Roadtrip with RVshare Nashville to Miami

A Nashville to Miami RV road trip provides travelers with a wide variety of activities in which to engage. This trip takes you near several state forests, a national forest, a cornucopia of authentic southern restaurants and more than a few RV parks and campgrounds where you can set up camp for the night. A great way to culminate an epic trip like is with a stop at Everglades National Park, which is about 41 miles away from Miami.

Nashville to Miami Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 13 hours
  • Mileage: 1,271 miles
  • Fun Fact: Along the way, you’ll pass through Boca Raton, which hosts a Holiday Boat Parade every year where you can see some truly impressive watercraft.

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Nearby National Parks

Congaree National Park

As you pass through South Carolina, make sure to visit Congaree National Park. This park is located about a half-hour from the South Carolina state capital of Columbia, and there are several terrains to explore within. The weather here is continuously humid, so expect to see floodplains, swampy areas and some truly majestic rivers. This is also a great educational park; the national park rangers run several tours and educational excursions throughout the year. 

Everglades National Park

Situated about 40 miles south from your destination is Everglades National Park. This park is home to American crocodiles, alligators, manatees and even Burmese pythons. The park spans a full 1.5 million acres and is full of coastal mangroves and marshes. The park has plenty of trails that a hiker can explore freely, and there are several boat rental options so that you can explore the park by water as well.

Nearby State Parks

Fall Creek Falls State Park

Located in Tennessee, Mount Fall Creek Falls State Park is the first location you’ll hit along the way on your road trip from Nashville to Miami. This park is one of the largest in Tennessee, and it’s one of the most visited. It covers more than 29,800 acres and is known for its waterfalls and waterways. The forest is also home to several timber trees species, and there are thousands of animals and plants to encounter.

Chattahoochee Bend State Park

Chattahoochee State Park has 2,910 acres of river and forestland to explore, so bring a good pair of hiking shoes. The park also has biking and boating options for visitors. This park is located in Newman, Georgia, so once you’re done hiking/exploring, it’s very easy to find a nice sit-down restaurant in which to relax. 

Bulow Creek State Park

As you travel south to Miami, make a stop at Ormond Beach, FL, so that you can experience Bullow Creek State Park. The park is another wetland park with over 1,500 acres of submerged lands. Throughout the park’s 5,600 acres, you’ll see thousands of Fairchild oak trees and the ruins of the Bulow plantation.

St. Sebastian River State Park

Florida state parks are numerous, and for those looking for a slightly more inland location, the grassy plains of St. Sebastian River State Park are a good option. There, you’ll find longleaf pine and biological communities of various native species of plants and animals. Additionally, there are miles of foot trails that you and your family can experience. St. Sebastian is also a prime birding location, so make sure to bring your binoculars to see some of the colorful ornithological species that call this park home.

Along the Way

Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium is a great place to start out on your trip to Miami. Based in Chattanooga, the aquarium is home to 10,000 aquatic and near-aquatic species. Their Turtles of the World exhibit educates visitors and is a great option for visitors with families. Learn more about all of the featured species as you make your road trip from Nashville to Miami. 

Sope Creek Trail

Many road trippers love the outdoors, which is why national and state parks are often visited by those with recreational vehicles. The Sope Creek Trail is a 1.5-mile loop through forestland that surrounds a pond with a highly reflective surface. Being a shorter trail, this is an ideal option for travelers with younger hikers. Also, there’s a 19th-century mill on the trail that’s a sight to behold.

Six Flags White Water - Atlanta

Six Flags offers a little family entertainment during your road trip itinerary from Nashville to Miami. The park is located in Marietta, GA, and there are several thrill rides that will provide years of memories. White Water is primarily a water park, so remember to bring your swimsuits. 


Orlando, FL, is along the route of your Nashville to Miami road trip, so why not spend some time at the Magic Kingdom? Not only will you be able to explore this park, but there are three other parks that make up Walt Disney World, including Epcot Center. Iconic rides like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean are a hit for all ages.

Cape Canaveral

There’s a lot to do at Cape Canaveral. From Kennedy Space Center to the local cruises leaving from Port Canaveral, this is an area of Florida that you may want to spend a few days visiting. The cape itself has plenty of local tours, so if you want to see what kinds of animal and plant species exist in this part of the state, book one while you’re in the area.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through


Atlanta is one of the largest cities you’ll pass through on your Nashville to Miami road trip. This city has a population of more than 500,000, and it’s also the capital of Georgia. While the population may seem small compared to other cities, the larger Atlanta metropolitan area is one of the largest in the nation, being home to over six million. There are several prime RV parks in the Atlanta metro area in towns like Marietta and McDonough, making it relatively easy to escape the hustle and bustle of Atlanta proper and get back to nature. Scenic Mountain RV Park has more than 112 acres of forested area to camp on, and the scenic trails are just itching for more explorers. The park's classic amenities include full hookups, 30/50 amp hookups and back-in and pull-through sites.

Macon-Warner Robins

The Macon-Warner Robins metro area is a part of Georgia that you should definitely visit while road tripping down to Miami. There are also numerous campgrounds that you can use to bed down for the night in your trailer or motorhome. While visiting Macon, consider a festival; Macon is home to the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration, the International Cherry Blossom Festival and the Central Georgia Greek Festival. When looking for RV accommodations, places like Fair Harbor RV Park, Ponderosa Campgrounds and Twin Oaks RV Camping are easily accessible in the Macon-Warner Robins area. When it’s time to dump your gray and black water, consider one of the RV dump stations that you can find alone or within the confines of Macon campgrounds.


Once you’re in Florida, you’ll have a few cities you can choose to visit, but consider Jacksonville for a more unique experience. Jacksonville is the most populous city in the state and also the largest city in the contiguous United States. In Jacksonville, there’s a wealth of breweries, fishing spots and nature opportunities. The city also has many waterways, so kayakers may want to consider paddling down one of the picturesque rivers. As an RV enthusiast, you’re going to need a spot in which to park your Class A, B, C or travel trailer, so consider one of the Jacksonville campgrounds. Places like Pecan Park, Big Tree and Flamingo Lake have plenty of great features for RVers looking for a place to relax. Each has numerous sites and hookups for most recreational vehicles. There are also extensive dump stations to use as well.

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