Valley Forge National Historical Park

You may have learned about Valley Forge in elementary school, but do you know the whole story of what happened there? This park was created to preserve the history of the Continental Army in 1777-1778. Today, you can explore this historical masterpiece, take group walking or trolley tours, and check out the new visitor’s center to learn more about what happened at the Continental Army's third winter encampment. The site has restored or recreated many of the historically significant buildings, bridges, and log huts including Washington's own headquarters.

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Things To Do Near Valley Forge National Historical Park

The story of Valley Forge is legendary, and being there where it all happened is a fascinating experience. Not only are there historical areas to explore, but you can also enjoy hiking, check out the wildlife, and find plenty of shops and excellent restaurants.

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How To Get To Valley Forge National Historical Park

To get to Valley Forge National Historical Monument, merge onto I-76 W going north along the Schuylkill River. Use the right 2 lanes to take Exit 327-328B-A for US-202 N, and then, keep left on the fork toward US-422 West. Keep right at the next fork to continue onto 328A and follow the signs for US-422. Continue on US-422 to West Valley Forge Road, which will take you to the park. 


1400 N. Outer Line Drive, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Valley Forge National Historical Park is a fascinating place to step back in history. See where the battles actually occurred, learn the stories, and enjoy the natural beauty of Pennsylvania. Traveling by RV means you will be able to explore and take breaks at your own convenience, so you will be free to experience the Revolution for yourself.