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Spanish for "ash tree," Fresno, CA, is a town that's known for its beautiful vistas and its namesake ash trees. If you're looking for adventure, consider a trip from Los Angeles in the south to the northern California city of Fresno. A Los Angeles to Fresno road trip will take less than a day if you're going from point to point, but along the way, you may want to make a few stops because there are national parks, state parks, and plenty of points of interests to experience. As you travel north, you can even hit up the sunny Californian coast so that you can relax or ride the waves on the surfboard you brought with you in your favorite RV.

Los Angeles to Fresno Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: One to two days
  • Mileage: 219 miles
  • Fun Fact: This is a trip that's perfect for fans of trees; you'll see ash trees, pines, and sequoias along the way.

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Nearby National Parks

Channel Islands National Park

This is an exciting trip that will allow you to experience one of the most unique national forests. Channel Islands National Park is a park that's off the coast of one of the most densely-populated areas of the country. One of the most interesting features of these islands is their history; there's evidence on the Channel Islands that indicates human habitation almost 40,000 years ago. To reach this unique stretch of islands, you'll need to take a tour, but on these tours, you'll be exposed to wildlife, hiking opportunities, and plenty of expansive natural vistas. While here, don't be surprised if you experience a humpback whale sighting or a manatee or two.

Sequoia National Park

During your road trip from Los Angeles to Fresno, you're going to see miles of forestland, and one of the best places to do this is in Sequoia National Park. This park is named for the tall sequoia species that litter the local landscape. These trees are majestic and present a unique canopy that is loved by visitors. In addition to the arboreal sights here, Sequoia National Park is also home to one of the United States' tallest points. Mount Whitney is scalable, and several tours explore the surrounding areas. Additionally, places like the Crystal Cave will also provide you and your family with numerous memories.

Nearby State Parks

Will Rogers State Park

Will Rogers State Park once served as the home of the famous American performer Will Rogers. Now, it's part of the California state park system and serves as a means for visitors to get to know the ranch lifestyle. At Will Rogers, you will be able to explore the 187-acre estate and get to see Will's ranch house on one of the daily tours. There are hiking trails, horse-riding lessons, lessons about how to use a lasso, and trail rides. There are also multiple picnic areas that you can use during this stop on your Los Angeles to Fresno road trip.

Topanga State Park

Nearby to beautiful Santa Monica, you'll find Topanga State Park, which is located in Topanga, CA. Positioned west of L.A., this California state park is known for its grassland and wildlife species. Here, it's easy to see bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, and eagles. You may even encounter a black bear or two as you navigate through the grassland hiking areas.

El Capitan Beach

You'll be spending a bit of time during this trip on the shore, so why not visit majestic El Capitan Beach? This state park has a very similar name to El Capitan in Yosemite, but it's hundreds of miles away from that location. Here, there are beachfront vistas, local tide pools, and a bevy of local RV parks and campgrounds.

Along the Way

Griffith Observatory

Before you leave Los Angeles, consider a trip to the Griffith Observatory, which has been in operation for almost a century. Named for Griffith J. Griffith, who donated the funds for the observatory, this is one of the most-visited facilities of its kind in the world. The observatory is almost a work of art; in the rotunda alone, you'll find Hugo Ballin murals on the ceilings so that you might compare the experience to that of a museum trip.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal has a storied history as the home of the American cinema movement, and any trip to the Los Angeles area should include at least one visit to the famous studios. As well as being home to famous Universal productions, the studios are also a theme park where you and the family can ride attractions like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Los Padres National Forest

Located in southern and central Cali, this national forest is a truly fascinating place to visit on any Los Angeles to Fresno RV road trip. This national forest is home to roughly 6,600 acres of redwoods. This means that you'll be there to see some of the most unique and massive trees in the nation. Just be ready for some climbing; Los Padres is also home to some of the most mountainous land in the state.

Fresno Chafee Zoo

When you're visiting Fresno Chafee Zoo, you'll be exposed to almost 200 animal species, so be ready for a unique experience. The zoo has true biodiversity, and each of the animal exhibits tries to seamlessly replicate the home environs of the animals living there so that you'll feel like you're making trips to faraway places.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Camarillo, California

Located in Ventura County, CA, Camarillo is a small city about 11 miles from the California coastline. This will also be a fairly early stop on your trip; Camarillo is less than 50 miles from L.A. and serves as a nice starting point on your road trip itinerary from Los Angeles to Fresno. The weather is consistently mild in this part of the state, and the people here are welcoming. There's also a very family-focused vibe here.

There are plenty of RV campgrounds and parks in the surrounding Ventura County to consider. For example, Oxnard has Evergreen RV Park, and places like Santa Paula have full hookup options like Mountain View RV Park. Each of these is within scant miles of Camarillo.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is one of the most tourist-friendly coastal locations in SoCal, and you'll find that the people are welcoming and that there are a variety of activities to take part in here. For example, Stearns Wharf is a historic pier that has a multitude of dining and shopping opportunities. Santa Barbara also has a clear view of the Santa Ynez mountain range.

Santa Barbara is home to several campgrounds that include Rancho Oso RV Park and Camping Resort and Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park. These have many RV sites, and it's also fairly easy to find a Californian dump station in the Santa Barbara area.

Thousand Oaks, California

Another Ventura County city, Thousand Oaks, is a great place to stop as you wind your way up to coast on your road trip to Fresno. As indicated by the name, Thousand Oaks is famous for its dense oak trees, and the city is also known for its famous denizens. Since this city is the seventh-richest city in the United States, as determined by CBS News, it shouldn't be too surprising to find out that the town is called home by several celebrities.

For those passing through who are looking for a place to stay, there are several Thousand Oaks campgrounds to select in the surrounding area in cities like Van Nuys and Santa Paula. These include Mountain View RV Park, Malibu Beach RV Park, and Hollywood RV Park, which all have numerous sites with full hookups. There is even a Californian dump station at McGrath State Beach.

Pismo Beach, California

The last major city that you'll be passing through on your way to Fresno is Pismo Beach, and as you may expect, this is a place that has a clear view of the Pacific. Pismo was famous for being the clam capital of the world at one point in its history. Still, there are numerous wildlife opportunities here; you can see the monarch butterfly migration from its shores, and there are plenty of wetlands in the surrounding area.

If you’re looking for a RV park, there are quite a few in the Pismo Beach, CA, area. Consider places like North Beach Campground, Avila/Pismo Beach KOA, or Holiday RV Park; they all have plenty of spaces that will accommodate just about any type of RV.

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