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The drive from El Paso to Dallas is a full-day trip, and you can easily expand your road trip by adding several stops to visit interesting attractions along the way. Texas is home to many historical and recreational sites, and you can take your time on the road and visit any number of exciting and informative locations. Guadalupe Mountains National Park is located close to El Paso at the beginning of your route and is a park you definitely should add to your El Paso to Dallas itinerary. You can also stop at other equally fun places on the way as you drive through Georgetown, Temple, and Abilene, and your destination at the Metroplex of Fort Worth and Dallas has everything you would expect in a large, urban setting.

El Paso to Dallas Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: The typical driving time for this road trip itinerary from El Paso to Dallas is about nine hours straight through but can take longer with multiple stops along the way.
  • Mileage: It is around 635 miles from El Paso to Dallas.
  • Fun Fact: El Paso is the boot-making capital of the world.

Nearby National Parks

Texas is home to several national parks, and two of them are located conveniently near the route you take during your road trip from El Paso to Dallas. One is a naturalist's dream of varied terrain in the Guadalupe Mountains, and the other is a testament to President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park encompasses part of the Guadalupe Mountain Range, which includes four of the highest peaks in Texas. You will find mountain peaks, canyons, deserts, gypsum and quartz sand dunes, and stands of conifers in this environmentally diverse preserve. There are over 80 miles of trails that travel down the canyons or up into the mountains. Some popular trails include the McKittrick Canyon, Devil's Hall, Guadalupe Peak, and The Bowl trails. Before setting out, be sure to tour the visitor center and walk through the museum. 

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

The Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park near Johnson City is the site of the former home and last resting place of Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States. The museum commemorates his political achievements, the greatest of which were a series of social reform enactments that addressed civil rights, hunger, education, and other human welfare issues. These laws promoted his vision of a "Great Society." The museum, which is also a working ranch, serves to highlight Lyndon B. Johnson's personal life as well.

Nearby State Parks

If you want to stop and smell the roses on your El Paso to Dallas road trip, you may want to check out some of the excellent state parks in Texas. The state park system of Texas is well-run and well-maintained, and you can find a park that has just the type of outdoor fun you most appreciate. Lakes, mountains, and forests await you on your journey across the state of Texas. 

Davis Mountains State Park

Davis Mountains State Park is nestled within the mountains of West Texas, and here you will have much to do. There are multiple hiking and mountain biking trails, a frontier fort, and a visitor center that highlights the history of the park. There is minimal light pollution, and you can see a dense tapestry of stars in the night sky. The park's bird blind offers great viewing opportunities, a shaded outside patio, and bird watering and feeding stations. 

Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway

Just before you get to Dallas, you can stop and take some time to enjoy the amenities of Lake Mineral Wells State Park. The park has a rock climbing area, a lake, and miles and miles of trails. Lake Mineral Wells comprises 640 acres and has a boat ramp where you can put in your own boat or a rental from the park. The Lake Mineral Wells Trailway lies along the former Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern Railroad line, and it is a 20-mile trail that crosses rolling hills and small creeks in the Brazos River and Trinity River watersheds. The Trailway contains 16 bridges from the original railroad. 

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Located just south of Dallas, Dinosaur Valley State Park contains many preserved footprints that ancient dinosaurs left behind in the muddy riverbanks of the Paluxy River. Along with walking beside these tracks while musing on these giant former denizens, you can also enjoy fishing, swimming, and paddling in the river.

Along the Way

Along with all the exploration and adventure you can experience visiting national and state parks on your El Paso to Dallas RV road trip, you can also take the time to stop at various historical, cultural, and entertainment sites that are close by. Some of these attractions can be seen in a few hours, and some can be a side excursion for a full day. 

Fort Chadbourne

This historic fort is a private museum that features restored buildings, exhibits, and a museum. You can view the large collections of firearms and other artifacts and then take a tour of the outer buildings on a golf cart train. The tours are guided and very informative. Besides the restored buildings, you will also see stagecoaches, farm vehicles, buggies, and teepees. The infantry exhibit features uniforms, bullets, rifles, and other gear in a memorial-style setting.

Frontier Texas!

Frontier Texas! in Abilene features holographic life-sized figures that tell the story of Texas. This presentation is an exciting enactment of real events in the history of Texas, and you will experience some of the thrills, excitements, and scares of buffalo stampedes, wolf attacks, and shootouts. You will meet pioneers, explorers, Native Americans, and others in this multimedia adventure. There are other exhibits to view that showcase artifacts like historic firearms.

Six Flags Over Texas

You can't go wrong taking your group to Six Flags Over Texas, which is located in Dallas. This theme park offers fun and entertainment for the entire family. The little ones can hang out in the Looney Tunes children's area, and the older members can check out Batman: The Ride, Shockwave, the Freeze, and other thrilling rides.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Your El Paso to Dallas road trip will take about nine or 10 hours of solid driving, and you will most likely want to take a few breaks from the road during your drive. Fortunately, there are several cities along the way that will afford a good respite from your journey. You can dine, shop, and visit interesting areas around these cities and take as long or short a break as you want. If you need the services of a dump station in Texas, you can easily find one along your route.


The city of Midland is nicknamed "The Tall City" and is home to former presidents, past and present oil industries, and an exciting cultural community. It is conveniently located off Interstate 20 midway between El Paso and Dallas, and you can find much to do both in the city and just outside it. If you have time, be sure to visit the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial. If you are interested in staying at an RV campground while in Midland, Midland RV Park is conveniently located within the city limits.

Colorado City

Colorado City is so named because of its location on the Colorado River. Formerly a boomtown surrounded by open ranges of cattle and the railroad, today the city is a small metropolis that is home to nature parks, museums, and quiet suburbs. Colorado City is a good place to stop and take some time away from the road, and you can relax alongside the river at one of several riverside parks. The Bar J Hitchin’ Post RV Park is a newer RV park in Sweetwater, which is close to Colorado City and has lots of conveniences and amenities.


Abilene is a well-known city in West Texas that is more than 100 years old. You will find much of interest here with walking tours of the downtown historic areas and several stores, museums, and restaurants. Today, Abilene is home to three universities and an air force base and is a vibrant economic power in this area of Texas. The Abilene KOA Journey is a great place to park your RV if you want to spend some time in Abilene.

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The road trip from El Paso to Dallas will take you across a good portion of the central and western sections of Texas. Both El Paso and Dallas are large cities that have endless possibilities for visitors, and the drive between is filled with a variety of attractions that exhibit the best of Texas culture, history, and natural wonders. If you have time to make this a true exploration of West Texas, you can plan a trip that will take you to places you will never forget.

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