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Getting into RVing can be intimidating from a budgetary perspective. Purchasing an RV can run you tens of thousands of dollars, and then there are the fringe costs: campground time, fuel, maintenance, insurance, and more. We understand that RVing costs can be prohibitive for some, which is why we believe that our platform is so powerful. By connecting renters directly with owners, RVshare eliminates the middleman and empowers potential renters to find competitive rates.

Renting an RV doesn’t have to be expensive. At any given time, there are thousands of listings to suit a variety of budgets and RVing preferences.

If you’re on a limited budget, there are two key strategies for securing a budget RV rental that will provide an enjoyable experience without breaking the bank: 1) select a model and RV type that more precisely meets your needs, and 2) adopt cost-cutting methods to further minimize the rental rate.

Let’s unpack these strategies and take a closer look.

Choosing an RV Type

RVs can be categorically split into motorized and towable types, though there is quite a bit of diversity within these categories as well. Motorized RVs have an engine and are driven directly – they are mechanically complex, as they combine a motor vehicle chassis with the living area. Towable RVs, on the other hand, are not independently functional and must be latched onto the tail of an another vehicle.

When limited by budget, it is important that you select a model that fits your actual needs. Be willing to compromise. Consider a smaller sized RV, or fewer luxury amenities. Consider an RV with better fuel efficiency. If you look for an RV that offers much more than you need, you may have trouble making it work with your overall budget.

Motorized RVs

As a rule, motorized RVs tend to be more expensive than towable RVs, and for good reason. With a motorized RV, you don’t have to own or rent another vehicle to pull the RV along – you simply drive the RV itself!

Class A

If you’re on a limited budget, you’ll probably want to avoid Class A motorhomes, which are massive bus-like RVs that can reach upwards of 45 feet in length. Class A RVs are often stuffed with luxury amenities and are complete gas guzzlers, average 4-7mpg, making them a poor choice for the extremely budget-oriented traveler.

Class B

Budget RVers should seriously consider renting a Class B motorhome if money is particularly tight. Built on a van chassis, Class B motorhomes are the smallest motorized RV type but are cheaper to rent and have superior fuel economy relative to other motorized RVs. They are a great choice for RVers who are willing to make a few significant sacrifices (dealing with a more cramped living space, stripped down amenities and bathroom facilities, and minimal storage).

Class C

Class C motorhomes are an excellent middle-ground choice for those who have a bit more room to breathe in the budget department. They are larger than Class B but smaller than Class A RVs, but with the benefit of luxury amenities.

Towable RVs

Of course, if you happen to own an existing vehicle that you feel comfortable hooking up an RV to (and is mechanically qualified to hitch an RV to), then a towable RV may be the most cost-effective choice. Be sure to carefully compare and contrast your options to understand which one will better suit your particular circumstances.

Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel trailers are particularly spacious – they are double-decker! – and can reach lengths of around 40-45 feet (not counting the hitched vehicle). Though they are the most expensive type of towable RV, they still tend to be significantly cheaper than similarly spacious motorized RV types. If you’re on a limited budget but need an expansive living area, it is definitely worth considering a Fifth Wheel trailer.

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are medium-sized (and single-level) when compared to a massive Fifth Wheel trailer, but they’re still very spacious – and are a better budget pick overall. They come packed with amenities, such as fully-equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and dining areas, as well as heating, air-con, and entertainment areas. Further, because of their smaller size profile, Travel trailers can be hitched to smaller vehicles, making them a great pick for those who do not have an existing vehicle capable of pulling a larger RV.

Folding Camping Trailer

Folding Camping trailers are the lowest cost choice, but the offering may be insufficient for many RVers given the limited amenities. Rental rates are quite cheap, and fuel economy is solid (since it doesn’t weigh down your vehicle too much), but the living area can be cramped and you won’t enjoy access to a full bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen experience. This is a reasonable option for those who simply need a living area on the road but are not overly concerned about the creature comforts normally associated with RVing.

Tips for Cutting Costs

Though selecting the right model can go a long way towards making your RV rental more affordable, there are other ways to further cut costs.

RV Age

Consider renting an RV that is a bit older. If the owner has invested time and energy into keeping the RV in reasonable condition, then you’ll likely be able to rent at a lower rate while enjoying a better amenities package and larger RV model.

Seasonal Discounts

Planning your RV road trip around off-season times can ensure that you get better rates. During peak-season, you’ll be competing with many prospective renters, which can cause rates to rise.

Be Careful With Daily Mileage

Most owners will charge for excess daily mileage (as this can be problematic for their vehicle long-term). If you plan your trip carefully, you can minimize the possibility of excess daily mileage, and thus avoid overage charges.

Lengthen Your Rental

If possible, instead of going on two separate, shorter trips, consider going on one longer trip. Typically longer rental periods are offered at a lower rate (or can be negotiated lower).

RVshare Has Options For Everyone

At RVshare, there exists an RV at every budget. By taking into account the RV model, amenities, and other factors, you can rent an RV that fits your needs and budget perfectly.