Verde River Greenway State Natural Area RV & Campground Guide


The Verde River Greenway State Natural Area is a green space located near Cottonwood, Arizona, between Flagstaff and Prescott. At 480 acres in total size, it's one of the largest parks in the state and packed with things to do. Known for its many waterways and unexpectedly moderate climate for the state it's in, the park is a popular spot to visit for anyone who loves the outdoors. This goes double for RVers, who come to enjoy the weather with average temperatures below 90 degrees in the summer and a pleasant 55-degree average in winter. Spring and fall are the most popular times to visit with perfect weather in the 70s. 

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Spring 27-80 F
Summer 43-82 F
Fall 17-63 F
Winter 16-53 F
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Nearby Cities
Cottonwood, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Verde River Greenway State Natural Area

RVing is a great way to experience nature, especially the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area. While the park isn't set up for campers, there are tons of opportunities for camping around the park that you can take advantage of in your RV rental

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Dead Horse Ranch State Park is right down the road from Verde River Greenway State Natural Area, which makes it the perfect place to camp when you come to visit. There is space for tent camping and RVs, and there's even a series of log cabins for guests to stay inside. RV sites have full hookups and potable water in addition to shower and bathroom facilities. This is all in addition to the fact that you'll essentially be visiting two parks during the same trip just by staying here. Each night here ranges from $30 to $35, or $20 if you don't want electricity, with an additional $5 reservation fee. There are additional fees for parties with more than one vehicle.

Camelot RV Park

Located in Cottonwood, Camelot RV Park is a 55+ RV campground and a great place to stay that's adjacent to the many fun activities in town. Featuring full hookups, cable TV and Wi-Fi available at most locations, it has plenty of great amenities at a great price of $12 per day per person. Being so close to town, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a more varied vacation by putting you within walking distance of many of the downtown attractions while still being only a short drive from the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area.

Turquoise Triangle RV Park

Turquoise Triangle RV Park is a Cottonwood-based RV park located within walking distance of the Verde River itself, putting it in proximity to the natural area. Full hookups are available for your vehicle in addition to other amenities like Wi-Fi, cable TV, laundry and shower facilities, and plenty more. It's also pet-friendly with a limit of two small animals per group.

RV Rentals Near Verde River Greenway State Natural Area

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What to Do at
Verde River Greenway State Natural Area

Inside Verde River Greenway State Natural Area

You'll find yourself with no shortage of things to do when you're visiting the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area. One of the main draws of the park is its proximity to the Verde River from which it takes its name. Swim, canoe, kayak and fish to your heart's content while you're here in the crystal-clear waters. Beyond that, there are also plenty of hiking trails to explore, native birds and animals to watch, and various annual events put on by park staff to enjoy depending on when you go.

Outside Verde River Greenway State Natural Area

As fun as it is, you don't have to spend your entire trip at the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area. This is especially true when you're in such proximity to Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff and Jerome. 


Blazin' M Ranch

If you're in the mood for a lively Old West adventure, Blazin' M Ranch is the place to be. Conveniently located in Cottonwood only a short drive from the Verde River Greenway, the fine folks staffing the Ranch serve up some of the best barbecue in the entire state. The restaurant's big claim to fame is the amazing musical productions it puts on for guests each day, meaning you'll get dinner and a show when you decide to stop on by. Don't pass up the chance to partake in the photo gallery, shooting range or rope lessons.

Type: BBQ

Location: Cottonwood, AZ

Casa Sedona

At Casa Sedona, you can enjoy some truly amazing breakfast meals worth waking up early to eat. With an excellent view of the Sedona countryside, you can have your pick of lemon ricotta pancakes with fresh fruit, truffle and brie scrambled eggs, Sedona-style eggs Benedict and more. 

Type: Breakfast

Location: Cottonwood, AZ

Karma Sushi Bar Grill

While you might not immediately associate Arizona with delicious Japanese food, Karma Sushi Bar Grill is here to change that. Located in downtown Flagstaff, it's serving up fresh and amazing sushi plates, flame-grilled burgers and steaming hot bowls of ramen alongside a full menu of designer cocktails. Blending nightlife with great food, it's a recipe for a fantastic evening to cap off any outdoor adventures you might have had earlier in the day.

Type: Sushi

Location: Flagstaff, AZ


Larry's Antiques & Things

Larry's Antiques & Things in Cottonwood takes the "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to shopping. If it exists, you can probably find it here. If you're a fan of rare and unusual souvenirs, you owe it to yourself to stop by here at least once during your stay. Whether you've got something in mind or you just like to browse, you'll never leave Larry's without a look at something truly unique and a friendly chat with the staff.

Location: Cottonwood, AZ

House Of Joy

Jerome's House Of Joy is a unique antique shop in the area with a focus on history. Built over 100 years ago, the location has gone through several transformations to become what it is today with plenty of evidence of these changes baked into the decor and items on sale. The shop is renowned for its sense of history and lovely owners who have made many of the art pieces you can buy, so you're sure to find something fun to take home when you check it out.

Location: Jerome, AZ


Clemenceau Heritage Museum

Owned and operated by Cottonwood's Verde Historical Society, the Clemenceau Heritage Museum is a fun and educational place to learn about the local history. It's always free to whoever would like to experience the beauty of the Verde Valley up close, so you can stop in for an afternoon to check out some artifacts dating back as far as the early 1900s.

Location: Cottonwood, AZ

Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center

The Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center is an intimate and historic opera house located in Prescott. Built in 1905, it's been home to a wide variety of amazing shows with performances still happening to this day. Take in the unique and classical architecture before grabbing tickets to any of the exciting musicals, musicians, stage shows and more that take to the stage all year.

Location: Prescott, AZ

Lowell Observatory

The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff is an informational and unforgettable experience for anyone with an appreciation for the night sky. Having been in operation for over 125 years, the observatory has a long history of public tours and scientific discoveries. If you'd like to see exactly what the place that discovered Pluto is up to, this is where you should head.

Location: Flagstaff, AZ

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How to Get to
Verde River Greenway State Natural Area

It's easy to get to the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area considering the only road that leads there is Golden Eagle Road in the west. To make it to Golden Eagle from Cottonwood, you'll want to find your way to North 10th Street; turning on there from North Main Street is a good plan. From there, just keep following the road until you pass Blowout Creek, and then turn right onto the exit leading to Dead Horse Ranch Road the first chance you get. Keep going straight along the road without turning off anywhere as Dead Horse Ranch Road turns into Golden Eagle partway through. If you follow it to the very end, you'll be at the natural area.

By Car

Entering Verde River Greenway State Natural Area

The natural area is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Verde River Greenway State Natural Area Per vehicle : $0.0

While visiting the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area, remember to take lots of pictures while you're there and tag RVshare on social media or send some photos to [email protected] RVshare is always happy to see what people get up to on their trips. The site might even feature your photos in one of its upcoming blogs.