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A lot of people think that camping out means having to do without creature comforts when you want to spend some time in nature. Fortunately, it’s easy to enjoy camping while also surrounding yourself with all the comforts of home when you find the best campervan rental in the USA. First, however, you should understand exactly what a campervan is and what will be included when you search RVshare for the best campervan rentals from private owners near you.

Finding the best campervan rentals is possible with the wide variety of options available. RVshare can help you find owners in your area who rent out their RVs or campervans when they are not using the vehicles. When you rent a campervan from a private-party owner, you usually can count on getting a vehicle that has been carefully maintained and is, therefore, in good condition and ready to let you have a safe and relaxing vacation.

Another benefit of finding a campervan for rent from a private owner is that the rates are typically competitive and often lower than renting from a dealership. Campervans usually come fully equipped with beds, a kitchenette, and other conveniences. This makes camping out a comfortable experience where you can enjoy the outdoors without having to sleep in a tent on the ground or cook over an open campfire.  

Types of Campervans for Rent

Most campervans are similar to a full-sized van, and although they are built to be more compact than a Class A, B, or C motorhome, they still offer the self-contained convenience of the bigger RVs. Like their bigger relatives, they can be outfitted with flat-screen TVs, bathrooms, and other conveniences that make for easy living. Some campervans have a pop-up roof that increases the interior space once you’ve set it up after parking at your destination. 

Campervans not only give you comfort during your travels, day or night, but also have the advantage of being easier to drive and maneuver than the larger RVs. A number of manufacturers have campervans in their lineup of RVs, but one option you might want to look into is to rent a VW campervan. 

Volkswagen has been making campervans since the 1950s, and their expertise is reflected in the amenities available in their products. The Cape Town model, for example, includes a pop-up roof, folding double bed, sink and shower, full kitchen, refrigerator, heater, and insulated floor so you can travel in style and have the ultimate in comfort, all in a moderately sized vehicle.  

Campervan Rental Prices

Rental prices for campervans vary depending on the model, the time of year when you’ll be renting, the age of the drivers, the length of time you’ll use the vehicle, and whether or not you rent with unlimited mileage. Rates are calculated per mile, and often, longer rental periods can get you a discount on the price. 

You can expect to pay about $115 per day for a campervan that sleeps four and includes towels and bed linens, a pull-out awning, and a camping table; one that sleeps three costs about $60 a day. Campervan rentals save you money because they are less expensive than hotel rooms, particularly in larger cities; plus, they can save you the expense of eating at restaurants for every meal.

By going online, you have the opportunity to find campervan rental prices that fit your budget yet still has all the features you want and need. Naturally, an RV that comes complete with all the bells and whistles will cost more than a simple tow-behind camper, for instance.   

Look for a Campervan Rental With Unlimited Miles

If you’re planning to drive many miles on your RV road trip, look for a campervan rental with unlimited miles. This is an excellent choice if you plan to travel to far-flung destinations or if you want the freedom to change your plans on a whim. For a long-distance road trip, this option will be less expensive than a campervan rental that charges you per mile over a preset mileage limit.

Another option for a cross-country road trip is a campervan rental in the USA going one way. Sometimes, a private owner of an RV may offer a lower rental rate if someone will move the vehicle to a different location, such as can happen when the owners are moving or if they have sold the RV to someone in another city or state.   

Campervan for Rent

When you want to rent a campervan from a private owner, a good place to start your search is on RVshare. The website provides access to advertisements from RV owners who share your enthusiasm for camping across the United States and offer their personal campervan or motorhome for rent when they aren’t using it.

A campervan will provide you with the pleasure and convenience of being able to travel with all the comforts of home when you want to camp out and enjoy great American road trip destinations like Carlsbad Caverns or Yellowstone National Park. It is a vehicle that lets you take your time and be more spontaneous on your vacation.   

Campervan Rental in the USA Cheap

It is possible to find a campervan rental in the USA at cheap rates. If you have to stick to a strict budget for your road trip and you know you want to travel by RV, rent a campervan. This option can provide plenty of room for up to four people and will leave you with more money for other activities during your trip.