Mississippi Palisades State Park RV & Campground Guide


Mississippi Palisades State Park has been an Illinois state park since the early 1930s, but the area was frequented by Native Americans for centuries before that point. These Native Americans found safe, easy ways to traverse the limestone cliffs that give the park its name; many of these original footpaths survive in the form of hiking trails today.

Within this park's more than 2,500 acres, you'll find forests, river shorelines, valleys, caves, sinkholes, and, of course, palisades along the Mississippi River. If you want to spend time on the water, then you can do so on the Mississippi River and the backwaters to its east. Multiple trails take hikers through and by some of the park's most intriguing places.

Nearby Cities

  • Savanna, IL

  • Clinton, IA

  • Fulton, IL

  • Dubuque, IA

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RV Resorts & Campsites in Mississippi Palisades State Park

Campground Accommodations

Mississippi Palisades State Park Campground

  • Water hookup: No

  • Electrical hookup: Yes

  • Sewer hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Max RV length: 40 feet

  • Other amenities: Showers, bathrooms, dump stations, shelters, water, fire pits, picnic tables

Seven Eagles Resort and Camp

A simple yet functional and affordable campground located right outside of Savanna, IL, Seven Eagle Resort and Camp is a good option for a home base. Full hookups are available, as is a small book-lending library. Many people appreciate the laundry facilities, and those visiting Mississippi Palisades State Park will love the location. 

  • Water hookup: Yes

  • Electrical hookup: Yes

  • Sewer hookup: Yes

  • Wi-Fi: Yes

  • Pet-friendly: Yes 

  • Other amenities: Laundry facilities; library; clean bathhouses

Spring Lake Campground

Also located right outside of Savanna, Spring Lake Campgroundis a lovely little spot. The scenery in this campground is beautiful, and the fact that the campground has a boat ramp makes things even better. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a peaceful camping experience. 

  • Water hookup: Yes

  • Electrical hookup: Yes

  • Sewer hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Other amenities: Dump station; fishing and boating opportunities

Timber Lake Resort

If you’re willing to head a bit east, you also have the option of Timber Lake Resort. This is easily one of the nicest parks in the area and include such amenities as organized activities, a swimming pool, a playground, and other recreational opportunities.

Of course, the rates here are a bit higher than elsewhere, but for a luxury camping experience, the additional cost is well worthwhile. 

  • Water hookup: Yes

  • Electrical hookup: Yes

  • Sewer hookup: Yes

  • Wi-Fi: Yes

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Other amenities: Swimming pool; playground; golf cart rentals; organized activities; camp store; fishing

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What to Do at
Mississippi Palisades State Park

These towering limestone cliffs along the Mississippi River are home to fascinating rock formations, mysterious caves, and deep sinkholes. One of the most popular rock formations to explore is Sentinel Rock, which gives you stunning views of the Mississippi River at its top. Don't forget to bring your camera with you since photography is also popular at the park. Whether you want to capture lovely images of the park's rock formations, wildlife, or riverside vistas, you'll have no trouble finding plenty of beautiful targets for your camera.

Another popular activity here is hunting, which is permitted on 1,500 acres of the park. You can hunt turkey and deer using a bow or firearm, depending on the season. Picnicking is another favorite pastime here, thanks to the numerous picnic tables spread throughout the park. If you're expecting a larger group, you can reserve one of the park's picnic shelters. If you visit during the cold months, you can participate in some winter sports. Cross-country skiing, sledding, ice fishing, and winter camping are all possible here.

The Mississippi River and the park's steep cliffs provide plenty of great places to boat, fish, climb, and observe nature. The surrounding woodlands, prairies, and ravines are ripe for exploration on foot and are home to plenty of local wildlife.

Inside Mississippi Palisades State Park

There are tons of awesome things you'll want to experience during your visit to Mississippi Palisades State Park. Here are some of our favorites:

Walking and Hiking — The trails located throughout the park present guests with plenty of hiking opportunities. Do some geocaching during your explorations, or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Fishing and Boating — The Mississippi River is a great place to do some boating or fishing, and this park provides free launching ramps. Bring your gear and get ready for a great day spent on some beautiful waters. 

Rock Climbing — Believe it or not, many people visit this park to do some rock climbing. You will need to bring your own equipment and seek out the areas where climbing is allowed. Keep in mind that the climbing areas are not maintained by the state, and permanent anchors are not allowed. 

Winter Sports — Don’t let the cold keep you away from Mississippi Palisades State Park. This park has a surprising number of things to do during the colder months. Try your hand at cross country skiing or do a bit of ice fishing. Just make sure you bundle up beforehand! 

Fishing Fishing

Whether you want to fish in the Mississippi River or its backwaters, you'll have no problem finding an excellent place to drop a line. Bass, carp, catfish, bluegill, and crappie are all swimming just beneath the surface. In the winter, you can go ice fishing close to the boat ramp.

Nature Watching Nature Watching

If you spend time in the park's river areas, then you'll likely see some waterfowl and shorebirds. During the spring and fall, you may be able to see birds migrating along the river.

Stargazing Stargazing

The low level of light pollution makes Mississippi Palisades State Park an excellent place from which to search the heavens. You'll likely even be able to see the Milky Way at this Illinois state park.

Flora and Fauna

Birches, ferns, bluebells, shooting stars, and ferns are some of the flora that flourish in Mississippi Palisades State Park. Examples of local fauna include eagles, wild turkeys, skunks, woodchucks, and warblers.

Hiking Hiking

At Mississippi Palisades State Park, you can hike on 10 trails that are a combined 15 miles long. Some great trails to check out here include the Sentinel Trail, the High Point Trail, and the Aspen Trail.


You can launch your boat for free onto the Mississippi River from multiple boat ramps in the park. You don't have to worry about exceeding any motor size limits since there are none at Mississippi Palisades State Park.

Climbing Climbing

You can go rock climbing at the Sentinel Area, Indian Head, and Twin Sisters on more than 150 available climbing routes. You'll need to bring your own equipment and be aware that permanent anchors aren't permitted on the rocks.

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How to Get to
Mississippi Palisades State Park

To get to Mississippi Palisades State Park from Savanna, take State Route 84 along the Mississippi River to the park's entrance. To get to the park from Dubuque, take Highway 61 across the Mississippi River; Highway 61 becomes Highway 20 once you're in Illinois. Remain on Highway 20 for about 35 minutes; turn right onto State Route 84 and drive for about 20 minutes to the park's entrance.

Entering Mississippi Palisades State Park

Admission to Mississippi Palisades State Park is free. Overall, Mississippi Palisades State Park has nine designated parking areas. Many trailheads and lookout points have parking areas close to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mississippi Palisades State Park

What is the best time of year to visit Mississippi Palisades State Park?

If you want to engage in summertime activities, then you'll want to visit Mississippi Palisades State Park during the warm months. If you're more interested in fall foliage, then you'll probably want to schedule your visit for October.

What kind of wildlife can be found in Mississippi Palisades State Park?

Some of the animals that you might find at Mississippi Palisades State Park are foxes, deer, muskrats, eagles, mink, and woodpeckers. Other animals that might cross your path include weasels, badgers, squirrels, and wild turkeys.

Are there designated RV camping spots in Mississippi Palisades State Park?

Mississippi Palisades State Park contains 241 sites that are designated either Class A or Class B. Out of those sites, 110 have electric hookups.

Do you have to reserve a camping spot at Mississippi Palisades State Park and what is the cost?

You don't need to reserve your spot at Mississippi Palisades State Park, but you should do so if you want to make sure you get the ideal campsite. Class A sites cost $18 per night, while Class B sites are $8 a night. You can make your reservation as far as six months before your visit or as close as three days before your arrival.

Are pets allowed at Mississippi Palisades State Park?

Your leashed pets are permitted to be at the campground and other designated areas in Mississippi Palisades State Park. Be sure to bring the proper supplies to clean up after your four-legged friend.