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If you're looking to get on the road and enjoy a major music festival or some of the beautiful landscapes near Bonnaroo, there's a great travel option that can give you all the freedom and fun of camping at Bonnaroo combined with the comforts of home. With an RV rental for Bonnaroo, you'll spend all day jamming to the music and soaking up the fun atmosphere. After the festivities, you can sleep in a bed and enjoy a shower in your own comfortable space.

Bonnaroo RV Rental Prices

RV rentals at Bonnaroo are in high demand due to the number of people who head out to one of the most renowned music festivals in the country. However, you can still find some great Bonnaroo RV rental specials if you shop around and choose the option that's right for you. 

Of course, you can travel around the Nashville area year-round to enjoy the great views and the music of the city. There are many great deals for RV rentals in Nashville and Bonnaroo in the offseason as well. 

Bonnaroo RV Rental Deals

If you're looking to save on Bonnaroo RV rental prices, it can help to lock down your RV rental in advance. If you're planning to come to the festival, make your RV rental arrangements well in advance before supply has dwindled and demand escalates even higher. If you're planning a Bonnaroo on-site RV rental, you can choose any kind of RV, including Class A, B and C vehicles or your choice of travel trailer.

You can find some Bonnaroo RV rental deals by choosing a travel trailer, teardrop trailer or pop-up trailer to fit to the back of your car. These smaller RV options can help give you a relaxing and private space amid the festival chaos of Bonnaroo, but they can be less expensive to rent than full-size RVs.

Bonnaroo VIP RV Rentals

On the other hand, you might be looking for a luxury Bonnaroo VIP RV rental. If you want the full Bonnaroo festival experience but still want to save, you may want to look into a small RV-style outfitted van that is less than 20 feet in length. 

If your vehicle is less than 20 feet in length, you can park it in a regular car camping space without paying for the extra room afforded to RVs. This can be a way to enjoy luxury on your trip while still saving money. 

You can also opt to go all out with an Airstream or a Class C RV rental. The festival offers power passes for RVs, so you can enjoy all of the comforts at home after a wild and fun day; you can even combine your RV vacation with VIP passes to the Bonnaroo festival for the ultimate music experience. Enjoy a restful evening in your RV, and then head out to the Centeroo with special tickets that get you to the front of the line and easy access to lounges.

RV Rental for Nashville and Bonnaroo

One great way to save and find a great RV option when heading to Bonnaroo is renting an RV from the owner. You can rent an RV directly from the owner via friends or RVShare, a website that can connect you to RV owners looking to rent out their vehicles. Because RV owners are often dedicated to the RVing lifestyle, you can find a range of options that are loved and cared for when searching for a rental on RVShare.

While you're renting an RV for Bonnaroo, there are plenty of places to explore in the area and throughout Tennessee. You can visit the Old Stone Fort to enjoy hiking trails, waterfalls and an array of interesting historical exhibits and artifacts. Drive throughout the vast natural beauty of the Tennessee hills surrounding Manchester. 

You can even travel in your RV to Nashville and enjoy the landmarks of country music like the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Hang out on the Centennial Park green space or visit the animals in the Nashville Zoo. Throughout your journey, be sure to stop into some local wineries for a taste of some of the natural delights of the region's rolling hills.

Camping at Bonnaroo With an RV Rental

There are a few options when you're looking for the right RV park for your Bonnaroo experience. The first option is to bring your RV rental on-site at Bonnaroo. You can buy an RV pass for the Bonnaroo campgrounds for your Class A, B or C vehicle. 

Each RV space at the Bonnaroo campground is 20 feet by 50 feet. All full-size RVs and any vehicle towing a camper or larger than 20 feet in length needs an RV pass to park at the official campground. You can also buy an RV Power Pass to access 50-amp or 30-amp hookups for your RV's electricity. 

On the other hand, if you're looking to step away from the festival site in the evenings, you can also consider the Manchester KOA Campground for your RV park. The campground is considered one of the top 10 ways to enjoy Bonnaroo. You can choose from an array of RV sites that offer patios, full hookups, free Wi-Fi, cable TV and satellite access; other convenient sites are close to pools, Jacuzzis, bowling and other on-site campground amenities. 

The camping experience at Bonnaroo is a major part of enjoying the festival and surrounding environment. Bringing an RV rental for camping at Bonnaroo can help you enjoy the ongoing party in style. Of course, if you're planning to travel across Tennessee, staying at one of the off-site campgrounds can be an additional way to save on your RV rental for Bonnaroo.