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When you’re ready to hit the road, there are several types of RVs to choose from. Some people love to bring along a trailer while others prefer the power of a larger Class A or C motorhome. Some folks, on the other hand, appreciate the freedom offered by a nice van conversion, also known as a Class B motorhome, so the following is a guide to help you understand the world of travel van rentals.

Leisure Travel Van Rental in a Nutshell

The Class B motorhome, which many people know as the campervan, is one of the most independent types of RVs out there. These van conversion vehicles are widely considered to be one of the most versatile types of RV available today, can sleep several people, and are usually quite comfortable as well. When seeking a campervan rental in the USA, you’ll typically be able to find numerous travel van rental options that range in size from small to large.

One of the best features of renting a leisure travel van is the fact that they are so easy to drive. When you’re renting a larger motorhome like a Class A or a Class C, you’re somewhat stymied; Class A motorhomes can require a special license and are sometimes unwieldy to drive, and Class Cs are often just a little too large to park and drive as comfortably as you would a car. Class B motorhomes, on the other hand, are compact and easy to drive; in fact, if you know how to drive a car or a minivan, these types of vehicles will be easy to adapt to.

Travel Van Rental Prices

Depending on what you’re looking for, it can be very economical to rent a travel van-style motorhome. It’s not out of the ordinary to be able to rent one of these Class B motorhomes for about $75 per day, which is a good price considering that some can sleep as many as four people at a time. The most that you can expect to spend on one of these vehicles would be around $250 a day, which would be the price for a very feature-rich vehicle.

Additionally, when lots are looking to transport their RVs from place to place, they’ll sometimes offer the renter discounts. When you engage in this type of one-way campervan rental in the USA, you can get some of the best prices available, and you won’t be tied to returning the camper back at the site of rental.

Campervan RV Rental: The Big Brands

Since these vehicles are so versatile and travel-friendly, you’ll find that there are several manufacturers producing them for the new crop of RV enthusiasts. Even larger brands that are known for RVs like travel trailers produce campervans, which is why you’ll find Airstream, Winnebago, Weekender, and Pleasure-Way campervans on the roads and in the RV parks. Also, there are the classics.

One of the most iconic campervan models is produced by the car manufacturer Volkswagen. In fact, it’s pretty easy to find a good campervan rental from VW in many of the rental lots across the country. There’s another German brand that many people don’t associate with the campervan, but it is still one of the better worldwide producers: Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz Travel Van Rental

The Mercedes Benz travel van is one of the most luxurious campervans that you can rent throughout the United States. Usually, when RVers think luxury, they automatically think of some of the more customized Airstream trailers or the more spacious Thor or Winnebago Class A motorhomes, but Mercedes has great options available as well.

With models like the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo, you can comfortably sleep up to four people and even prepare meals inside while you’re away visiting the RV park or campground. Like many of the more feature-rich campervans, the Marco Polo even has pop-up sleeping quarters on the roof, which really adds to the camping experience.

Campervan Rental by VW

As mentioned, Volkswagen is one of the more iconic producers of the campervan, and finding a rental vehicle by VW is usually a pretty easy process. Vehicles from this brand, such as the California, are robust and easy to camp with. In fact, if you’re considering a travel campervan rental for at least four people, this may be one of the better options out there.

This vehicle from Volkswagen is often nicknamed the “Hotel California” due to its comfortable interior and countless amenities. Campervans are always going to be more compact than the other motorhome options, but VW definitely knows how to make the most of the available space by using pop-up sleeping quarters and a full kitchenette in the base of many of their vehicles.

Small Travel Van Rental

You don’t always have to consider a large travel van rental; there are many smaller campervans out there that you can use to get away with someone you love. Traveling throughout the country in one of these rentals is typically very easy, and many of the Class B motorhomes on the market have full amenities for you to enjoy while you’re out on your trip.

Also, if you’re planning on going smaller, you can find more places to simply settle in and camp. As a result, these types of vehicles are perfect for outdoor people, hikers, climbers, and even those who enjoy extreme sports. These vehicles are also excellent for fishing trips as you can park near the water, cast your line, and prepare the freshly caught fish on the in-vehicle stovetops.

It’s very freeing to rent one of these types of vehicles because of how independent they can make you feel. They’re simply the easiest of the RVs to park when you take off to camp at your leisure.