Pinckney Recreation Area RV & Campground Guide


With a total land area of 11,000 acres and an elevation of 922 feet, Pinckney Recreation Area is a popular tourist destination in south-central Michigan. The recreation area is not a single park but, rather, a composition of several connected but spread-out parcels of land. Directly east of the northeast corner of the park, you will find the village of Pinckney, the largest community in the area. As for its geological characteristics, Pinckney Recreation Area is made up of kettle lakes, swampy lowlands, and glacial moraines. Moreover, people tend to visit the area recreationally for its many hiking trails and campgrounds. A few cities that lie in proximity to Pinckney Recreation Area include South Lyon, Fowlerville, and Ann Arbor. 

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RV Resorts & Campsites in Pinckney Recreation Area

There is no doubt that a well-planned trip to a state park can be a wonderful experience. Renting a suitable RV could be what you need to make your journey go as well as possible. Recreational vehicles provide large-scale mobility without the expense of convenience. As a matter of fact, RVshare happens to be a helpful resource you can use to find an RV rental that works for you. All you need to do is search for the location you need, and RVshare displays a variety of results.

Hell Creek Ranch Campground

Hell Creek Ranch Campground is a great option to consider when searching for an RV park near Pinckney Recreation Area. It is a family-oriented option that welcomes kids of all ages. Amenities include a swimming pool, well-kept restrooms, and spacious campsites. There are also a few nearby hiking trails for you to take advantage of. Hell Creek Ranch Campground contains 100 sites in total, including 60 that come with electricity and 40 that are primitive. As far as pricing, primitive sites are $20 per night while sites with electricity are $25 per night. Sites that come with water and electricity run at $30 per night. And lastly, sites that come with a concrete pad cost $35 per night. The campground is located at 10866 Cedar Lake Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169.

Hideaway RV Park

Hideaway RV Park is in a unique setting secluded by nature that gives off a tranquil vibe. Amenities include picnic tables, fire rings, and walking trails. You can also participate in activities on the water, such as paddle boating, swimming, and fishing. The daily rate for a stay at Hideaway RV Park is $40. This rate is based on either four adults or your immediate family, meaning two adults plus children. Bringing along extra visitors will add $5 to the cost per night/per person. The campground is located at 3500 Updyke Rd, Grass Lake, MI 49240.

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What to Do at
Pinckney Recreation Area

Inside Pinckney Recreation Area

Pinckney Recreation Area is full of exciting activities you can enjoy with your family and friends. The state park has quality attractions for anglers, mountain bikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Popular trails you can visit to take in the scenery of the area include Crooked Lake Trail, Equestrian Trails, Losee Lake Trail, and Potawatomi Trail. This area gets plenty of snow in the wintertime, so you can go snowmobiling and ice fishing in certain parts of the Pinckney Recreation Area. Whatever you are in the market for, it is unlikely that you will get bored during your visit. 

Outside Pinckney Recreation Area

Pinckney Recreation Area is a great destination, and so are the areas outside it. Exploring the outskirts of the park will lead you to great restaurants, shopping, and general recreation destinations. Whether you are looking for quality dining or a gift shop to buy souvenirs for friends, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The area is full of beautiful geographical features and thriving businesses, so be sure to take it all in before heading back home. 


Common Grill

Common Grill is a popular spot in Chelsea, Michigan, for classic American cuisine. The menu also includes delicious seafood options from local catches.

Type: American

Location: 112 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118

Hell Saloon

If you like barbecue, you will want to check out Hell Saloon. The spot is known for its wings and ribs.

Type: Barbecue

Location: 4095 Patterson Lake Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169

Mike’s Deli

Mike’s Deli serves quality sandwiches of many different kinds. Options include the meatball sub and the club sandwich.

Type: Deli

Location: 114 W Middle St, Chelsea, MI 48118

Bearclaw Coffee Co.

Bearclaw Coffee Co. is known to have delicious coffee that keeps people coming back. You can get espresso, cappuccino, and more.

Type: Coffee Shop

Location: 9188 N Territorial Rd, Dexter, MI 48130

Thompson’s Pizza

For a traditional pizza made with quality ingredients, Thompson’s Pizza is your spot. The restaurant has a great selection of toppings to choose from.

Type: Pizza

Location: 20700 W Old US Hwy 12, Chelsea, MI 48118


Busch's Fresh Food Market

Head to Busch’s Fresh Food Market when it's time to restock on groceries for your trip.

Location: 1277 East, M-36, Pinckney, MI 48169

Hell in a Handbasket

Hell in a Handbasket is a country convenience store popular around Pinckney, Michigan. Stop here for general supplies and a friendly Southern atmosphere. 

Location: 4025 Patterson Lake Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169

Main Street Floral Shop

Main Street Floral Shop is a charming shop that sells beautiful flowers and various gifts.

Location: 115 E Main St, Pinckney, MI 48169

The Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company

The Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company allows you to print custom t-shirts with graphic designs. This is a great place to get a souvenir to remind you of your journey.

Location: 505 S Maple Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

NautMI on the River

NautMI on the River is a gift shop that sells locally made trinkets. This is also a great place where you can buy gifts for friends and family.

Location: 9260 Mcgregor Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169


Silver Lake Recreation

Silver Lake Recreation is a beautiful park in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Stop here for some extra exposure to nature after you are done at Pinckney Recreation Area.

Location: 2 Crooked Lake Trail, Pinckney, MI 48169

Purple Rose Theatre

If you have an interest in the performing arts, Purple Rose Theatre is a great stop. Here, you can see compelling performances of modern and classic productions.

Location: 137 Park St, Chelsea, MI 48118

Hudson Mills Metropark

Hudson Mills Metropark is another park in the area, but it is located a few miles south in Dexter, Michigan. The park is known for its disc golf and drive-in movies.

Location: 8801 N Territorial Rd, Dexter, MI 48130

Klave’s Marina

Klave’s Marina is a beautiful spot on the water that you can visit for boat rentals in a family-friendly environment.

Location: 8789 Mcgregor Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169

Skip’s Huron Canoe Livery

Skip’s Huron Canoe Livery is a canoe and kayak rental service located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Stop here for good deals on watercraft before you head to a lake.

Location: 3902 E Delhi Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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How to Get to
Pinckney Recreation Area

Make sure you know where you are going before you get out on the road to Pinckney Recreation Area. The address for the state park is 8555 Silver Hill Rd, Pinckney, MI. The closest major cities to Pinckney Recreation Area are Detroit to the east and Cleveland to the southeast. Coming from the north, the most effective route is to take I-23 south until you can exit at Ann Arbor. From there, travel northwest until you reach your destination. The directions are the same if you are traveling from the south, just in the opposite direction. I-94 is the best way to get to the Ann Arbor exit from the west, and you travel northwest to the park from there. I-12 is the best way to reach the aforementioned exit coming from the east. 

Entering Pinckney Recreation Area

Pinckney Recreation Area is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is no adjustment during the holiday season.

Pinckney Recreation Area Per vehicle : $12.0

You'll make memories that last a lifetime when you take an RV adventure to Pinckney Recreation Area. If you share your trip photos on social media, be sure to tag us at RVshare, or send them to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our blog.