at the observatory. The park has a climate typical of its desert location, although as it sits at an elevation nearly a mile above sea level, City of Rocks doesn't get too oppressively hot in the summer.

Nearby Cities:

  • Deming, NM

  • Lordsburg, NM

  • Silver City, NM

  • Las Cruces, NM

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Spring 52-77 F
Summer 62-82 F
Fall 39-58 F
Winter 33-54 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in City of Rocks State Park

Campground Accommodations

City of Rocks State Park Campground

  • Water hookup: Yes

  • Electrical hookup: Yes

  • Sewer hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Max RV length: 50 feet

  • Other amenities: Tables, shelters, and fire rings available at some sites; 30-amp sites; 50-amp sites; vault toilets; restrooms with water; showers; group camping area and picnic shelter; star observatory; visitor center exhibits; botanical garden; barbecue grills

Silver City KOA Holiday

Just a 40-minute drive from the state park isSilver City KOA Holiday, which consistently gets 5-star ratings from its guests. Its tidy, manicured lawns and scenic surroundings will have you feeling at ease. Plus, there’s something here for the whole family to enjoy, whether it’s swimming in the heated pool, hiking the nearby trails, or playing at the on-site sports courts.


  • Water hookup: yes

  • Electrical hookup: yes

  • Sewer hookup: yes

  • Wifi: yes

  • Pet-friendly: yes

  • Other amenities: heated swimming pool, playground, basketball court, soccer field, volleyball, tether ball, horseshoes, dog park, cable tv.

Mountain Spirits RV Park

Mountain Spirits RV Park located near Silver City, New Mexico on the Trail of the Mountain Spirits and at the gateway to the Gila National Forest. With its 5800 feet elevation, you can expect spectacular views, cool canyon breezes, and a place you’ll love calling home – no matter how long you stay! Daily rates start at $27.50 per couple.


  • Water hookup: yes

  • Electrical hookup: yes

  • Sewer hookup: yes

  • Wifi: yes

  • Pet-friendly: yes

  • Other amenities: showers, laundry facilities, book and video library, clubhouse, dry storage areas.

Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort

Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort is nestled in the high New Mexican desert, surrounded by the foothills of the Cooke's Mountain Range. Here you can find quiet solitude, desert beauty and diverse wildlife. Daily rates start at $25.62 per couple.


  • Water hookup: yes

  • Electrical hookup: yes

  • Sewer hookup: yes

  • Wifi: yes

  • Pet-friendly: yes

  • Other amenities: clubhouse, library, pool table, BBQ area, fire pit area, showers and restrooms, horse boarding stables.

RV Rentals Near City of Rocks State Park

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What to Do at
City of Rocks State Park

At City of Rocks State Park, you can hike or mountain bike on 5.5 miles' worth of trails. Birders will have a field day trying to spot the numerous bird species that dwell in the park. In addition to these activities, City of Rocks features a botanical garden at which you can view plants typical of the Chihuahuan Desert. At night, get great views of the stars through the observatory's 14-inch telescope. Exhibits at the visitor center include display areas where you can learn more about the region.

City of Rocks offers numerous outdoor activities for its visitors.

Inside City of Rocks State Park

City of Rocks State Park might be very popular for camping, but people also flock here because of the wide range of fun outdoor activities on offer. This park isn’t your average destination, with its unusual rock formations of up to 40 feet high, its Star Observatory, and cacti gardens. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy hiking the park’s famous trails, picnicking, or more – there’s certainly something for every type of traveler at City of Rocks.

Hiking : The state park’s trail loop is made up of the Hydra Trail, with an extension to Table Mountain, taking hikers to one of the best viewpoints in southern New Mexico. The trail can be accessed at a few different points throughout the park. There are also some shorter trails that pass through the pinnacles, including the Planet Walk Trail, which features a number of astronomical displays.

Stargazing : Remember how we told you the state park has amazing stargazing opportunities? It has its own Star Observatory, as well as a monthly Stars-N-Parks program where you can join members of the National Public Observatory for a green-laser tour of the cosmos.

Picnicking : City of Rocks State Park also has beautiful picnic areas for visitors to sit, relax, and enjoy a bite to eat. Could there be anything nicer than spending a lazy afternoon among nature with stunning rock formation views?

Wildlife viewing : The state park is also a great place to spot wildlife, including animals such as deer, antelope, javelinas, and jackrabbits. Birdwatchers can also rejoice, as there are over 35 species of birds to spot within the park.

Nature Watching Nature Watching

The park offers great opportunities for bird-watching. Among the species you could see include great-horned owls, cactus wrens, western kingbirds, finches, scaled quails, sparrows, lesser nighthawks, blue grosbeaks, common poorwills, curve-billed thrashers, eastern meadowlarks, and western scrub jays.

Stargazing Stargazing

City of Rocks State Park is a great place for stargazing, given its remote location. The park's 14-inch telescope offers up-close viewing of the evening sky, and you'll have a number of opportunities to stargaze as the desert location provides many clear nights.

Flora and Fauna

While visiting the state park, you can see desert plants that include yuccas, agaves, ocotillos, various cacti, and willows. Animals that call the park home include coyotes, rabbits, chipmunks, mule deer, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, scorpions, desert tortoises, and black bears. Although unlikely, you may also see a Gila monster.

Hiking Hiking

Try out the park's trails to get close to the site's rock formations, some of which reach up to 40 feet high. The Hydra Trail offers an easy 3.3 miles that take you on a loop around the campground. At 5.2 miles, the Table Mountain Trail offers a tougher challenge that includes an elevation gain of nearly 700 feet. Take in the great views of City of Rocks from the top of Table Mountain.

Climbing Climbing

Go bouldering at City of Rocks on routes that rate from V0 up to V6. Some popular climbs include Megatron Falls, Mind Over Matter, Ice Bucket, and Roadside Overhang.


You can go mountain biking on both the Hydra and Table Mountain trails. For something easier, try the short Cienega Trail loop.

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How to Get to
City of Rocks State Park

From Deming, take US-180 northwest for 24.1 miles. At the intersection with NM-61, turn right and continue for 3.2 miles. Make a left and drive 1.4 miles to the park entrance.

From Silver City, take US-18 south/southeast for 27.3 miles. Make a left onto NM-61 and drive for 3.2 miles. Turn left and go 1.4 miles until you reach the park entrance.

From Las Cruces, take Interstate 10 west out of town until you reach Deming. Once there, follow the same directions from Deming above.

Entering City of Rocks State Park

It costs $5 per day to enter the park and an additional $10 per day for a camping spot.

City of Rocks State Park Per Vehicle : $5.0

$15 for buses

Frequently Asked Questions About City of Rocks State Park

What is the best time of year to visit City of Rocks State Park?

There's no bad time to visit the park as it's sunny and mild for much of the year, but spring offers warm but not-too-hot temperatures and cool nights great for sleeping. Depending on how much rain falls in the park during the winter, springtime also offers the best time for wildflower viewing.

What kind of wildlife can be found in City of Rocks State Park?

City of Rocks State Park features many of the usual critters you can see in desert parks, like rattlesnakes, coyotes, tarantulas, scorpions, rabbits, and tortoises. The park's birds include cactus wrens, quails, sparrows, finches, and scrub jays.

Are there designated RV camping spots in City of Rocks State Park?

The park has 41 sites that offer different amenities depending on whether they're reservation or non-reservation sites. You can reserve most of the developed sites.

Do you have to reserve a camping spot at City of Rocks State Park and what is the cost?

Many of the RV sites at City of Rocks do require reservations. Reservations cost $10 per day.

Are pets allowed at City of Rocks State Park?

Yes, you can bring your pet with you to the park. You must keep your pet on a leash of no longer than 10 feet. You must also clean up after your pet and control them so that they don't bother other park visitors. Never leave your pet unattended at your campsite.