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Whether you want to tour a specific part of the country like the Southwest or the Great Smoky Mountains, you can rent a camper that lets you see the nation in a completely different way.

Renting a camper is a great option for those who dislike fighting with crowds in the airports and those who want to get up close to nature. Camper rentals provide you with more than enough space for all your family and friends.  

Campervan Hire USA Budget

One of the first questions that you might ask before renting a camper van is how much it will cost. It's hard to give you a set answer because there are so many factors that determine the overall cost. One of those factors is the time of year when you book. The busy season often runs from the late spring through to early fall, but you can save money when you book one at a different point in the year.

Another thing that might affect your cost is the type of camper that you want to rent. Class C campers are smaller in size and self-contained, which means that you do not need to tow one behind your vehicle. The location or area where you want to book a camper will affect the total price too.

Before picking up your camper, you will need to put down a deposit. This acts as a reservation and holds the specific model and type of camper that you need for your trip. The total cost that you pay depends on where you drop off your camper and the number of miles that you put on it.

When choosing a rental camper, you can learn more about the features and amenities that come with the model you booked. Pop up campers come with two sides that slide out and a roof that lifts up to expand the living space inside; most come with beds that feel just as comfortable as the ones you have at home and some basic appliances. Any features that you want or need that do not come with your rental may be available for an additional charge.  

Cheap Camper Rentals USA

You can book your camper rental and pay less than you expected. Sticking to your campervan rental USA budget is as easy as booking at least a few months in advance and traveling during the off-season. As there are fewer people traveling during the cooler months, you can save significantly on your total cost.

Many travelers save money when they agree to drive more or less than they intended. You may find that a company needs to get a camper from your home town to a city several hundred miles away. That company might offer a discounted price on the rental for anyone willing to make the drive for them.  

Camper Hire USA One Way

If you want to travel across the country and see all the roadside destinations and attractions along the way, you might consider a camper rental USA one way package. This type of package lets you pick the rental up at one location and drop it at a completely different location instead of returning it to the original pick up spot. You'll need to check with the renter ahead of time to make sure that you can do this. Some companies have drivers and renters who can pick that camper up and drive it to another location, though you may face a fee for doing this.

One way camper rentals USA packages are great for those who want to visit family and friends in another city and hop on a flight back home. You can rent one of these campers to see the country as you move to a new city and home too.  

Camper Hire USA Unlimited Miles

When you rent a camper, you may need to sign a contract that states you will only put a specific number of miles on that vehicle. The renter may limit the amount that you can drive per day or the amount that you can drive during your total trip. 

It's helpful to look for rental packages that come with unlimited mileage. Unlimited mileage means that you can put on as many miles as you want without facing any additional fees. Even if you get lost on the way or face other problems on your trip, you will still pay the same amount given to you when you signed the rental agreement.   

Motorhome Rentals USA Private

Though many people stay in hotels while traveling, staying in a camper gives you much more privacy. Instead of dealing with noisy neighbors next door, crowds in the lobby and people running through the halls while you try to sleep, you can fall asleep comfortably in your own bed and camper.

You can enjoy your privacy in the middle of the day too. Many rental campers have solid walls that act as buffers to dampen some of the noise inside. You can take a nap while your kids go fishing or sit down with a good book as they hit the campground swimming pool. No one will know what you do inside that camper other than you.  

Campervan Hire USA Road Trip

There is no better way to see and explore the United States than with a camper. Roadside attractions are available in every state and include everything from deserts where you can dig for fossils to a display of the world's largest ball of twine. Your family may actually enjoy stopping by all the world's largest items that you come across and taking photos to commemorate the occasion. 

No matter where you want to travel, what you want to see or even who travels with you, you can find a camper rental perfect for your group that lets you see the country in an entirely new way.