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Making a trip from Reno, NV, to Bend, OR, will be a fun excursion if you know where to stop along the way. You and your family can learn more about volcanoes and the volcanic activity that happened along the west coast of the United States. A Reno to Bend road trip will have you passing through Lassen Volcanic Park and Crater Lake, which are two truly beautiful locations in the national park system. In addition to this, you can learn more about the geological history of the west coast at places like Ahjumawi Lava Springs and the Lava Cast Forest Trail. 

Reno to Bend Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 6 hours 35 minutes
  • Mileage: 390 miles
  • Fun Fact: In addition to Lassen Volcanic National Park, this trip will also expose you to Lassen National Forest, which has 1,700 square miles of forestland to explore.

Nearby National Parks

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Along the way to Bend, OR, you'll be passing through California, and an interesting national park to visit within this state is Lassen Volcanic National Park. This is a great park for anyone that's a fan of geology because you'll be able to experience hydrothermal springs, genuine volcanic activity, geysers, and steaming fumaroles. Don't get the wrong idea; this park also has beautiful flowers, evergreen trees, and mirror-like lakes. On the latter, you can even rent a boat, engage in water sports, or do a little fishing.

Crater Lake National Park

As you arrive in Oregon consider the state’s only national park, Crater Lake. As the name implies, the lake was formed out of a crater, which itself was created when Mount Mazama erupted almost 8,000 years ago. The lake is the deepest in the United States; to reach the base of the crater's caldera, you'd have to dive almost 2,200 feet deep. You can swim, scuba dive, hike, fish, or picnic at the national park. There are also several RV-friendly campgrounds to stay at while you're at this park.

Nearby State Parks

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park is a California state park nestled between Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta. The park has a beautiful landscape that is home to some picturesque falls and a massive lake. This is a park with a variety of unique wildlife, so be sure to bring a camera and perhaps some binoculars to witness some of the colorful birds in the area.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park

Often, Ahjumawi, located approximately 40 minutes west of Bieber, CA, is described as a truly primeval experience because of the state park's true natural beauty. Ahjumawi is home to crystal clear water in its creeks and ponds, and much of the park is covered by recent, cooled lava material. As a result, there's plenty of black basalt at the park, and there's lush, verdant growth everywhere thanks to the fertile lava-enriched soil. When visiting, remember to bring the proper equipment because hiking can be rough in the area. This is definitely one of the most unique California state parks.

Klamath Falls State Park

Klamath Falls rests along the Booth State Scenic Corridor. As one of the more scenic Oregon state parks, you'll be very busy enjoying the landscapes and snapping pics of places like Drew's Gap and the Booth Wayside. This is also a place abundant with wildlife; it's not uncommon to see mule deer, coyotes, and even mountain lions throughout the area.

LaPine State Park 

LaPine State Park has become famous for its statuesque ponderosa pines and winding rivers, so bring your family to check out nature's beauty at this state park that's on the banks of the Deschutes River. This is an all-year state park, and visitors tend to go hiking in the summer and skiing or snowmobiling once the snow has fallen.

Along the Way

Sierra Nevada Zoological Park

Before you leave Reno, consider a visit to the Sierra Nevada Zoological Park. The park is a zoo that is home to hundreds of species of animals. This zoo is the only one in Reno and is the largest in the entire state. At this zoological park, you'll be able to witness species like gorillas, mountain lions, sloths, and even tigers. 

Subway Cave Lava Tubes

Situated within the Lassen National Forest of Old Station, CA, you'll find the Subway Cave Lava Tubes. This section of the forest has tubes created by lava flows that are easily hiked since it's only about a third of a mile in length. Once you arrive, you'll understand why this is named the Subway Cave; the caves almost look as if they were man-made and are truly majestic.

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Dating back to 1928, this wildlife refuge near Homestead, CA, has been a state favorite for families looking to get back to nature. The wildlife refuge is also famous for its waterfowl since the lake rests on about 39,000 acres of wetlands. This is a prime place to consider if you're following migratory birds, and this is also a place where hunting waterfowl, within limits, is possible.

KLA-MO-YA Casino

Another point of interest in Klamath County, OR, is the KLA-MO-YA Casino, which is a tribally-owned gambling establishment. This is a great place to get away during the night while the kids are out having fun. What does the name mean? The name is actually a portmanteau combination of the Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin tribes that inhabit the area and run the casino.

Lava Cast Forest Trail

Another geologically-rich stop to consider on your road trip itinerary from Reno to Bend, OR, is the Lava Cast Forest Trail in Deschutes, OR. Lava flows created this trail around 6,000 years ago, and as a result, molds of ancient trees were left behind. As you explore this geologic feature, you can use one of several hiking trails.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Cold Springs, NV

Cold Springs, NV, is located in Washoe County and serves as a suburb of Reno. While here, consider hitting the links at the Cold Springs Golf and Country Club.

Cold Springs is located close enough to Reno that you can easily use any of the comfortable Reno campgrounds. River Rest Resort and Sparks Marina RV Park provide full hookups and both pull-through and back-in sites.

Susanville, CA 

Located in northern California, Susanville is a city of 17,974 that has beautiful weather throughout the year. This city began its life as a logging town and has since developed into a smaller-sized city with a friendly population. There are two state prisons in the town, but it's still a great place to visit with a family, especially if you have an RV. 

Sunsanville campgrounds include places like Eagle Lake RV Park, Susanville RV Park, and Merill Campground. Each of these has over 50 back-in and pull-through sites, and each has full hookups for RVers. 

Do you need a place to get rid of your wastewater? There are a few dump stations in California to use. You may even be able to find some at the campgrounds you'll be using along the way during your road trip from Reno to Bend.

La Pine, OR

The final stop you'll be hitting before ending your Reno to Bend RV road trip is La Pine, OR, which is actually part of the Bend, OR, metro area. In La Pine, you can check out the Oregon Outback Scenic Byway, which has some similarities to the Australian Outback. Additionally, there's the Oregon Observatory, which is a great place to visit for stargazers. In addition to these places, there are golf courses, marinas, recreation centers, and even lava cast forests to explore. La Pine is also home to its namesake state park.

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