Roadtrip with RVshare San Francisco to Medford

A San Francisco to Medford road trip will see you traveling north along the Pacific seaboard. During this trip, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the RVing experience. As you travel upwards, your trip will expose you to a beautifully geothermic national park, several scenic state parks, and multiple sightseeing opportunities that are uniquely Californian. Finally, your trip will end in beautiful Medford, Oregon, where you can visit the Craterian Theater or fish off the Rogue River.

San Francisco to Medford Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 5 hours and 50 minutes
  • Mileage: 364 miles
  • Fun Fact: Traveling this path, you’ll be exposed to the amazing Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion, which is considered to be a hub of biodiversity.

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Nearby National Parks

Lassen Volcanic National Park

As you wind your way up the coast on your road trip from San Francisco to Medford, you’ll only be presented with one easy-to-reach national park, which is Lassen Volcanic National Park. As the name implies, there is plenty of geothermic activity here; you’ll see geysers, fumaroles, hydrothermal springs, and, of course, the four types of volcanoes, including shield, plug dome, composite, and cinder cone. Nestled amongst all the volcanic sites, you’ll also be presented with the chance to observe various wildlife, including American black bears, coyotes, weasels, and mountain lions. The park covers about 106,000 acres, so you might want to set aside a few days for proper exploration. Since the highest elevation here is over 10,000 feet, you’ll find miles of hiking trails with amazing climbs and some truly picturesque vistas. 

Nearby State Parks

McLaughlin Eastshore State Park

You’ll find McLaughlin Eastshore State Park in Berkley, and in its entirety, it covers about 8.5 miles of the Californian seashore. In addition to being a California state park, the location is also a wildlife refuge, so don’t be surprised if you see various sea and terrestrial birds, grizzly bears, opossums, moles, and skunks. There are also several trails to explore, including the Albany Bulb Trail, the Berkeley Marina Loop Trail, and the Bay Trail. The park is also home to numerous events throughout the year, so if you’re looking to have a little fun, consider stopping by on your San Francisco to Medford RV road trip. 

William B. Ide Adobe State Park

One of the more interesting facts about the William B. Ide Adobe is that the famous Californian landowner never owned it. In fact, it was built in 1852 by A.M. Dibble, but since its inception as a California state park in the 1950s, the park was named for the history of contributions by Mr. Ide. Located in Redding, the park is dedicated to capturing the experiences of the first settlers during the American push westward. As a result, it’s easy to find evidence of the famous Gold Rush, and the staff at the park endeavors to show visitors what life was like during the early years of California’s history. As you travel around the adobe, you’ll also find a blacksmith, ranch buildings, a visitor center, and educational buildings. There’s also a dedicated Adobe Day where there is live music appropriate to the era and crafts for visitors to try out.

Castle Crags State Park

One of the better features of Castle Crags State Park is that it doubles as a campground where you can bed down in your RV. Outside of the 76 campsites for RVs, there are also multiple activities that include hiking, fishing, rock-climbing, and swimming. The state park gets its name for the castle-like mountain range that can be seen from anywhere inside, and areas like the Pin Cushion Wall really will provide you with a unique climbing experience. At the park, you’ll experience vintage train cabooses, cabins, and the Dining Car Restaurant.

Along the Way

Alcatraz Island

The former home of the famous Birdman of Alcatraz, this former prison, known as “The Rock,” is now home to various tours and ferries. There are plenty of opportunities to become educated about the notorious criminals that used to call this island home, including Al Capone. While Alcatraz was in operation for less than three decades, its repurposing has made it a major tourist attraction since 1973.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Found in Northern California, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a theme park with over 45 rides, shows, and attractions. Not only can you enjoy thrills on rides like Batman: The Ride, Boomerang Coast to Coaster, and Bugs’ Buccaneer, but you can also visit attractions like Alligator Isle and the Butterfly Habitat. As a result, you will easily have a full day that’s packed with activities when you visit Discovery Kingdom, so make sure you set aside enough time. 

Pluto’s Cave

Pluto’s Cave is named after the Roman god of death, and when you enter, it will feel like you’re on a trip to the underworld. This cave is a partially collapsed lava tube formed by a basaltic lava eruption that occurred 190,000 years ago. It's about right miles long and goes all the way to the originating vent that’s to the northeast of the cave’s entrance. For safety, you’ll only be able to hike about 1,200 feet into Pluto’s Cave, but that’s more than enough space to learn about the ecosystems that can exist in these kinds of lava tubes.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Vallejo, California

Vallejo is a neighboring city to San Francisco, so it’ll be the first city on your road trip itinerary from San Francisco to Medford. The city is also home to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the Mare Island Preserve. There’s a ton of things to do within the city limits, so make sure you have an itinerary. If you like history, consider a trip to the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum. Gambling is also permitted in some parts of the city, so play some games at the Cache Creek Casino Resort, which has 2,400 slot machines and 122 table games. For the hikers, Vallejo has several trails to master, and bicyclists also have several paths on which to ride.

Vallejo has a lively camping scene, and for those with RVs, there are also several Vallejo-area campgrounds to pick from. For those looking to camp in town, Trade Winds RV Park has 78 sites. Sightseeing opportunities like the Golden Gate Bridge are only about 40 miles away, and the park includes free Wi-Fi, free cable, and a BBQ area. In addition to this local campground, there are several surrounding cities like Novato, San Francisco, and Pa. Some even have dump stations.

Sacramento, California

Found in the Gold Country of California, Sacramento is a city that is rich in history, culture, and art. You’ll find several museums throughout the city, including the Boarding House Museum, the California Agriculture Museum, the Aerospace Museum of California, the Crocker Art Museum, and the California Automobile Museum. The city is also known for its outdoor activities and festivals. Places like Capitol Park, which has 40 acres to explore, really will help you get to see the town.

Sacramento campgrounds provide a varied experience for RVers. Local examples like Cal Expo RV Park have almost 200 sites to use for your RV and also boast full hookups for guests. For those with pets, Folsom Lake SRA – Beal’s Point Campground also has plenty of pet-friendly sites. Some also have available dump stations.

Redding, California

When you visit Redding, CA, one of the first things you’ll notice is the massive Sundial Bridge, which is one of the largest working sundials on the planet. The bridge also serves as a pedestrian walkway that you can use as you hike around the city. Redding is an excellent place to do things on the water; in fact, it was named one of the top 10 fishing towns in North America by Forbes. Do you like to kayak? Well, bring your craft because Time magazine called this Californian city the “Unofficial Capital of Kayaking.” 

Redding RV parks are pretty numerous. Just in town, you’ll find at least 10, which include options like Marina RV Park, Sacramento River RV Park, and JGW RV Park. Some of these even have pools and hot tubs, and some also provide complimentary dump stations.

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