Roadtrip with RVshare Denver to White Sands National Park

The Tularosa Basin is home to the glistening dunes of New Mexico and White Sands National Park. A Denver to White Sands National Park road trip allows you to witness the imposing Rocky Mountains give way to the glorious dunes and desert foliage. The various attractions along the interstate include the Garden of the Gods, the 30-mile Historic Arkansas Riverwalk, and a quaint roadside attraction known as Bishop Castle, a palace made of odds and ends.

Denver to White Sands National Park Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 8 hours and 26 min
  • Mileage: 564 miles
  • Fun fact: The I-25/I-40 system-to-system interchange received the 2002 Excellence in Highway Design award from the Federal Highway Administration.

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Nearby National Parks

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park offers a unique change of scenery and is a three-hour drive from White Sands National Park. As you move towards the desert, the glistening dunes give way to vast stretches of beautiful desert skylines. Starting above ground, walk among the Chihuahuan Desert's flora, fauna, and wildlife as you explore the canyons and sea ledges. The seemingly endless desert sky is perfect for some unique photo ops against dazzling and dramatic backgrounds. Next, the labyrinth of underground caves is ready and waiting. There is a network of 119 caves beneath the surface. Enjoy a guided tour and listen to a park ranger explain how the caves came into being. Entry into the caves requires a prior reservation, and there is also an entrance fee at the gate. 

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park is home to the tallest dunes in North America. You can talk a walk through the vast expanse of sand or slide down the steep dunes on a sled as the locals like to do. If you can, wait until evening and experience a glorious sunset as the sun sinks beyond the horizon like a giant fireball. Be sure to take more than a few photos and then drive off into the sunset like a movie star.

Nearby State Parks

Lake Pueblo State Park

Lake Pueblo State Park is Colorado's premier fishing state park. It has various recreational activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge themselves in river tubing, motor boating, sailing, and water skiing.

St. Vrain State Park  

St. Vrain State Park is a family-friendly destination for visitors seeking outdoor adventure. The park offers a variety of activities which include fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. Avid bird watchers can grab a pair of binoculars and seek out the thousands of species that nest within the park.

Sumner Lake State Park

Sumner Lake State Park offers various species, including bass, crappie, channel catfish, and walleye. If you want to unplug and sit quietly and enjoy nature, this is a great place to unwind. After the monotony of day driving, you can park your RV, hook a fishing line and enjoy the serenity of nature. 

Along the Way

Manitou Springs

This quaint little town nestled just at the foot of Pikes Peak has a mysterious aura and is home to eight different mineral springs. For decades, visitors have streamed into the city to dip in the springs because it is rumored that they have healing powers. It boasts a retro penny arcade and delightful little shops and would make a great first stopover for snacks on your Denver to White Sands National Park RV road trip. 

Cave of the Winds

Just eight miles past the little town of Manitou Springs lies an adrenaline junky's dream. You can dive from the Williams Canyon on the TERROR-dactyl or hook yourself to a zip line and streak across the Via Ferrata and Frontier Canyon. And if you are into spooky adventures, a Lantern Tour into the mountain with only a hand-held lantern will be a vibe.

Taos Pueblo

The rustic town of Taos Pueblo is the only Native American community designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and a National Historic Landmark. The town's multi-story adobe buildings are over 1,000 years old and have a rich history of design, culture, and language. Take a three-hour guided tour of the town, sit in one of the cafes, and enjoy authentic Native American delicacies. Taos Pueblo would be a great addition to your Denver to White Sands National Park road trip.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, situated near the base of Pikes Peak, is filled with all kinds of adventure and fun to spice up your RV road trip. It is ideal for an outdoor person who prefers incredible scenery, rock formations, and other unique geological features. You can visit the Garden of the Gods Park or the Cave of The Winds Mountain Park. A trip to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre must be in the cards for the culture buff interested in history and the arts.

Goldfield RV Park is located in the middle between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs and gives RV campers the best of both cities. The campground has all the required amenities, and its central location offers easy access to all the outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and boating. There are several dump stations nearby.

Santa Fe

A road trip from Denver to White Sands National Park takes you through Santa Fe. The city sits pretty at 7,000 feet above sea level and typically sees 320 days of sunshine a year. It has a rich history as a melting pot that meshed Spanish, Anglo, and Native American cultures resulting in a vibrant city famed for its booming art scene, culture, and cuisine. If you're into historical cultures and arts, many museums in Santa Fe exhibit a wide range of cultural artifacts and paintings. You can also enjoy performances in any of the numerous performing arts venues in the city.

Los Sueños de Santa Fe RV Park and Campground is a convenient campground located just a few minutes outside downtown Santa Fe. The site is located right off the biking trail. From the campground, you can go for hikes or bike rides. They also have covered pavilions and a well-designed playground area for children. Your furry companions on your road trip from Denver to White Sands National Park are also welcome to enjoy the walking trails. The campground does not have a dump station, but there are a few around Santa Fe that you can use.


Carlsbad city is a unique attraction because it borders the Chihuahuan Desert and the Pecos River, allowing tourists to experience the best of both worlds. After a long day exploring the Carlsbad Caverns, you can retire to a beach and cool off with a swim or enjoy a nightcap at one of the many hip joints in the city.

Carlsbad KOA is a campground that has achieved the delicate balance between convenience and serenity. It is bordered by Brantley Lake and Brantley State Park, which offers you the chance to hike or swim. It is also close to the city, meaning that you can pop in for supplies and enjoy a nice dinner. There is a dump station nearby.


Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico and is where the popular TV show "Breaking Bad" was set. Take a stroll down to Old Town, which has 140 shops, galleries, and restaurants. While there, make sure you sample some of the mouthwatering cuisines. If you're getting a burrito or enchiladas, be sure to get them like a local--"Christmas Style," with both green and red chile sauces. Should your road trip from Denver to White Sands National Park be in October, you will witness the world's most remarkable hot air balloons flying on the horizon during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

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