Shabbona Lake State Park RV & Campground Guide


Located in Shabbona, a city in DeKalb County, Illinois, Shabbona Lake State Park is a popular recreational area that encompasses about 1,550 acres. Shabbona Lake itself, brought about by the damming of Indian Creek, is a man-made creation that dates back to 1975. It is primarily a fishing lake, and visitors of the state park tend to fish from both boats and the shore quite frequently. The area’s name is a reference to the influential Potawatomi leader Shabbona. Aurora and Naperville, two of the more populated cities in Illinois, are located near Shabbona Lake directly to the east. In addition, Rockford is a similar distance away from the park except to the north. 

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Spring 28-71 F
Summer 58-81 F
Fall 40-80 F
Winter 13-33 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Shabbona Lake State Park

A trip to a state park can be a wonderful experience, and there are few tools better than an RV at making that happen. Recreational vehicles give you the mobility you need to navigate vast areas without the expense of your convenience. Don't have an RV? Rent one on RVshare.

Hi-Tide Beach & Campground

Only 16 miles from Shabbona Lake, Hi-Tide Beach & Campground is an optimal spot to stay at during a trip to the state park. Hi-Tide offers numerous amenities, such as The Store at Hi-Tide, a handy little shop in the campground that stays stocked with the supplies you need to keep your adventure on track. Rates for primitive sites run at $40 daily and $240 weekly while rates for sites with water and electricity run at $48 daily and $288 weekly. The full hookup sites come at a cost of $54 daily and $324 weekly. Rates on daily rentals are increased slightly during the holidays.

Big Rock Campground

Big Rock Campground is another great option you should consider if you are planning a trip to Shabbona Lake State Park. Located within the massive Big Rock Forest Preserve, this campground offers 100 different sites to choose from as well as a variety of useful amenities. For a primitive campsite, the rate is $18 per day. Improved campsites, which come with water and electricity, run at a cost of $35 per day. Big Rock does not offer monthly, weekly, or any other rental durations.

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What to Do at
Shabbona Lake State Park

Inside Shabbona Lake State Park

You are sure to have a memorable time as you explore the state park and discover its attractions. Seeing as Shabbona Lake is a man-made fishing lake, fishing is one of the most popular activities people participate in when they visit. Rentals on rowboats, motorboats, and other fun water vehicles are available to enhance your experience. Other ways to get the most out of the area include hiking through the mystic nature trails and dining at Pokanoka’s Cafe, a restaurant within the park that overlooks Shabbona Lake.

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How to Get to
Shabbona Lake State Park

Shabbona Lake State Park is located near the northern border of Illinois about 75 miles from Chicago. Coming from the east, I-88 is the most efficient route to get to the state park. If you are traveling from the north or south, I-39 will be your best option. I-30 is the best way to make the trek to Shabbona Lake for those coming from the west. In any case, finding your way to the state park is not overly complicated; just follow the signs.

Entering Shabbona Lake State Park

You should familiarize yourself with Shabbona Lake State Park’s hours of operation in order to have an effective schedule during your visit. For all seven days of the week, the park opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. This gives you a wide 14-hour window to get around the area and capture what it has to offer. Also, these hours are constant, not seasonal, so there is no need to worry about them changing unexpectedly at different times of the year.

Shabbona Lake State Park Per vehicle per day : $25.0

Shabbona Lake State Park Per vehicle/ holiday : $35.0

As expressed, Shabbona Lake State Park is a wonderful travel destination filled with exciting opportunities and fun-loving attractions. Whether you are hitting the road solo, with a significant other, or with the whole family, you are sure to have a blast getting to know the state park and its surrounding areas. After your trip to the lake, post about your experiences on social media and don't forget to tag RVshare. You can also send your favorite photos and memories to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions About Shabbona Lake State Park

What is the best time of year to visit Shabbona Lake State Park?

The best time to visit Shabbona Lake State Park is spring and summer. You can enjoy activities like hiking and fishing. If you like to hike because all but two trails are closed for hunting season between October and January.

What is the climate of Shabbona Lake State Park?

Shabbona Lake State Park has a typical Midwestern climate with four distinct seasons. Summers tend to be hot and humid. Spring and fall are more temperate. Winter can bring freezing temperatures and snowfall.

What kind of wildlife can be found in Shabbona Lake State Park?

Shabbona Lake State Park is home to small mammals, such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and rabbits. There are also salamanders, frogs and turtles in the area. Majestic bald eagles and other birds are found at the park.

Are there designated RV camping spots in Shabbona Lake State Park?

There are 150 designated RV camping spots for Class A campers. Of these 150 spots, 90 of them are available by reservation. Others are first-come, first-serve. Each site has electrical hookups.

Is Shabbona Lake State Park accessible for disabled visitors?

There are parking areas, restrooms, boat docks, hiking trails, and a fishing pier in the park that are built to be ADA-accessible. Visitors will also find eight ADA-accessible campsites in the park.